The Male Friend Factor

by Carson (WA)

“Geez … if anyone ever knew that we were doing this …” Toby said, as he finished slicking his erection with lubrication, leaving its stiff, curved length shiny with the clear substance.

“I know,’ Darrel agreed. “But nobody is going to find out.”

They were on the sofa, and Darrel was already turned and ready as Toby got up behind him. Taking hold of his hard dick, he slowly eased the swollen head into his friend anal pucker.

“Ooo … yeah,” Darrel said.

Then Toby slowly pushed his penis all the way in.

Darrel moaned again. He liked how it felt having another guy doing this to him. Neither of them were gay, but they did enjoy doing this together as friends, which was hardly uncommon. Still, it was not something that most straight guys would have ever admitted to.

Toby began to fuck in out of Darrel’s tight butt hole.

“This does feel good,” Toby confessed.

“You’re telling me,” said Darrel, squeezing his eyes shut on concentrating on the sensation of his friend’s erection slipping back and forth through his opening, each time with is stiff length going deep into his anal sheath.

Toby watched as his erection went smoothly in and out, and thought how great it was getting to do this with his friend. He really ddi like it when they fucked, although he was just a little self-conscious about the gay implications. Darrel had less qualms about that, and at least with him was perfectly willing to admit that he liked being fucked.

Toby continued to exercise his boner in Darrel’s butt for the next several pleasurable minutes.

Finally he gasped. “I’m going to cum!”

And suddenly he felt his penis ejaculating deep inside of Darrel.

“UH!’ he grunted as his throbbing release delivered his sperm.

“Uhhh … yeah …” Darrel moaned , loving how it felt to have his fiend impregnating him like this.

Quickly Darrel took a hold of his boner and jacked it off, sending long white streams of semen flying through the air, finding it even more intense and satisfying to be ejaculating while Toby’s penis was in his butt.

It felt wonderful satisfying their sexual urge together like this.

When they disengaged, Darrel turned to give Toby a small kiss on the lips.

“Geez …” Toby complained, unsure about that.

“Just a small one … as friends?’

“Okay,’ Toby relented.

They put their lips together and once they started, Toby actually found this quite nice and was willing to e and moved wetly together and after a few more moments their tongues slid easily in and out of each other’s mouth.

It always went like this, with Toby being somewhat reluctant to be more affection and romantic, but always giving in and then finding that he did thoroughly enjoy it.

They sat on the sofa and made out for the next several minutes.

When they pulled apart, Toby appeared just a little self-conscious, but otherwise not minding that it showed how much he did like this. It was exciting and special kissing another guy.

“If you would just get over worrying about his gay thing,” Darrel chided.

“Well …”

“Really, it’s just two friends enjoying themselves, is all.”

“I know,’ Toby admitted. “It’s that our being romantic …”

“So? What’s wrong with that between friends?” Darrel grinned. “You just finished putting your sperm into me, what can be more romantic that that?”

Toby had to laugh. “True,” he admitted, feeling just a little silly. “I suppose that it showing a lot of love.”

“Definitely,” Darrel said. “Now … how about showing me some more of that love?’

Toby smiled.

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