The Little One in Bangkok

by Anon (Australia)

This time my taxi-driver helped me out with this fantasy of mine. He took me to a hotel of his choice. And this girl - as soon as she entered my room I hugged her close and started kissing her on the mouth to find her tongue. I broke our hug and gave her an encouraging gesture to lie back.

I helped pull her skirt down, she was not wearing any panties underneath. She felt ticklish as I moved my palm along her smooth thighs I planted kisses on her inner thighs until she laughed and squirmed, pushing at my head.

I kissed her mouth again – reassuring her - I ran my hands up her legs, past the shiny-smooth curving hip, around the girl's naked torso with the nubs peeping from the flat chest - not ready for a pair training bra even! A naked beauty was grinning gently up at me now, blushing with arousal. I pulled her blouse up to take it off and looked deeply on her pea-size nipples, massaging them lightly and pinching slightly.

She hadn't had much sex, it seemed and I used a dab of KY gel, but instinct wiggled her hips and drew a panting gasp when she felt my erect lubed cock pressing between her legs. Are you ok? - I asked. She nodded with a low moan. I kept up the pressure, moving my hands around her chest, nipples to shoulders, massaging the preteen body and letting the faint rhythm of our motion slide my throbbing cock up against her hairless lips.

My cock felt like it was going to burst. I had to get it into this sexy little hole but slowly. She looked up at me and closed her eyes. My throbbing cock with the boiling heat of excitement was brushing up against her opening, the tip of my bulging glans eagerly resting between her puffy warm lips, hairless and glistening pink.

I moved my pelvis and pulled her by the shoulders, re-positioning her slightly on the bed. I loved my job now for slowly stuffing my meaty prick into her little tight cunt. Reaching down I put some KY along her slit, I wrapped my fingers around my girth and stroked it against her little clit and slit, spreading my precum, mixing it with the trickle of pussy juice seeping out.

Slowly, I pushed in but felt brief resistance and then giving way. Now the sucking heat wrapped the head of my cock. She whimpered and clenched my back hard with her fingers. I pushed slowly into her cunt, my cock slowly slipping an inch deeper into the squeezing heaven. She moaned as my cock pressing almost fully into her tight little cunt. She gave an upward jerk when I stopped - my throbbing cock fully buried inside her.

She was shivering with pleasure, eyes shut, and thighs lifted high and wider as my cock was impaled into her completely. Slowly, I pulled about a half of my cock out, and then thrust forward again, now deeper. I waited for about 10-15 mins for her response and soon she built into a mounting rhythm, fucking her clenching tunnel.

Already I could feel her loosening up and jerking her muscles into an excited frenzy. Her body knew what it needed, craved the pounding pressure I was pumping into her, and she was sweating now.

I tried to push deeper inside her, but her desperate gasps built to a series of excited, girlish yelps, pussy walls spasming around my cock and she reached waves of body-shaking orgasms. I could not hold myself longer and I released my loads deep into her. She left her thighs loose as I slumped myself on her …

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