The Letter

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

The Letter

My twenty-year-old son became very depressed after breaking up with his long time girlfriend, to the point I was very much worried for him, suggesting he talk to someone did absolutely no good. Only strained his and my relationship, close we had always been and especially after losing his father four years ago. I had to do something, my son wouldn’t speak with me at all about his breaking and being the Mom I am at age forty-two, I searched his room.

The Bitch actually wrote my son a hand written letter describing she’d found a real man with a real cock, who had the libido to fuck her more than once a month. On and on the bitch went of how beautiful and big, her new love’s eight inch cock. If I could have gotten my hands on the Bitch. Nights kept me awake worrying how to lift my son’s spirit, truly worried, if I didn’t do something the outcome could be tragic for the two of us.

Thumbing through a magazine getting my hair done, I came across one of those ads, increase the size of your cock in just two weeks’ time and increase your sex drive. We all know those things don’t work or you’d be hearing by word of mouth and not need advertising my thoughts. But calling an online doctor for the little blue pills, getting home I got online reading every article I could find of a young man’s, prostate problems.

Turns out a young can have these problems, effecting both size and performance. Thinking things over I went online calling one of the doctors, speaking to him as if, my husband wasn’t decreased. Prescriptions he wrote and of course the little blues were in there along other prostate enchantments, some claiming growth following the doctor’s instructions, to administer the prostate enchantments for two weeks, before using the little blue pills.

Into his food I slipped without his awareness, the suspense killing me, how was I to know the drugs were working. Wrestled with that one right up to point of time to administer the first little blue, insisted Jason shower and we go out for dinner. Hoping Jason would see some young thing which would attract his attention, I stopped by a club for drinks, the little black strapless dress I wore and the fact I was out with a younger man brought me much attention but Jason just wasn’t interested.

Arriving home, we didn’t stay late, didn’t see much point to it. Offered Jason one of the blue pills telling he might rest better. Had to work keeping him from going to bed before the hour needed for the pill to work and asked him to dance with me. Under my black strapless, I wore no bra and planted myself tightly against him. No response I desired from him I decided a more direct approach was going to be needed and pulled Jason down beside me of the couch, placing my hand on his high. After a few moments of rubbing his thigh, I looked him straight in the eyes and said.

“I want to suck some cock,” with his attention I reached unbuckling his belt and pants. Before Jason could react I was down in the floor between his legs with his cock in my mouth, down I pulled the strapless freeing my bra-less tits and a woman knows when she has a nice set of tits. Jason’s cock did respond and I took my time but to know rather there was any size increase, how would I know but from the description of his EX being mean.

Watching Jason’s face, only quick glances did he look to my eyes but didn’t stop his mother from sucking his cock. In no hurry to complete the task I’d set for myself, truth is I was enjoying having a cock in my mouth, long it had been since losing Jason’s father. Jason’s cock wasn’t huge but from the description of his breakup letter, I did think, perhaps the enhancement drugs were working. The more excited the male becomes, the better the drugs work, took Jason’s five and a half inch cock I would judge, all the way down my throat. So many thoughts going through my head, discuss wasn’t one of them as I licked, kissed and loved, for him to see.

Afraid to speak, it could have been a mood killer and I certainly didn’t want that to happen. Besides my pussy was wet as I pushed down without releasing Jason’s cock from my mouth, dress to my high heels. Switched to one hand and then other until I could get the dress completely off. Keeping my loving hold onto Jason’s cock with my mouth. Thong I’d managed with dress and with my hands free I held up Jason’s cock with one and lifted his balls with the other, sucking his entire ball sack into my mouth.

Gently rolling balls inside my mouth with tongue, literature stating and massage very beneficial. Something I’d often done with Jason’s father, now exciting me. Loving my son, things of my mind as I stroked his cock with his balls of my warm mouth, I didn’t feel the horrified as I imagined leading up to what I had decided to do, hopefully helping my son. Taking cock back into my mouth I swear it felt larger and I was now using one hand to rub myself.

Lost all track of time, by now I was determined for Jason seeing his mother eating his cum, to know of his mother’s love. Sure my eyes lit up feeling Jason’s cock swell, giving my all to ensure Jason came, I sucked as hard as I could and kept sucking long after the pulsing stopped. Jason’s cock stayed hard, literature had warned but from this point I didn’t consider a problem but a blessing.

“Have you ever eaten pussy,” questioned as I stood allowing Jason as full view of his mother’s large tits, hard huge nipples and dark haired pussy.

“Let’s move to my bed, it will be more comfortable for the two of us, Mommy needs a little attention,” Jason only nodded yes but his eyes met mine.

In my bedroom, I’d lead Jason by the hand, I removed all his clothing. Very manly Jason muscular his chest covered of dark hair matching both our heads, his ass I ran my hand over, hard as a bronze statue, legs my son could model. Brushed against him with my tits purposely before pulling the covers away for him to lie. Straddled Jason’s chest planting my hairy pussy in his face, more suction clearing pathways, I was all in now. First lick from Jason’s talented tongue I knew I’d be going all the way.

Another two weeks of his mother’s therapy and Jason’s cock reached nine inches in length and two inches thick and wide. Oh believe me we fuck, for the past two weeks, his mother receiving as many rewards as she’d given. Jason no longer slept of his bed but of my king-size, his phone I reached with my ass jacked of a pillow to where I could video, his manly cock. Top of Jason’s head down to his hand filled cock with him rubbing the huge head in my wet juices.

Filmed Jason’s huge cock fucking his mother’s hairy pussy for thirty-five minutes and after a huge orgasm for me, Jason still fucking I sent the video to his EX. Another forty minutes, Jason still stroking his mother’s pussy to my pleasure, I might add. We got a text back, stating she wanted some of his cock and they could be friends with benefits. Showing Jason the text, he took the phone from my hand laying aside, knowing he had all the pussy and sex he could handle.

His mother’s mind on one of those cruises, all you do is eat and fuck, I didn’t think we would have time to take in any of the shows. Often Jason comes to his mother initiating sex, much pleasing his mother, I didn’t enjoy sex with his father I dearly loved, as I do with Jason. Each morning I wake, I’m thinking of eating Jason’s cum and fucking my beautiful son. Jason is off all medications and we fuck more than before. A mother’s love as no bounds, someone once said and I believe, the only boundary I have found is expressing how much I enjoy fucking and loving my son.

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