The Intimate Mom

by Carmen (CA)

Connie had never dreamed of having sex that was so personal or as intimate as it was when she did it with her own son.

For a mother there was no better or more exciting or satisfying sex.

She had always enjoyed sex, of course. But she had never felt the compelling desire to use her vagina in the way that she did with her son.

As she lay on the sofa feeling his hard erection gliding in and out of her, her vagina became the all important means to achieve that unbelievable intimacy which she now found so desirable.

“David … it’s so wonderful having you in me,” she said.

“I love being in you, mom,” he told her, looking down at her with a shared and never before realized passion such as this.

Again and again his reproductive organ went into his mom’s .

Their being nakedly physical as mother and son was so wonderful and there was no better way to celebrate the bond between them.

Connie closed her eyes and let the pleasurable interaction taking place between her legs continue, wanting it to never stop. Her clitoris was aroused but almost hardly important to the satisfaction that she felt having her son’s penis in her vagina.

Yet, her own sexual urge continued to grow and become more demanding.

She moaned.

David lovingly stroked his penis in and out of her, encouraging her response.

Connie squeezed her eyes shut and moaned again.

“Oh, David …” she breathed, drawing in short quick breaths. “Oh … Oh … Oh …”

Her naked body became alive with sexual excitement, and she was aware of the fullness of her breasts swaying with his repeated penetrations.

She tensed and waited for it to happen and it did. She as climaxing and it was so wonderful and thrilling to be having an orgasm with her son’s stiff penis in her.

“Ohhhhhhhh … Ohhhhhhhhhhh … Uhhhhhh … Uhhhhh … Uhhhhhhhhh …”

David found great pleasure in seeing his mom climaxing. It was such a special thing for a boy to see his own mother having an orgasm and being so thoroughly sexual.

Connie’s head turned from side to side on the pillow.

“Uhhhh … Uhhhhh …”

Her orgasm was long and drawn-out taking time to diminish and finally be completed.

David slid his erect penis into her with an assuredness and was ejaculating.

His penis throbbed out its load of semen fully into her vagina.

“Uhhhh …” David grunted with each pulse. “Uhhhh … Uhhhh …”

Connie could only lie there receiving her son’s sperm with a mother’s satisfaction. Even without getting pregnant, just to know that her son’s seed was in her was so incredibly fulfilling.

“Ohhh …” David breathed as he finished ejaculating.

He opened his eyes and she opened hers and they looked at one another in an enormously pleased and satisfied way. The sexuality between a mother and son was like no other.

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