The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-7

by Aparnadevi (Kolkata, India)

"I am sorry, Aunty….” Noel was apologizing as he was withdrawing his flaccid cock from Rituparna’s pussy.

Rituparna hugged him and told him” Noel , that was fantastic…. you are and will be a champion fucker. You are born to give pleasure and show heaven to cunts. Next time ,I want to see how you will fuck your mother-in-law ” she told him as Debasreedevi wiped her juices, his cum and shit mixed gel from Rituparna’s brown asshole and later started licking her son-in-law’s balls and cock.

They had lunch later and Rituparna thanked Debasreedevi to give her so much pleasure by her son-in-law. Debasreedevi and her son-in-law hugged and kissed and invited Rituparna to their home to witness their inaugural fuck session and left for home.

Rohit was so infatuated with his film-actress mother that he could not have enough. Immediately after waking up, before going to school , after returning…some times in the night…he kept fucking her. Rituparna also was thoroughly enjoying her son’s love and fucking.

But she was feeling little uneasy about her daughter. Though Payel kept saying she didn’t mind, Rituparna knew she must be feeling left out.

“Payel, I know you have a sexual relationship with Vijay, is it correct ?” she asked Payel when they were having dinner.

“Yes, Mom. Your best friend,I mean Satabdi aunty's,son Vijay fucks me ” Payel told.

“What? Vijay? He looks like a lamb” Rituparna surprised.

“Hahaha. His Mom also must be feeling same about him . But Vijay fucks real great. Mom , not only that, we marries secretly, don’t mind Mom. Forgive me, in near future I wouldn't make this type of mistakes ” Payel felt sorry.

Rituparna thought for few minutes and came to a decision.

“OK, I'm not mad about your marriage, but please keep it secret unless I signalled you to publish. From today, you can bring your husband Vijay or any other film producers or directors at home and fuck. Only condition is when dad is on tour and no strangers” she told them.

Hearing this their joys knew no bounds and they hugged her. They excitedly called Vijay, asked him to come over and told him to talk to their Mom i.e. his mother-in-law who supported & certified their secret marriage . However Vijay’s Mom had no reason to suspect. She said Ok.

Vijay came after an hour and at first he did "Pranam” to his respected Sasurima ( mother-in-law ) by touching her sacred feet. Rituparna became overwhelmed by witnessing his devotion to her, gripping his shoulders she pulled Vijay and hugged him like a real motherly affection. Since he was a toddler and wondered when he transformed into a handsome hulk.

Sometimes Debasreedevi’s daughter Koel also joined with them for her filmy career to entertain the film-producers. Koel was like a model with right curves in right places and a dazzling smile. Payel was also downright sexy, she oozed sex in any dress and any posture. She was helpless, she has no switch off button.

But Koel transformed from innocent child to sexy tigress after her marriage with Noel . On the other hand, Koel’s neighbor Vijay was tall, handsome and very shy. He touched his glamour-queen Sasurima’s feet and took blessings every time when he met. She hugged and kissed him on his lips passionately and said “Wow” when his cock jumped and poked her pussy through her saree or maxi.

One day, after their arrival & few minutes of uneasy small talk, they went into bed room. Rituparna told them to enjoy but not to lock the door. She finished her worshiping at worship-room for half an hour and switched off lights. As she was going into her bedroom she quietly opened the door and looked in and her cunt began to throb in passion .

They were fucking like rabbits . As she watched, the 23 yrs old famous film-actress Koel was riding on her teenage son and her son-in-law was fucking her ass from behind where as her daughter was sitting on Rohit’s face and getting her cunt licked by Vijay, who also was mauling Payel’s tits.

Actually Koel was fucked by Vijay & Rohit in her both holes at the same time i.e. she was double penetrated by them which made her shouting “ Mmm …. tear my ass … wowow .. Vijay ..fuck me harder.. deeper..”

Payel was complaining “ Koel .. I am pouring like a tap, dear… let me ride Rohit.. I am cumming….” and screamed and clenched her thigh muscles and let go torrents of juice.

Koel reluctantly pushed up and took out Rohit’s cock from her cunt and shifted to side with Vijay’s cock still buried in her asshole.

Rohit’s cock was throbbing like mad all wet with Koel’s cunt juices. He got up and pushed Payel roughly on her back, parted her thighs and buried his cock in her cunt in one movement. As Payel was screaming in ecstasy and Rohit was pulverizing her cunt, Rituparna quietly closed the door.

Just as she was closing, she saw her son-in-law, Vijay was looking at her all the while through the mirror though his back was to her…

Rituparna had a disturbed sleep. She was used to hot fucking by her son and sucking her daughter’s voluptuous tits before going to sleep. She tossed and turned and had a fitful sleep, finally got up, freshened and went to the sacred worship-room for her pooja.

“Hello, Mamoni, Good morning” Vijay wished her,touched her feet and stand beside her with folded hands for praying which made her jump.

“Ohh, Good morning, Vijay. You gave me a scare. Did you enjoy? “ She said and turned back and gasped. Vijay was standing few inches away from her, completely nude and his thick, long cock was throbbing.

After completion of the pooja, Vijay took prasad from his Sasurima, ate it and hugged her tightly and kissed her on the lips and tried to push his tongue in his Sasurima’s mouth. She tried feebly pushing him away, murmuring “ Have you gone mad ? Please don't commit sin in the worship-room .Let me go….. leave me… I am your mother-in-law “.

Vijay didn’t reply, he kissed her forcibly parting her lips with his tongue and pushed his tongue and explored her mouth, with one hand he gripped her buttock and tit with another. Rituparna melted and became putty in his hands as he removed her red bordered ghee-color saree, used only for pooja in Bengalee families and led her to the hall.

He sat in a dining chair and pulled her to him and clamped his mouth on her tit and sucked hungrily like a baby. She moaned and clutched his hair and pushed his head firmly into her tit. She ran her hand on his hot cock slowly feeling the bulging nerves and juice filled heavy balls.

She could control no longer when his fingers probed her flowing cunt and teased her clit. She straddled him and parted her cunt lips and sat on his cock. It went smoothly and she moaned softly… “Hmmm ….Ahh ….. Vijay …. fuck your Sasurima ….. tear my cunt apart…”

…and started jumping , slowly at first and then gathered speed. Vijay also started giving upward thrusts, mauling his Sasurima ‘s tits and biting and chewing nipples.

The Bengalee glamour-queen film-actress Rituparna was half scared that her kids may come and see her fucking and half wished that they did, the chance of being seen was making hornier…. causing her to jump faster….Suddenly her eyes fell on the clock and she bit her son-in-law’s ear and whispered in his ear” Darling, you have to cum fast, I have an urgent film-shooting, I have to prepare breakfast and kids may wake up any minute”

“Mamoni darling , then I have to fuck you in the ass” Vijay pushed up his Sasurima who rested her elbows on sofa back rest and offered her ass. Vijay’s cock was already wet with her juices, still he pushed two fingers deep in her cunt , scooped her juice and wet her ass hole. He pushed his cock into her inviting asshole and started ramming like an express train.

“Hmm.. oh.. oh….gudmarani Sasurima re, tor pod mere ki anado pachhi re,( oh, the market whore , I’m getting immense pleasure to fuck your ass ) I wanted to fuck you since I was a boy…you slut… you always made me masturbate with your cleavage, nipple show..” He kept saying and slapping her buttocks .

The Great Bengalee celeb-actress was moaning with pain pleasure… and finally he buried cock full and filled her with hot, jets of lava. As soon as he removed his cock, she put on her dress and went to kitchen.

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