The Loving Mom, The Loving Son

by Corria (OR)

Early in the morning, Bethel would walk into her son’s room naked, which told him that his father had left for work. He would pull back the bed covers to reveal the erection that he had. That he always had. Then she would climb onto the bed and get on top of him.

She liked being on top and she would mount him. With his stiff penis in her vagina she would then go up and down, and moan and groan in sexual delight, frequently masturbating he clitoris as she did this.

His mom was sort of fat, with large heavy breasts, and she had a wild tangle of pubic hair that was quite coarse and bristly.

A few times his mom had laid on the bed with her legs apart and he had masturbated, ejaculating his semen on her, and it had spread out over her pubic hair like a spider web, and she would remark on how much liquid he put out and how she liked seeing that.

They had been doing this together for the last several years. His mother and father did not get along and hadn’t for a long time, and his father was not a very nice man. Which was why he and his mother fucked.

It was something that they could share and that was just between the two of them. In a way it was like being defiant of his father, having his penis where his dad’s would be, and they both liked that.

Jack supposed that a lot of boys and their mothers fucked, and probably for the same reason that they did. Also because there was just that sort of a bond between a mother and son which made it a special and pleasurable thing to do.

If his mom ever thought about that, she never said, and perhaps she was unconcerned about what other mothers and sons did. All he knew for sure, was that his mother loved their naked moments together, of pleasuring herself and him.

She was quite straightforward about her sexual needs and desires, and never made any pretense that she did not enjoy being naked and physical and sexual. Jack wondered what his mom had been like as a girl, and got the impression that she had been quite shy.

So he could only assume that it was after she had married and was older, that urges had emerged and she had felt confident enough to enjoy them. Although with his father, Jack doubted if he had done much in the way if satisfying and taking care of his wife’s needs.

For his father, it had probably just been doing it and that was it. From the few comments his mom had ever made about his dad, this seemed to sum it up. For him and his mom there was more licentious enjoyment.

His mom had performed oral sex on him and even to the point of completion in her mouth. And he had performed anal sex with her, as she sometimes liked feeling his hard pension her butt and found that to be incredibly stimulating.

That morning she efficiently rode his erection and had masturbated herself to a very full orgasm which had made her cry out. And then she had fucked his erection until he had ejaculated his semen fully and completely deep inside of her, doing so with great passion to be giving his own mother his sperm.

For them the function of the reproductive act was of course not for the purpose of reproduction, but to use it to sexually confirm the bond between them, and to be that personal where a son’s penis was lovingly in his mother’s vagina.

Their trysts would continue for another two years before his father died suddenly and without a great deal of sadness as he had not been the type of man to evoke that from anyone. For them his father’s death was felt in the lack of constraint that it brought.

On the day of the funeral he and his mom had fucked several times, not in celebration, but because it gave them a means to deal with the loss and to think of their own future. Jack had found it even more significant as well as satisfying to let his stiff penis repeatedly give his mom his sperm-filled fluids, just as she did in receiving this from her son.

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