The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-6

by Aparnadevi (Kolkata, India)

When Rohit came from school, he was as impatient as a horny bull during mating season.

“Mamoni, should we have to wait till 8 pm? Is there any muhurat for fucking also?” he kept pestering her as he squeezed and played with her boobs and ass.

Finally, after dinner Payel took her brother to Mom’s bed room and made him put on Bridegroom dress and asked him to wait for his wife.

Then she returned to their bedroom and helped her mother in her bridal dressing and jewellery adorning. Rituparna preserved her first night saree which she wore and decorated her body with all her wedding jewellery and looked in the mirror.

“Wow, Mom. You look fabulous, bhai is so lucky to have a wife like you” Payel admiringly complimented.

Rituparna then entered her bed room with a big glass of milk. She asked her daughter to stay back and participate the sacred” Fulsajjya ” but she refused. She told them to call her after first fuck and left.

Rohit was also ready for his mother-wife, taking out a small box from his pocket, at first he put ” Sindoor ” on his mother’s head, tied a ” Mangal-Sutra ” on her neck and then touched her feet, ” As a Mamoni, blessed me, so that I can impregnate you in this sacred day ”

Surprisingly, the great Bengalee film-actress felt shy. Blessing her son as a respected mother, Rituparna herself touched her teenage son’s feet as a dutiful wife. Her son lovingly lifted her , embraced her for some time and then slowly removed jewellery and clothing patiently and led her to bed and made her lie down. Then he undressed and lay beside her and kissed her tenderly.

“Mom, darling, do you know how many days you have been tormenting me? Do you know how many buckets of cum went down the drain?” he said kissing and sucking her tits.

“Hmmmm, honey, I did not know, you should have asked me, did I deny anything to my darling son? My poor baby, how much you have suffered? Now, take it on me, fuck me as hard as you can, show no mercy and impregnate me also” she bit his ear and licked ear lobe and whispered in his ear.

The glamour-queen Bengalee film-actress was experiencing a new high, an excitement she never felt before as his hot lips kissed her entire body and finally landed at her love hole and place of his birth.

He parted her cunt lips and was staring into her wet, throbbing cunt, its pink walls, juicy clit and the shining juice.

She pulled his hair” What are you staring at honey? Drink the juice and fuck”

He smiled at her “Mom, let me pay respect to my birth place. Let me devour the beauty with eyes, then I will smell the musky, heady scent and then I will taste. I have to satisfy all organs not just cock.” He said and placed his nose inside her cunt and took a deep breath. Her whole body shivered. As he finally inserted his tongue and started lapping the juices, she could feel the pulsations in cunt as it responded by producing more.

She shivered like a malarial patient and pulled him by hair.

She told him huskily” Honey give me your cock to suck while you lap up my juices”.

He got up, straddled her face and her vision was filled with his enormous, thick cock.

“My God, his cock is enormous” she thought as she took his dick head in the mouth. Both were in seventh

Rituparna poured out juices quite fast as she was also highly excited and asked him to fuck her. Rohit kissed her, made her lick and suck all traces of juice from his mouth , lips and chin, spread her cunt lips and pushed his hot cock into her mushy cunt. She moaned loudly as his cock travelled rubbing cunt walls. He kept telling her how much he loved her and how he longed her and increased pace and force and he also came in five minutes, buried his cock deep inside her and filled cunt with his lava. As he lay beside her and kissing her, she called out to Payel to come and lick and clean her cunt and brother’s cock.

Payel entered the sacred bedroom and licked Rohit’s cock clean of all his and her juices and licked her respected mother’s cunt and took out his juice, kissed and transferred to Mom’s mouth.As she was about to leave, Rituparna stopped her.

“Baby, stay here, I want you also, suck my other tit” she invited her daughter. As Payel also grabbed her tit with both hands and started sucking hungrily, Rituparna sighed contentedly.

Rohit was hard again and wanted one more fuck.

“Did you fuck your Didi or any other girl in the ass?” Rituparna asked Son.

He shook his head.

“Do you want to fuck your Mom in the Ass?” She asked Son.

Rituparna laughed as she got up and bent on her elbows on the bed and spread buttocks wide.

“Honey, I sometimes love anal fucking more than in cunt, fuck me, Payel, suck Rohit’s cock for few minutes and cover it with saliva and don’t go. Stay back and watch, as I want you to give your virgin Ass as gift to our Muslim driver” she told them as she spread her ass cheeks with both hands.

Rohit and Payel were stunned.

“Mom, what are you saying?” Payel asked after she recovered.

Rituparna turned back and looked at her” Don’t tell me you don’t want to get fucked by Imran after I made all arrangements” She asked her.

Payel said hurriedly” No, Mom. I love to get fucked Imran Chacha only it was so sudden” and sucked Rohit’s cock. Rohit licked his mother’s ass hole and fingered as he was instructed and then pushed cock into her ass hole. It was marvellously tight, he started enjoying fucking her ass and watching her massive buttocks and tits shake with each impact.

“Payel, after watching for some time, come and give your cunt to lick” Rituparna ordered between moans and grunts. Payel who was watching fascinated as her brother’s cock was vanishing and re- emerging from her mother’s ass hole and was fingering her cunt, reluctantly left and lay on her back and presented her wet cunt to her Mom.

As Rituparna started licking her daughter’s cunt, Payel asked her mother” Mom, how did you convince Imran chacha?”

In between slurps, Rituparna told” Same technique as for Rohit. So I asked him to fuck you after he comes back”.

Rohit was fucking faster and faster and asked his mother “But he must have surely asked about you and me, fucking?”

Rituparna replied” He asked. I told him we will decide about it after you fuck Payel. So, kids, we have to act our parts very well. Understand?”

Both said, yes. Payel’s cunt was flowing like a river as she visualized their Muslim driver cum Cook’s fucking her and started moaning and squeezing her tits with one hand and Mom’s with the other.

“Mom, Imran chacha is shy and may not move forward, I cannot because he will think I am a slut” Payel said.

“Hmm... you have any friend who are fucked by servant?” Rituparna asked, her voice was breaking due to the pounding.

“Yes, although Koeldi isn’t. my friend, she and her mother fucked by their adibasi servant ” Payel said.

“Fine, we will invite them for dinner and group fucking. Rituparna said and Payel clenched her buttocks and let go spurts of fountain in her mouth and Rohit filled her anal channel with loads of piping hot cum.

After that day, all three lovers had a rocking time. Rohit would fuck them in hall, dining table, kitchen slab, bathroom and everywhere and anywhere. Rituparna would come out with innovative ideas like fucking with Rohit seated on a chair or fucking in rain on terrace etc.

Payel stared dazed as he fucked Rituparna ferociously, as if wanting to rip her cunts apart. Finally he shoved cock full in his Didi’s cunt and flooded her with cum.Both ladies were rattled. This was unusual for them, this wild fucking.

When Rituparna was working in kitchen, after 20 minutes he came behind her, bent her on kitchen slab and roughly pushed cock in her cunt and started ramming. Payel was watching wide eyed in shock, Rituparna gestured her not to come near as he was in an uncontrollable horny mood and might tear her cunt.

While fucking her, Rohit was showering choicest abuses, “You dirty whore Mom, please don’t torment your son by shaking boobs in his face? Take this and take this.” and kept slamming cock with such force to force out air from lungs in gasps.

Then he started slapping her buttocks hard “Slut Mom, please tell me, who is owner of your whore cunt? Answer me, my Randi mom” he pleaded.

Rituparna criedH “oney, my whore cunt is yours, take and do what you want with it…hmmmmm.” Payel was terrified and speechless as Rohit slapped Mom’s buttocks alternately until both were red like monkey’s ass. He pounded, pulverized her cunt with such force her mind was singing in joy, fear, pain and lust.

Finally he filled her cunt with jets of cum and removed his semi hard cock. Rituparna heaved a sigh of relief and stood up but her relief was short lived.

“Hey, please Mamoni, climb on kitchen platform” Rohit requested his Mom.

“What?” Rituparna asked puzzled.

“Do you have only wet cunt? Climb on the kitchen platform” he pleaded continually. Payel came forward and helped her mother.

Rituparna climbed on kitchen slab. “Now squat on the sink and pee on my cock” he requested her, holding his cock below her cunt. She was so excited, she let go a warm golden jet of piss immediately and showered his cock. After the last drop, he quietly went to wash himself in bathroom.

As Rituparna got down, Payel hugged her and asked her if she was ok. Rituparna’s legs were wobbling.

“More than fine, I am ecstatic and proud. I am proud of my son’s fucking. Great fucker” she gushed out as Payel gave her puzzled looks. Rituparna didn’t tell her daughter what her Mom told her. “If you are unable to stand after a fuck, remember you are fucked by a super stud.”

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