The Loving Mom

by Bethen (NY, NY)

Ellie enjoyed being naked with her son. He was twenty-four and she was forty-six and divorced from his father, and had been for the last six years, so why not? It was risqué and naughty and that was fun.

When she had been married to his father being naked and sex had never been all that much fun. It had really more like a wifely duty. Now, though, this was just for herself and she was thrilled by that. And of course Cody enjoyed doing that with her for the same reason.

In all truth, lots of divorced moms did things like that with their sons. They always had and these days it was becoming even much more common. There was nothing immoral about it, unless it was done for iniquitous reasons. But simply to have fun and because it was enjoyable, so long as it was mutually agreeable between adults, then there was no harm in it.

Of course there were those who would have seen that as being immoral. There were always those who wanted to push their views upon others. But it was impossible to disagree with the fact that nature made this quite possible without bias. Even to the point of allowing procreation to take place.

Ellie and her son were sitting together on the sofa, both of them smiling and laughing as they cuddled playfully naked. They kissed, just a small one on the lips, and he nuzzled her neck and she laughed some more.

“Oh, Cody!” she squealed as his nuzzling tickled. She saw the boner that he had. He always had such nice ones with her. “Are you trying to tell me something?” she teased.

“I’m telling you that I think you’re sexy,” he said.

“Does that mean that you’re going to fuck your sexy mom?” she laughed. She had never used language like that with his father, and she loved being free enough to do that now.

He laughed, too. “I’m definitely going to fuck my sexy mom.”

He gently pushed her back against the cushions and took a hold of his stiff penis to guide it into place.

“Oh, Cody!” she exclaimed as she felt herself being penetrated by his hard male organ, with his penis pushing in to fill her wet vagina. “Oh, just fuck your mom!” she breathed.

Cody smiled as he started to do just that. He loved doing this with her.

He started to go in and out, letting his erect penis make love to his mom.

“Oh …” she sighed, squeezing her eyes shut.”Oh … your penis feels so good in me. It’s so big and hard.”

“You make it big and hard, mom,” Cody told her.

Ellie loved hearing this. She loved being able to excite her son and to be reward by the large stiff erections that he got.

For the next two minutes Ellie savored the pleasure of having her son’s maleness engaging her womanly organ, feeling its hard shape filling her, going deep into her, making her wetter still and causing her clitoris to become fully erect and so unbelievably sensitive.

“Ohhhh … Ohhhhh … Ohhhhh …” she moaned gently, feeling her naked excitement rising as her son moved efficiently between her spread legs which felt so exciting to have apart for him like that.

With his father he would just climb on her, do his thing, and then that as that. She had felt like little more than a convenient hole for his penis. With Cody it was so different, so much more. She liked having her tits bare with him, her nipples jutting out.

She liked having her legs apart, exposing her hairy and womanly sex to him, letting him see her budging clitoris in its excited and purposeful state. It took back to when she had been young and would delight and thrill in getting naked and masturbating herself silly.

The only time that she had enjoyed being sexual, really had enjoyed it, had been with a girlfriend. That had been safe and fun and so satisfying as they indulged one another as girls.

With Cody it was like that. So free and easy and fun and exciting. Without embarrassment and for the pure joy of being sexual. Ellie delighted in this.

She continued to moan as she lay there on the sofa feeling her vagina being permissibly violated by her son’s penis, with her loving to have his naked body in hers, and to be doing that so impudently and audaciously right there in the living room.

“Oh, Cody … Cody …” she breathed, her hands holding his moving hips. Suddenly she was having an orgasm. It came swiftly and intensely. Her clit seemed to explode with unbelievable spasms that took her breath away . “OHHHHH! OHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH!”

She struggled beneath him, never having felt so naked nor so excited in her entire life.

Cody knew that his mom was climaxing and this excited him.

“Oh, yeah, mom … yeah …” he encouraged.

“Ahhhhh … Ahhhhhhhh …”

Ellie took in several deep breaths as the explosive discharge of her sexual release eased in her body, having traveled through and affecting every bit of it with a tingling electrical pulse. It was so incredible that her son could make her feel this way. So alive and so sexually.

Her son was not through with her yet, though.

As she lay there helplessly, she felt his hard penis thrust into her with its own urgency.

He ejaculated and grunted as he did. His erection pulsing deep inside of her thoroughly lubricated vagina with his semen surging out in repeated gushes.

“Ohhhh …” Ellis said savoring the fact that even though it could not happen, that he was impregnating her with his sperm. It was so fulfilling to have her own son being reproductive like this in her. It was a joy that only a mother could know. “Oh, Cody … do it in me … do it in me …”

Cody felt his penis discharging in his mom with a gratifying fullness.

“Oh, mom …” he groaned.

Then he lay unmoving for a moment on top of her, his sexual energy spent as hers was.

When they disengaged they both sighed heavily.

“Oh, Cody,” she said looking at him, “it’s so nice of you to do this with me.”

“Mom … I love doing it with you.”

They kissed, again it was not passionate, but more the type of a kiss that a mother and son could share on the lips.

Their naked moments together were so good to share.

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