The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-9

by Aparnadevi (Kolkata, India)

Satabdi’s mind was in turmoil. Though Rituparna assured her, there must be something disturbing she wanted to share. Satabdi had no doubt that it was about her son. Rituparna must have seen Vijay kissing or getting girl's tits mauled in a movie theatre or a park.

Satabdi sighed, there was nothing she could do now, only plead with Rituparna to keep it a secret,otherwise her filmy image as well as her political career would be shattered. Since last eight months, she saw him look at her lustily when she was not watching, at her cleavage and her nipples which protrude out from her dress if material is thin. She could feel his hot gaze on her heavy buttocks and it made her feel strangely excited.

She found herself showing more cleavage and flesh…… all harmless fun, she tried to justify herself. She was watching Mom son blue films for last six months which were slowly causing a change in her.She brushed off all thoughts and had light lunch and proceeded to Rituparna’s house…

Rituparna welcomed her sexy "Beyan" with a big hug.

"Let us have two Patiala pegs of scotch.” Rituparna said pouring scotch in two glasses. She added soda, water and ice as Satabdi wanted.

They talked about mainly Bengalee film-industry, various new coming young actresses including their fuck experiences with the producers and directors,however Rituparna was aware of Satabdi's secret relationship with her lower class adibasi cook, Kalu Soren.

After completion of first peg, Satabdidi lost patience.

“Ritu ,now please disclose the fact, Spill it out” Satabdi asked as Rituparna was handing over her another glass.

“What about Vijay?” Rituparna asked.

“He is a very well behaved boy, no night outs, no late night partying, no drinking. I think he is a virgin” Satabdi said, smiling.

“OK. Now hold your glass tight. Your son marries my daughter secretly, after that they are fucking a lot,sometimes Koel join with them ” Rituparna dropped bomb shell slowly.

Satabdi’s jaw fell open. She was stunned. It took her a minute to recover.

“Ritu, I accept my son’s marriage with your daughter because I love Payel as my own daughter, you knew it fully but why you encouraged them for open sex ?” Satabdi became angry slightly.

Rituparna was unruffled." Being an open-minded modern mother, I gave my children freedom. I asked them if any of their colleagues also fucking . They told about Koel and Vijay” Rituparna told coolly.

Satabdi,another super sex-bomb Bengalee film-actress cum politician, was getting strangely excited hearing all, she was aware of her cunt oozing juices and felt her nipples getting tighter.

“Hmm, I asked Payel if your son was fucking her and my son was fucking Koel , they said that they were fucking at Koel’s home .” Rituparna told her.

Satabdi’s eyes widened in shock. She gasped.

‘Oh, My God. In front of each other ?” She whispered.

“Did you watch them fucking?” Satabdi asked, helplessly aware that her steaming cunt was now pouring more juices.

“Yes, before going to sleep, I just peeped. Koel was getting fucked in both holes and Payel was getting her cunt licked. It was awesome” Rituparna said dreamily.

Then Satabdi asked the question Rituparna was waiting for.

“Don’t tell me that your son Rohit also is fucking you?’ Satabdi asked after slight hesitation.

When Rituparna nodded, Satabdi screamed, rushed and sat beside Rituparna and held her hand.

“Wow. How, when? I thought it happened only in stories or blue -film, I masturbated so many times reading such stories or watching such blue films.” she asked enthusiastically.

Rituparna told her the whole incidents about the relationship between her son & daughter and when she finished, Satabdi exclaimed “ Ohh, don’t tell anymore, I can't bear ”

“Imagining your son, Vijay, no doubt?” Satabdi pressed her hand and asked naughtily.

The Great sophisticated sex-bomb of Bengalee film industry became turned beetroot red as she averted her face and remained silent.

Rituparna laughed and hugged her “I called you to talk about that only. Your son madly and crazily wants to fuck you. He said to me that he imagines you all the time, while he is fucking others.” She said.

Satabdi covered her face with both hands.

“Chee….whatever gave him such ideas? How can I face him now?” she said in a low voice.

“Why not? He also watches mom-son blue film and he tells me that when you remove your panty and bra after your hubby leaves home and show lot of cleavage when serving him food. Poor chap, can you blame him” Rituparna said laughing.

“I thought it was harmless fun, just teasing him” Satabdi said and downed her drink in one gulp.

“So do you want to get fucked by Vijay?” Rituparna asked directly.

Satabdi got up little unsteadily, poured herself another drink and sat beside Rituparna.

“I am confused. It is not right. Do you think I should?” Satabdi was still not looking at at her Beyan Rituparna .

“I think you should. You will lose inhibition and shyness if you see us fucking” Rituparna told and shouted “ Rohit, see who has come? Say hello to Aunty”

Rohit came from inside and said ”Nmaste, Aunty “ and touched Satabdi's feet. When his fingers touched her toes, an electric current passed through her veins and she shivered.

She blessed him and asked “ Rohit, you bunked classes?”

Rohit smiled and said “Yes, Aunty. Mom asked to stay back and I can't disobey my Goddess mom ?’saying this he touched her mother's sacred feet.

Rituparna hugged and kissed him on his lips “ You have to fuck your slut Mom’s wet cunt….your aunty wants to see” she told him and pulled down his shorts in a jiffy, exposing his steel rod like Cock and juicy balls.

The famous matured Bengalee politician cum film-actress Satabdi watched mesmerized, Rohit removing his mother's nighty and making her sit and push his cock in her mouth, all the while mauling her tits and tweaking nipples.

Both were naked as Rohit removed his vest also and was fucking her mouth. While Rohit closed eyes, still he was feeling shy, Rituparna was all the time looking at her Beyan Satabdi.

After five minutes, she took out cock from her mouth and smiled naughtily “Who will lick my juices? Let us go to bed room. Beyan , are you coming?” She stood up in her splendid naked glory, her big tits turning pinkish with the mauling and her juices were glistening like dew drops on her smooth shaved cunt. Just before she got up, Satabdi had a glimpse of her Beyan's thick cunt lips.

Satabdi got up like a Robot and followed them. Curtains were drawn and sun light was streaming through windows. Satabdi’s cunt was screaming for attention and her tits were getting heavier and tighter.

Rituparna and her son kissed briefly, Rohit sucked and squeezed his mother's tits for few minutes and then they went into 69 position. Rohit lay on his back and Rituparna straddled her son, offering her pouring cunt to his lips and started licking his cock from base to tip, fondling his balls.

However Rituparna never took off eyes from Satabdi and this was driving both celeb-ladies crazy. Rituparna peaked within minutes, screamed loudly and poured jets of juice in her son’s mouth and collapsed on him, breathing heavily.

After few seconds, Rituparna got up and lay on her back “Now fuck the sacred hole from where you came…. tear your mom’s cunt… show no mercy… come on pound me….. I am your slut….Ahhhhh… mmmm” she kept shouting as her son pushed his cock and started fucking vigorously.

Satabdi could not bear the torture any longer. She finished her drink and impatiently removed her blouse, saree, petticoat and lay next to her Beyan Rituparna.

“Rohit, I am also like your Mom. Come On, fuck me” she asked him. She was feeling light headed, happy and careless. She regretted for not shaving her cunt for 2 weeks. Rohit needed no invitation.

He removed his cock from his mom’s cunt, it was shining with her juices, spread Satabdi aunty’s thighs, parted her cunt lips with fingers and buried his long cock in her cunt fully in one thrust ……. and lay on top of her and kissed her.

Satabdi held his head in both hands and licked Rituparna’s pussy juices from her son’s chin, cheeks and lips and then from his mouth, exploring his mouth with her tongue and drinking her friend’s heady cunt juice. Meanwhile, Rohit unhooked her bra and removed and cupped her tits and squeezed.

His throbbing cock was sending pulsations to her cunt walls, driving her crazy. She wanted him to fuck her. But he broke her kiss and rose on his elbows and exclaimed “ Mom, see her nipples? I told you, aren’t they gorgeous?’

Rituparna stared wide eyed. Indeed, Satabdi’s nipples were like Baby Milk bottle’s nipple. Thick, long and fat.

“Wow” she said and latched onto her Beyan’s boob like a hungry baby.

Satabdi laughed and pressed her Beyan’s head more firmly on to her shapely boob.

“Rohit, I thought I closed the door quite fast…how did you see my nipples?” Satabdi asked as he was pinching her nipple and mauling her left tit.

“Not fast enough, Aunty. The picture of your nipples is printed in my memory. Were you expecting uncle that day?” Rohit asked and pushed tit in his mouth and started sucking, simultaneously withdrawing and pushing his cock in her slippery cunt.

“Hmmm.. No. I was expecting my son, Vijay. The shock of exposing nipples to you unnerved me. I went into a shell. I didn’t expose nipples to Vijay. Rohit darling, you can suck as much as you want later but fuck me hard and fast. You can’t do both together. Your Mom will take care of my tits…Mmm ...Ahhh .. this is heaven… push deeper..faster… tear your slut’s cunt…” The famous matured Bengalee film-actress hissed.

The 48 yrs old famous Bengalee politician started screaming and moaning. More than three times older Satabdi and a teenage boy of class-ix was fucking madly and they reached peak at same time…he collapsed on her like a rag doll.

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