The Handy Cleaning Woman

by Tiff (NY)

Janice was standing nude in her bedroom that morning in the bright sunlight that was coming through the upstairs window, when Wenda happened to open the door.

“Oh, sorry, Mrs. Richards,” Wenda apologized. She was the cleaning woman who came in twice a week. Wenda was black and in her early fifties, an attractive heavy set woman with very short hair.

“That’s okay, Wenda,” Janice said, not appearing particularly embarrassed about her lack of dress. Janice was forty-eight, a trim attractive brunette.

Seeing that she was not embarrassed, Wenda remarked, “You sure look awfully nice without clothes.”

“Thank you.” Janice smiled, pleased by the compliment. “If only my husband would notice,” she sighed, referring to her husband who was always working and these days thought of little else.

“Oh, husbands are like that,” said Wenda.

“Yes. Men,” said Janice.

Wenda smiled. "Oh, you don’t a man to take care of things like that,” said Wenda. She smiled in a knowing sort of way. “Women just need women friends.”

“Oh!” Janice said, responding to the suggestiveness of the remark, almost blushing a little.

“That’s what women have women friends for. To take care of all of those things when that husband is just too busy to notice.”

“Wenda!” Janice said with some surprise. “What would your husband say to that?”

“Oh, him. I sent him packing years ago. Me? I’ll just enjoy my women friends. So much better.” She then teasingly added, “If I wasn’t working here, and seeing you like that … I’d have my clothes off just the same and in double quick time.”

“Wenda!” Jancie said, now definitely blushing. She laughed. “Not that my husband is here to take any notice whether we were both naked or not.”

“No. He’s at work, and he’ll be there until late. Wouldn’t make no never mind if we were both inclined to enjoy ourselves.”

“Oh, Wends … you make it sound tempting,” Janice gushed.

“Well, it can be. And it’s not like you would be being humped by no other fella. That’s the nice thing with a friend … when it’s just between women.”

“I … I suppose that you’re right,” Janice admitted, considering this. “It’d just be the two of us having a little harmless naked fun.”

“Well, why don’t I just get my clothes off, and I’ll show some naked fun,” said Wenda.

She put aside the vacuum cleaner that she had with her and started to unbutton her blouse.

Janice watched as Wenda undressed, just taking a moment to do so. She was not so much fat as solidly built and full bodied. She had large breasts with broad dark nipples and a wiry triangle of pubic hair. Janice had been in the habit of shaving her pubic area, keeping it smooth and bare down there, although recently she had decided to let her hair grow back so that she now had a nice amount of it filling in at the top of her smooth thighs. Janice also noticed that Wenda painted her toenails red. She had never seen Wenda barefoot before.

They both smiled at one another and quite easily slipped into each other’s arms.

Suddenly they were kissing and Janice felt Wenda’s lips pressing firmly against her own mad she found herself willingly responding. Wenda’s tongue slid into her mouth and then hers slid into Wenda’s. Janice had never been with another woman before, although she did have a natural curiosity as to what it would be like.

They moved over to bed and got on it, and Janice was taking Wenda’s large mammary assets in her hands. They were heavy and so deliciously all woman. She applied her mouth to first one nipple and then the over. While she was doing this, she felt Wenda’s hand fondling her own bare breasts, pulling the rising points of her pink nipples between forefinger and thumb.

They kissed some more and their hands went down between each other’s legs in a wanton manner. Their fingers moved through the tangle of pubic hair and Janice felt the rising protrusion of Wenda’s clitoris, large and smooth and firm. At the same time Wenda found hers and it was like a tingle of electricity.

Then she felt Wend’s fingers push into her vagina opening.

“Oh, Wenda …” Janice breathed.

Wenda finger fucked her. “That’s nice, isn’t it?” Wenda said and Janice could not disagree.

Janice struggled to work her own fingers into the soft wet interior of Wenda’s vagina. It was so exciting.

They kissed and their tongues slid back and forth and their hands were kept bust between each other’s legs.

This seemed to go on for a very long time before Wenda leaned over and Janice became too recipient of her tongue on ger clit.

“Oh!’ Janice gasped.

As she was being licked, again she felt Wenda’s fingers fucking into her wet hole. Then they moved from here to tickle her butt hole and one digit pressed inward to violate her private quarters. Janice as not at all accustomed to this and she gasped and loved the stimulation.

The Wenda eased up and gave Janice a chance to take charge. Janice put her mouth between Wenda’s well padded dark thighs and her tongue licked out and over Wenda’s aroused clitoris.

“Oh, honey … honey …” Wenda breathed. “You’re going to make me give in and cum all over the place.”

Janice continued to lick, tasting Wenda’s womanly flavor as she allowed her extended tongue to probe into the other woman’s vaginal opening a number of times. Daringly she let the tip of her index finger caress and teased Wenda’s butt hole.

“Uh …Uhhhhhhh .Ah! Ah!” Wenda choked as she climaxed.

Jancie kept up her efforts with another woman’s knowing to make Wenda’s orgasm complete.

When Wenda finished coming, she took charge again and put her mouth between the brunette’s legs and did not stop until Janice was crying out loud and struggling with her sexual release. Her mouth was sucking in Janice’s clitoris, she had several fingers inserted into her vagina and another finger fully inserted into her butt. The woman knew how to excite and please and in ways which Janice found near unbelievable.

Finally the two of them lay nakedly exhausted together on the bed.

“Oh, Wenda … that was so incredible,” Janice said.

Wenda smiled. “You were no slouch down there yourself.”

Janice smiled over the compliment. She kissed the firmness of Wenda’s shoulder, her lips touching the dark skin and she was liking that, finding it very exotic. Apparently Wenda was happy enough with her bare white physique.

“This will be something to look forward to for tomorrow,” Janice said, already thinking ahead.

“Oh, now I don’t come back until Thursday,” Wenda said.

Janice felt an immediate sting of disappointment.

“But,” Wenda said, ‘tomorrow’s my day off. And your husband will be at work all day?”

Janice touched a finger to her chin in a thoughtful pose “Yes. He will be.”

They both smiled and they kissed.

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