The Investigation: Part 1

by Hottvcarole (Basingstoke Hampshire)

This is pure fiction and resemblance to any persons is coincidental. But if you fit the role feel free to fantasize.

“Hello, Carl and Carole investigating agency, how can I help you”? I said.

“Oh hello, I think I need your help. I suspect my future wife is keeping a secret from me, and I wonder if you could check her out, she may really love me but she may just be after my money.” The caller inquired.

“When can you call into my office to fill me in with more details, Mr? I asked

“Oh yes my name is John Roberts, when are you free”? Mr Roberts replied.

“I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon about 2:30”. I offered.

I didn’t want to sound too keen nor keep a client waiting too long, they might take their business elsewhere.

“That’s perfect” he replied.

“Please bring a photo of your future wife, for identifying her” I said

“Oh yes of course, I’ll see you tomorrow, Good bye”. He said and rang off.

Will it be a job for Carl or Carole, I pondered.

The rest of the day was quiet, I was writing my reports for customers ready for my secretary to type up tomorrow.

Next morning I arrived at my office, Chloe my secretary was already in and the coffee was almost ready. She had my pile of reports on her desk and was about to start typing them and adding the costs to send to my customers.

I went into my office to open the post, pay any bills etc. And read any comments from recent investigations.

About five minutes later Chloe walked in carrying a mug of coffee. I couldn’t fail to notice her extremely sheer blouse that clearly showed her lacy bra under, also her nipples erect and very prominent also her dark aureoles again very visible. She leant over my desk so I could see her cleavage of her rounded breasts.

“Usual two lumps with your coffee” she said.

“So I see” I replied.

“Naughty” she replied.

I could feel my arousal starting in my trousers. Then standing up she turned round and went to the filing cabinet. She was wearing an extremely short mini skirt. As she bent from the waist to access the lowest drawer everything under her skirt was revealed. Her cute round cheeks framed with her white suspender straps attached to her tan seamed stockings her thong barely visible as it disappeared in her anal crack. By now I was fully hard. However I also had a office policy of no fraternizing with staff. I also knew Chloe was transitioning. Her breast were hormone induced with also relocated her natural curves and a luxurious hair growth of auburn locks.

She knew what she was doing as she glanced over her shoulder with a sly grin.

“One day I’ll tempt you boss” Chloe said with a wicked grin.

“Perhaps, but not today” I replied.

She wiggled her hips as she straightened up. How I resisted I don’t know, but did. As she left my office I adjusted myself to be more comfortable as my erection subsided.

The morning went smoothly taking more calls and taking more cases. There seemed to be so much strife in the country. But it was my work it’s what paid my bills kept a roof over my head and paid Chloe’s wages.

Lunch came and went quick snack and a coffee, then I had an appointment with Mr Roberts.

Prompt at 2:30 he entered the reception area, took one look at Chloe and started to stammer,

“I i I have an ap-p-p-pointment”

“Yes Sir, go right in Mr McClain is expecting you”. Chloe replied.

Mr Roberts walked into my office, we shook hands and I gestured for him to sit.

“I have my fiancé’s picture, her address and her work address”. He said.

“Thank you I’ll start first thing in the morning, I will discretely follow her to work and watch her movements during the next few days, then I’ll send you a report with good or bad news, but it be factual. You will have to decide which direction you want to take”. I told him.

Next morning I was outside her house, waiting for her appearance, she came carrying a briefcase and a shoulder bag. She was smartly dressed and walked towards the local shopping center. I followed at a reasonable distance so not attract attention. She arrived at a shop, the shutter was down and locked. Taking a key from her bag she unlocked the padlock then opening a small panel she pressed a button and the shutter rolled up revealing a ladies erotic lingerie shop.

Looking at the display it reminded me of Chloe yesterday in her skimpy undies. I watched as the lights came on in the shop, a few minutes later another young lady arrived, I noted her arrival time. 25 or so minutes later the door sign changed from open to closed. I spotted two young ladies in supermarket uniform, stop and glance at the displays. One of them put her hands under her breasts, lifting them in her uniform and said something to her friend, laughing they went on their way. Her business was slow but steady a few ladies went in and came out with small store bags. Obviously containing some of the erotic lingerie they sold.

A guy walked by he stopped studied the window, then walked on. 14 minutes later he returned, ( I was monitoring what was taking place around his fiancée remember). He looked around not seeing me and nervously went in. He was inside for 43 minutes, when he came out he had two carrier bags. He hurried away. The next rush of people was around lunch time. Several ladies went in some came out with purchases some didn’t. Then out of nowhere Chloe arrived, I thought she might have spotted me, but no she went in and after 27 minutes she came out with a single carrier bag but quite full.

The afternoon was similar as the morning. At 5:30 the door sign was changed to closed and 15 minutes later the young lady left, another 10 minutes and the woman I was watching came and opened the control box and lowered the shutter, when it was completely down she locked it in place and closed and locked the control box. I followed her back to her house. Nothing untoward for this first day of surveillance. The next two days went very much the same with different customers. Saturday and Sunday I didn’t need to run any surveillance as she spent her weekend with Mr Roberts, so I went to the office to write up my notes for Chloe on Monday. When I arrived about 10:00 am the lights were on I could hear music. Chloe was at her desk catching up on her duties. As usual she was in one of her skimpy outfits.

“Oh hello Chloe, I didn’t expect you in today” I said.

“Oh, yes I had some typing I hadn’t finished. She replied.

“Actually I wanted to ask you a question” I said.

“Go ahead”, she said as she sat on the edge of her desk, displaying most of her underwear.

“This week you went into a lingerie shop in town for 27 minutes, can you tell me anything about the owner”? I asked.

“Yes she is a very good friend of mine, and helping me with my transitioning and clothes style, why what’s happened”? She replied.

“Nothing, I’ve just been asked to check her out for a client”. I answered.

“What just because she is a hermaphrodite”? She replied

“A hermaphro”? I hesitated.

“Hermaphrodite, it’s a person who has the genitalia of both genders”. She explained

“Oh, I didn’t know, how did you meet”? I asked

“At a club I used to frequent, before I knew what I wanted. She answered.

“Does she, um have the other attributes”? I asked.

“What breasts, of course she has breasts, that what I want” Chloe answered.

“Thank you for that information, it explains quite a lot, but how I’m going to inform Mr Roberts” I said.

“What, you can’t, she’ll know I told you. Chloe retorted.

“No, I’ll inform, Mr Roberts I made some discrete inquires, and he should be aware that she is different and needs his understanding, your name and any association will not, I repeat NOT be revealed”. I assured Chloe. I didn’t know at that point how things would develop.


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