The Loving Mom, The Loving Son

by Lila (OR)

“Ohhh,” Katy murmured with a beguiled delight to be lying there feeling her son’s penis in her vagina.

She had been divorced from his father for two years now, and she and her son had found it easy to become lovers. There had been no seduction or anything untoward like that. Only the desire to share a special and intimate closeness as mother and son. In a way to celebrate the bond between them. It had been as simple and as nice as that.

There was always a recognized allure to mother and son intimacy, and this was becoming more common now, as so many mothers and their sons began to unashamedly enjoyed this.

“Oh, mom …” Justin breathed as he slid his erect penis smoothly in and out of her soft and warm and moist vagina.

“Oh, Justin … I’m so glad that we can do this together.”

It was so easy and relaxing, and so beautiful to be making love like they were that morning.

Kathy reveled in the pleasure of being naked with her son, finding that both so stimulating and pleasing, just as Justin loved how good it felt to have his stiff maleness deeply engaged in his mom’s soft and moist reproductive passageway.

Although she had been fixed, and he would not fertilize her egg in her womb, for them to participate in the reproductive act together was every bit as meaningful.

Again and again Justin let his penis express the love he felt for his mom, just as she allowed her caressing vagina to do the same.

“Oh, mom … mom …” Justin said as he felt his urge to ejaculate building.

“Oh, Justin …” she said, her hands holding his hips.

“Oh!” Justin then grunted softly as he felt his penis ejaculate, delivering his sperm into his mother in repeated gratifying pulses. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

It was so special and so intense to be coming in his mom’s vagina.

As his release concluded he sighed.

Kathy loved having her son’s wetness in her. That made it so satisfyingly complete. She felt proud of her son being masculine like this in her, just as she felt proud to be a woman like this with him.

Justin opened his eyes and gave his mom a weak but very pleased smile.

Neither of them had ever experience anything so personal nor so meaningful as this.

They just continued to lie there together savoring the moment.

It was so much more than just sex. It was fun, it was exciting, it was closeness and love. It was wonderful.

To the reader –

I am a divorced mom, and my son and I have been enjoying letting our mother-son relationship include sex now for the last four years. For us it is so wonderful to share the loving intimacy of this. Yes, we have our lustful passionate moments of fucking as well as our tender moments of love making. To say that I don’t have my incestuous sexual thrill of fucking with my own son as a mom would be less than telling the truth. I certainly do as he does with me. Yet, overall, we share far more many moments of tender love making and use this as a means of expressing our feelings. And these days this is becoming much more of a common practice for mothers and sons to happily share in. Something reflected by the easing of incest laws between consent adults all over the world.

I hope that you have enjoyed my story as I have tried to depict just how wonderful this can be. And my advice for divorced moms with a son who might be intrigued and interested in this, all I can say is that if you and your son both feel comfortable with one another, and you are prepared to put aside all too often misplaced feelings of guilt or imagined shame, then I would say try it. You and your son might just be pleasantly surprised to find what good lovers you make.

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