The Male Reward

by Carl (CA)

Kyle had a proud sort of smirk on his face as he stood there nakedly displaying his hard boner. His man organ curved rigidly up with a network of veins showing along its length, with the swollen head shy smooth and a purple-tinge shade of red.

Prentis was captivated by the older male’s masculinity. Before two weeks ago he had never experienced anything like this. He was nineteen, and he had always thought of boys liking men as being queers. Then he had been given the opportunity to see that there was nothing queer about it at all. That it was a satisfying male familiarity.

He had gone over to Kyle’s house that morning knowing that they would enjoy their male camaraderie and he had been eagerly looking forward to that, just as Kyle was. By the time that Prentis finished taking his clothes off the pronounced stiffness of his penis attested to this.

“It’s nice seeing you with a hard dick,” Kyle told him.

“I like seeing yours,” Prentis said, finding himself once more admiring of Kyle’s naked masculinity. He was positively enthralled by the chance to have this satisfying all-male experience.

Kyle went over the bed and laid back against the pillows. Prentis joined him on the bed and without hesitation leaned over to take the older male’s erection into his mouth. He loved having Kyle’s male anatomy in his mouth, to suck on his big dick. He easily took half of its length in and proceed to wetly slide his mouth up and down on its firm male shape.

“Oh, yeah … I love having my dick in your mouth,” Kyle said, smiling as he watched the younger male sucking on him.

Prentis went up and down repeatedly and without constraint, and then finally drew back to take a much needed breath. He had never imagined himself sucking on anther guy’s dick, but he found it so wonderful to be able to do that freely and without embarrassment.

Kyle gave him a pleased look, enjoying the satisfaction that came from being the one to have introduced the younger male to the pleasure of male love and sex. He reached for a bottle of lubrication and slicked his rigid penis with some of the clear liquid.

“Now,” he instructed, “ride my dick.”

Prentis smiled and climbed on top of Kyle as he held his erection up. Prentis positioned himself and slowly sank down, so Kyel’s boner pushed through his tight, sensitive butt hole.

“Ohhhh …” Prentis moaned as he felt Kyle’s manhood filling his anal sheath like a steel pole. “Ohhhh …”

“Yeah … that’s good …” said Kyle.

Prentis brought himself up and then slid back down, allowing his butt to fuck Keyle’s boner. As he did this he could not believe just how pleasurable it was to have a man’s male organ plunging so purposefully into him. The shared intimacy of having Kyle’s hard dick in his butt was so incredibly male.

Again and again Prentis rode his butt hole up and down Kyle’s erection, with the lubrication making the interaction smooth and easy and effortless. The stimulation was making his own boner rigid and straining as it thrust up from between his legs and bounced with his efforts.

“Oh … yeah … yeah … yeah …” Prentis breathed as he fucked Kyle.

Again and again the repeated penetrations into his naked body excited him more and more.

Then Prentis was no longer able to hold back.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” he gasped as he felt his erection ejaculating uncontrollably. The white liquid of his semen shot out of his erect penis in long streams, wetting Kyle’s chest and spreading over his dark hair like a spider web comprised of male fluid. “Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!”

Prentis could only helplessly gasp and groan as he climaxed.

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” Kyle panted back, encouraging the younger male’s release.

Then he felt his own boner suddenly tense and climax deep in Prentis’s anal sheath, the swollen head throbbing as he delivered his sperm into the younger male with a gratifying purpose.

“Uh! Uhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Yeah! Yeah!” Kyle moaned as he fucked his fucked his liquid into Prentis.

Once more they had been successful in their sharing of their maleness. And once more Prentis experienced how wonderful this was as he sat there on top of Kyle, feeling his manhood still deep inside of him and now with pleasure of having his reproductive liquid him as a guy. It was so wonderful knowing that did not just have to be reserved for a female. Prentis had discovered just how wonderful it was to be impregnated by another guy.

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