The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-8

by Aparnadevi (Kolkata, India)

“Where are you going so early in the morning?” the famous Bengalee film-queen Rituparna asked her son-in-law Vijay as she brought two cups of steaming coffee.

“Mamoni, I won’t miss film-training classes for anything, though I desperately want to fuck you and keep on fucking you” he said sipping coffee.

The Great actress smiled. “Why me? You have two young, tight fabulous cunts begging to be fucked?” she asked with a naughty smile.

“Mamoni. I am crazy about matured women like you, my mom and Koel didi’s mom . I see my own Mom in you” he said shyly.

“Ohhh. Did you express or hint your desire to them ?” Rituparna asked curiously.

“My God, No. May be they mad about me ” he said,bewildering.

“May be they won’t. May be they also wants it. Does they flash cleavage?” Rituparna asked.

“Hmm, sometimes but not intentionally, I think. You can help me? I know that Rohit is fucking you, so please convince them” Vijay pleaded with her and Kneeling before her, he gripped her legs.

Rituparna nodded and lifting her son-in-law, she assured him, his face lit up like a thousand watt bulb, he kissed her and dressed up and left.

Rituparna completed her bath,did pooja again in worship-room only for her son-in-law’s pleasure, prayed for the fuck-session between Vijay and his respected mother Satabdi and Koel’s Mom . After that when she was completing preparing breakfast, Koel came into kitchen and wished her.

“Good morning, Koel , had good sleep?” Rituparna asked her.

“Sleep? I thought your son-in-law was horniest. Rohit is worse, he kept pounding me on and on” she said smiling and accepting cup of tea.

“Are you complaining?” Rituparna asked, smiling.

“Oh my God, No. Aunty. I loved every minute of it. It was fabulous. You know, they fucked me in both holes at the same time.” She said.

“I know. Yesterday I peeped for few minutes as they were fucking you in your both holes ” Rituparna said.

Koel blushed and was silent for few minutes.

“Aunty, I watch a 3x blue film recently starred by Labonidi based on mom-son theme, it is amazing. Recently a Hollywood producer offers me for a 3x BF with dad-daughter content. I know that you have a practical experience about this matter. Is it true, your dad is still fucking you?” the famous Bengalee young actress opened all.

“Yes, dear” Rituparna answered ” Not only that actually Payel is my father's daughter ”

“Gosh, you are so lucky” Koel sighed.

“Ohh, is your dad very strict? Did you try to seduce him?” Rituparna asked.

“Actually there is no need for that. I am confused how to proceed. My dad hugs me, kisses me and when he watches TV he pulls me and make me sit in his lap” Koel said, drawing circles on Dining table.

“Do you feel his cock poking your ass ?’ Rituparna asked.

“Yes, Aunty. All the time. I act innocent, as if I am not noticing, he massages and pats my thighs and neck….so far he didn’t touch my boobs. Getting fucked by him may not be difficult but it will break his heart when he knows I have to fuck producers & directors for my filmy career ” Koel said.

“Ohh, this your dilemma. Does Your Mom knows about your fucking with the filmy personnel ?” Rituparna asked.

“ My mom and husband are aware of that. Anyway, recently your son-in-law, Vijay was crazy about my Mom and his own Mom. He fantasizes them when he fucks me” Koel said.

“Yes, he told me and asked my co-operation in convincing your Mom and his Mom.Do you think your mom also desires Vijay? Does she flash cleavage or wear revealing cloths when he goes to your home ?” Rituparna asked.

“Yes, of course. Now that you mentioned, it is clear to me. Until Dad goes out, Mom wears normal maxi and moves without bra and panty when Vijay comes at our house. I remember getting irritated when her boobs almost pop out as she serves to Vijay, maybe she is doing unintentionally” Koel said.

“OK. Both are scared of what the other’s reaction would be. I will talk with both of your Mom & Vijay’s Mom and then after they start fucking, we will plan your fucking with your dad. We have to plan very carefully, it should appear to your dad that he fucked you first…. ” Rituparna said thoughtfully.

Koel shrieked and hugged her. She dressed up and freshened. As she was left, Rituparna’s mobile phone buzzed.

“Hi, Satabdidi, good morning , what’s the matter” Rituparna became surprised.” how are you?” Rituparna asked.

“Fine, Ritu, Thanks very much for looking after my kid so well” Satabdi replied.

“Come on, Vijay is also like my kid. Listen, can you come after lunch, I have something important to discuss with you” Rituparna asked.

Satabdi panicked “My God, what have my son done? Hope it is not serious?” she asked anxiously.

Rituparna laughed. “No, don’t worry, nothing is the matter. Relax and be here after lunch.” Rituparna assured her.

Satabdi told her that she would be there and disconnected.

An hour after Koel left, Payel returned home from her film-shooting & Rohit from his tuition class. As they having tea, Rituparna told them “ Payel,today you go to Koel’s house and Rohit, today you will bunk”

Payel was curious”Why? Mom, did you miss out bro’s fucking last night? You could have joined us”

Rituparna smiled and told them” No. I want him to have heavy breakfast and take rest. I called Vijay’s mother after lunch, I want him to fuck daylights of her”

Both stared at her.

“Mom, are you crazy? She is a very strict disciplinarian and at the same time too much conservative. She will kick my ass blue and black” Rohit said after recovering from shock.

“Supposing she is willing?’ Rituparna said.

“Wow. Mom, that would be dream come true. She is stunningly sexy. Have you seen how thick and wavy her hair is? Or how she gyrates her buttocks as she walks? Once I rang the bell, she opened the door in a wet nighty with a seductive smile… I think she was expecting uncle. You know her nipples were thick like they are looking into my eyes. She immediately closed the door saying Vijay was not at home” Rohit said dreamily.

“Yes. I remember the day. He fucked me non- stop whole night” Payel said,giggling.

“Then eat heartily and hit the sack, dreaming fucking your sex -bomb” Rituparna told him, naughtily.

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