The Male Friend Factor

by Drake (OR)

“It feels good doing this with you,” Kevin said as he fucked his friend’s butt.

“I’m liking it,” Chris said, as he felt Kevin’s stiff penis moving back and forth through his butt hole.

They had gotten together that morning and had felt like fucking and enjoying having a close male-moment in the way that friends did and could.

The fact that it was so relaxed and casual was what also made so enjoyable. It was always that way between the two of them, and nice that they could let their friendship discretely have a gay side.

The two of them had been fucking for the last several months, doing so with no regrets or feelings of guilt, but unashamedly proud that they could enjoy being physically expressive of their feelings of friendship like this.

It was always so rewardingly male to be naked and having an erection together, as guys discovered.

Even guys who were definitely not in the least gay as such, were surprised how easy it was to enjoy something like this with a friend.

And these days it definitely had become a whole lot easier for guys to enjoy the pleasure of male sex.

Kevin continued to give Chris every inch of his erect penis, with the long, smooth and lubricated male shape of his organ purposefully sliding in and out of his friend’s accommodating anal sheath.

Kevin quickly began to feel the growing urge within his organ building to the point where he was going to climax. When he did, he grunted and his erection pulsed as he impregnated his friend with his sperm.

“Oh … yeah … yeah … yeah …” Kevin breathed.

As this was happening, Chris masturbated his enormously erect penis to a satisfying wet conclusion.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” he panted with his well deserved release, his semen gushing out with abandonment.

Once again their male love making had reached a wonderful conclusion and both were happy to have achieved this.

“Oh, man, “Kevin sighed, “I can’t believe how good it feels to come in your butt.”

“I like you coming in my butt,” Chris said right back, grinning over is being able to be that honest and direct, and not in the leas shy about his liking to have his butt fucked.

They kissed and it was wonderful.

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