The Male Date

by Anonymous

Brian knew that he was curious about male sex. There was nothing unusual in this. Yet, he was embarrassed to feel this way, and afraid of being labeled as being gay. Which was the problem, of course. While there was a great deal of acceptance about being gay, this was also very restrictive in how it automatically meant that a guy was gay if he did anything like that or enjoyed it. For otherwise perfectly straight guys, there was no middle ground. There was no idea that two guys friends could enjoy being sexual with being categorized as being gay.

Of course because of how much more open and accepted the gay issue was, as Brian was aware, these days homosexuality was being far more wildly practiced. Even very young boys were now having sex with other boys if simply because it was convenient and fun, and doing so quite routinely.

He wondered, that did that mean they were going to grow up being gay? He doubted it. They were young and free to be indulgent. He was twenty-nine. He was an adult. And for him male sex still held restrictions and implications. I seemed unfair, but that was the way it was.

That afternoon when he went over Dave’s apartment, he really wasn’t thinking so much about this, nor he was sure was Dave. They had become friends a few months ago and had hit off pretty well. They were both single, liked a lot of the same things and got along really well.

Dave smiled when he answered the door and saw that it was Brian.

‘Hey,” he said, “I’m glad that you could come over.”

Brian stepped I and Dave closed the door.

They smiled at one another in a friendly way. It was actually more of an amused sort of shy grin, though. They were both aware of there being a close rapport between the two of them, enough to feel just a bit self-conscious about this. Yet, it was enjoyable chemistry and one which they both seemed to like and even be encouraging of lately.

“I said that I would stop by,” Brian reminded.

“Yeah. Our date,” Dave joked.

Brian shrugged good naturally. “I suppose that it is sort of like a date.”

They both continued to grin a bit sheepishly.

“Well, it’s not like we’re gay,” Dave asserted.

“No,” Brian agreed.

“Besides,” Dave said carelessly, “who’s to know?”

Brian laughed. “What? If we’re dating?”

“Just as friends,” Dave said. He shrugged, too. “It’s kind of nice. Less hassles, really … between two guys.”

“Isn’t that true?” Brian said. “Even without being gay.”

They looked at one another and then, simply because it seemed like the thing to do, they slipped into each other’s arms to embrace. It felt somewhat daring to do that together as guys, but also very nice, very enjoyable. Very rewarding not to have to avoid physical contact because they were guys.

They held one another tightly and then, still in each other’s arms, they drew back and little and looked at each other. The male-chemistry between them felt very inviting. Slowly they both leaned forward slightly, and their lips touched. It was unhurried and quite unapologetic. Each felt the softness of the other’s lips touching his, and doing so quite fully. They allowed the contact to be a lingering one before pulling back.

“Well …” Dave said, looking into Brian’s eyes. “Instead of going out this afternoon … maybe we should just stay here.”

“Fine with me,” Brian said. He grinned and added, “I mean, if we’re going to be dating …”

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