The Lizzing Affair

by Monica (NH)

The Lizzing Affair.

That was how Cathy thought about it.

Now, looking back, all these years later she could hardly believe that she had actually done that.

She had been nineteen, a year out of high school, still living at home, and attending a local college. Rhonda was the mother of her best friend Susan. She was divorced, brunette, and very good looking.

Cathy had always gotten along well with Rhonda. She was easy to get along with, and Cathy always found her so attractive and sophisticated.

It had really started that afternoon when Cathy had gone over her best friend’s house, and Susan had not been there. So she sat and had a cup of coffee with Rhonda, and they talked. They talked about boys and relationships. Cathy did not have a boyfriend right then, and was not eager to become involved in any sort of a relationship with school and all. Rhonda said how she wasn’t especially interested in becoming involved in another relationship of to get married again, and how she was perfectly happy with her life just the way it was.

Then Rhonda had sort of teasing brought of the subject of Cathy and her daughter, and in an amused fashion, inquired if there had ever been anything between the two of them, as girls. Cathy of course assured that there never had been, saying how she had never done anything like that. Being quite casual about the matter, Rhonda merely said how she was just curious, and that such things were perfectly normal and hardly uncommon. Then she nonchalantly mentioned to how she discretely liked to enjoy the company of another woman occasionally if just because it was refreshingly female and uncomplicated.

Cathy had been a little surprised, but intrigued. Rhonda had made sound quite wonderful. Then Rhonda told her how she had always thought that she was attractive and wouldn’t mind if she was interested in that sort of thing.

Cathy had felt more flattered rather than surprised and certainly not shocked.

So, because it seemed like the thing to do, they had kissed.

Cathy had never kissed another girl before, let alone a woman. She found it quite nice and pleasing to be able to do that. That was all that had happened. Just a few kisses and enjoying that feeling of female closeness.

It was the next week when Cathy went back to her friend’s house, and, feeling somewhat devious and just a little guilty, she had made sure that Susan was not there. Rhonda was of course delighted to see her. It required little encouragement for the two of them to start being amorous. It was wonderful to be able to do that. They had sat on the sofa and made out, kissing and even feeling and fondling each other’s breasts through their clothing.

Then Susan had gone to see her father and would be gone for several days.

When Cathy went back to see Rhonda, they were suddenly free to enjoy themselves.

Within ten minutes they were naked in Rhonda’s bedroom and being freely sexual with one another. Cathy loved it. It was so excitingly female in a way which she had never experienced. For a blonde Cathy was quite fury down there, as she said, and being a brunette, Rhonda certainly was. Their hands and their fingers moved through each other’s tangle of pubic hair as they excited one another to a glorious orgasm.

Cathy loved being naked and doing this with Rhonda. It was all of the things that she never dared do with a boy. She savored the luxury if that, and Rhonda enjoyed her female company. They had even performed oral sex on one another, with Cathy anxiously applying her tongue to Rhonda’s clitoris and even to the opening of her wet vagina, tasting her womanly flavor.

Oh, God, it was so good!

For the next three days they had sex repeatedly and they both loved it.

Then of course Susan returned and they had to be careful.

Cathy could only imagine how shocked Susan would be if she found out that she was having an affair with her mom. And she could just imagine what her parents would say if they found out that she was being like this with a woman.

So she and Rhonda began to have secret trysts, getting naked and jumping into bed together whenever they could, or meeting somewhere just for coffee and to share a lover’s moment. It was so exciting and wonderful.

This went on for an entire year, and then another year after that.

It was obvious that she and Rhonda had fallen very much in love with each other.

Their secret affair lasted all through college.

And then came that moment in her life, where Cathy was prepared to be on her own. School was behind her, and a job lay ahead.

She accepted a job with a company that was out in California.

Rhonda moved to California, too.

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