The Little Latin Painter

by Carol (Florida)

I tell my husband Rocky that our interior of the house needs to be painted. We both agree that we don’t want a crew running around our house so we’re looking for maybe one or possibly two painters.

We’ve called plenty of companies, but today we’re meeting man, Alberto who works by himself. The doorbell rings and I answer it and there is this older Latin man and he smiles, flashing his gold front tooth, and says Hi I’m Alberto. I have on a tee shirt, no bra and shorts.

Alberto is staring at my big tits and I say I’m Carol nice to meet you. Rocky comes downstairs and introduces himself and we agree on a price and Alberto says he can start on Monday. This is just great since Rocky is leaving on business and I’m stuck dealing with Alberto.

Rocky says Alberto Carol will leave the door open so you can come and go. He says ok and again he’s checking out my tits and he leaves. It’s Monday, Rocky gives me a great going away fuck and he leaves. I hear the door open and Alberto says, Carol it’s me Alberto.

I say good morning Alberto and he goes about his business. I stay in my room most of the day and Alberto says Carol I’m leaving for the day. I say goodbye Alberto see you tomorrow. He says ok and I hear the door shut.

I go naked downstairs to see if he locked the door, when all of a sudden the door open and it’s Alberto. I try to hide my nakedness, but he says he forgot something all the while staring at my naked body. I’m so embarrassed to be caught like this, but Alberto is smiling at me waiting to see what happens next.

I tell him ok Alberto time to go, which he reluctantly does. Well what can I say I like to be naked and by the smile on his face I’m sure he was happy to see me naked. The next day I hear Alberto and he calls out, good morning Carol. I answer back, good morning Alberto.

Today I want to go by the pool so I shower put my thong on and I go lay on my lounge chair by the pool. I’m not afraid of Alberto because he’s older, maybe in his late sixties early seventies. I’m outside getting a nice tan but I’m usually naked outside. Rocky doesn’t like tan marks, so I take my thong off and I’m naked by the pool.

Alberto is upstairs painting so I don’t have to worry about him. Suddenly I hear someone clearing their throat, I grab my top and turn around and it’s Alberto. He smiles and is staring at me again and asks if he could have something to drink. I tell him help yourself and I say we have to stop meeting like this. He laughs goes back into the house.

I put my thong back on and now it’s late afternoon and Alberto says goodbye and I tell him bye. This man has seen me naked and now I have to be careful not to get caught again. Ok I get up early and go downstairs naked to take a shower outside. It was too early for Alberto to be there, but there he was with a smile on his face.

I have nothing to cover myself with, so I ask Alberto ok do you like what you see. He smiles and there’s a huge bulge in his shorts. I look at the bulge and say I guess you do. He says Carol Alberto is going to get naked also. He pulls down his shorts and his cock is huge and has a huge head on it. Now it’s Alberto’s turn to say do you like what you see.

I was speechless as he grabs my hand and places it on his cock. He says Carol play with Alberto make him feel good. I start to jerk his cock and he grabs me and pulls me to the couch. I’m still jerking his cock, when he pushes my head down and I open my mouth and start to suck his cock.

He’s humping my mouth and he grabs me lifts me up and pushes me down on his huge cock. Ride Alberto he says and I start to ride him. He’s sucking my big tits and I cum all over his cock. Oh Alberto you just made me cum. He laughs and says Alberto is going to make you cum a lot more.

I came three more times before Alberto exploded deep inside me. We go outside, take a shower and Alberto is having fun washing my body and then he jumps in the pool. He says Carol come here Alberto wants to fuck some more. I go over to him and he has me grab the side of the pool and he slips his huge cock inside me.

Oh yes Alberto fuck me, fuck me good. He’s slamming my pussy and let me tell you this old man can fuck. I cum so hard I almost faint and again Alberto cums deep inside me. We get out of the pool and Alberto says I’m leaving. I ask him if he’s hungry and I’ll cook whatever he likes.

He says ok Carol I’ll have dinner with you. I cook him a great meal and I take the dishes off the table and lay on the table and now for dessert. Alberto buried his head between my legs and starts to lick and suck my pussy. Oh yes Alberto I’m cumming. He gets up and puts his huge cock inside me.

Yes Alberto fuck me, fuck Carol. He fucks me and we both cum and he gets up puts his clothes on and says ok Carol I’m leaving. I ask why are you leaving, Rocky isn’t here and you can stay here until you finish. Alberto laughs and says you want me to stay because you love how Alberto fucks you. Oh yes Alberto I want you to keep fucking me.

Alberto grabs my hand and says ok Carol I’ll stay but I’m going to fuck you where Rocky fucks you, your bedroom. I can say no and tell him to leave, but I grab his hand and say let’s go I need you to fuck me some more. We get to the bedroom and Alberto throws me on the bed.

He’s standing there jerking his big cock and he says Carol show Alberto your pussy. I open my pussy stick two fingers inside me and say fuck me Alberto. He slams his cock into me as I wrap my legs around him wanting to feel every inch.

We both cum again and he says Alberto has to sleep and we go to sleep in each other’s arms. I can’t wait for my morning fuck from Alberto and his big cock. This happens to be a TRUE STORY and when hubby leaves, Alberto comes for a visit.

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