The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-5

by Aparnadevi (Kolkata, India)

After that Rohit and his elder sister Payel went, had dinner, switched off lights and fucked once more. As he lay on her breast and sucking her boob as he drifted to sleep, Payel was patting his head gently, as affectionately as a mother. As she looked at his handsome face, she recollected what a tough time she had in seducing him.

Most of her friends were being fucked by brothers and few of them by their servants and as they daily exchanged excitedly their fucking details, her cunt used to flow and itch. She started to reveal her cleavage and thighs in sleeveless T shirts and short skirts to Rohit. His eyes used to pop out, he would avert eyes and look at her when she was not watching.

In the nights she started to expose complete boobs and cunt by hitching up dress as if in sleep and she was frustrated by his inaction, he would watch and go to bathroom to masturbate. Finally she told her friends who took him aside and told him that his sister was exposing to him to make him fuck her.

Finally he gathered courage and squeezed boobs, she opened her eyes, smiled at him and kissed him.

“Hmmm, finally you have understood. Come on let us fuck” she told him and they fucked. She did know Rohit was excited by something he was not revealing. He was unusually horny as he got up again and started fucking her.

When Rituparna returned at 11 pm after the film-shooting and gossiping with Debasreedi, lights were off and children were sleeping. She was about to go into her bedroom when some muffled sounds from their bedroom attracted her attention. She went to the closed door and listened attentively, there was no doubt that they were fucking. She could even hear soft moans of her daughter “ Hmmmm, bro, Honeyyy… tear your didi’s cunt…harderrr…. Fuck me faster…..mmmmm”. She turned the handle of the door. It was locked.

The clicking sound of the door handle stopped the fucking. Suddenly there was silence.

She went to her room and sat on bed in a daze. She always suspected that they were fucking, on few occasions she found their door locked. But knowing for certain was like a blow a boxer feels even when he is prepared for a punch. Her thoughts were in a whirlwind as she switched on her Lap top to Labonidi’s mom-son blue film. The 3x film starred by the matured Tollygunge film-actress with a teenage boy along with hardcore raw bengali dialogues increased her pussy’s thirst more, when a sudden knock startled her. She quickly stopped the laptop.

Rituparna shouted. ”Come in”. Rohit entered and saw his Mom in all her naked splendour, the pink nighty she wore was enhancing her naked beauty rather than hiding it.

With great difficulty he wrenched his eyes which were feasting on her naked beauty. The top most Bengalee film-actress sat in lotus position on bed and stretched her hands out and laced her fingers behind her head, her boobs rising high and nipples looking at ceiling. He was helpless as his teenage cock instantly became stiff and set up a tent in his half-pant (Bermuda).

“Come, sit here” she asked him to sit a foot away from her. He sat down, still looking down.

“One of my closed friend , you very well, your Shrabanti aunty’s son and daughter are fucking for quite some time , so it is no big deal. Are you fucking Didi? Don’t try to lie, I heard the fucking sounds now” she told him in a gentle voice.

He gulped, he didn’t know if she was using this strategy to force out a confession.

“Yes, mom. It happened accidentally, but I will stop it, promise, forgive me Mamoni ” he said in a tearful eyes and grabbed her legs .

With a gentle smile Rituparna hugged him, pressing his head to her bosom. His face warmly crushing her boob, nipple poking his cheek.

“Honey, it is ok, as a loving brother you have right to satisfy your Didi and I will be more pleased, if you impregnate your Didi, Ok?” she kissed him affectionately on his head.

He could not believe. ”Thank you, Mom” he said and hugged her even tighter, his erect cock poked her thigh. Then lowering his Rohit did ” Pranam ” by touching his respected Mamoni’s feet , ” You are not only my Mamoni, you are my Goddess, I’m the luckiest son to have a Mother like you ” and touched his film-actress Mamoni’s feet once again.

Hearing this the famous Bengalee film-queen’s eyes filled with tears, asked him” Show me your cock”. He stood up and pulled down his bermuda.

She glanced admiringly at his proud manhood bathed in Payel’s juice.

“Wow. Quite impressive. You are bigger than your father at this age, I can’t believe it?” Kneeling before her son the great Bengalee actress said, running her hand lovingly on the length of the shaft, causing him to moan. His body shivered in joy.

“You like it Mamoni ” he mumbled as she licked his dick head and the love hole on the tip.

“You naughty boy, when you came in your cock was flaccid, now it rock hard, it means you want to fuck Momma also?” she teased him.

“Mom, really? Can I fuck you?” he asked eyes shining.

“Hmmm, may be. Now you go and fuck your Didi and go to sleep early.” She kissed him and sent him off.

When Rohit went dazed to his room, his Did was waiting nervously. She was scared Mom must have beaten him black and blue and next would be her turn. To her surprise Rohit removed his shorts and T shirt in a jiffy and buried his cock in her cunt without pause.

Her cunt was also very wet and mushy since she read the incestuous story book which she got from Rohit’s school-bag’ when he went to visit Mom. She saw him pushing it into his bag when she came and guessed it had something to with his nonstop and furious fucking.

When he settled into a nice, steady rhythm she asked “What did she say?”

Rohit’s pace increased as he said” She was sitting almost naked with legs spread and tits jutting out. She asked me if I was fucking you, I said yes. She asked me why I have erection when I saw her, do I want to fuck Momma also”

The most promising Bengalee film-actress Payel was also excited and started giving fast upward thrusts” Hmmmmm, why didn’t you grab her boobs and fuck her?”

Rohit told excitedly” She told me to fuck you, she will plan for it tomorrow, I think”

Payel turned him on his back and started jumping on him “Bro, great news, from tomorrow we can fuck freely, no need to do it in secrecy”

Rituparna gets up early in the next morning, even if she sleeps late. So when Rohit and Payel got up, brushed teeth and came for morning tea to kitchen, they were shocked to see their Mom radiant and fresh after her worshipping and resplendent in her naked beauty, she was wearing a light blue nighty which had no intention of covering any of her fabulous assets.

Rituparna hugged and kissed her kids and offered them the Prasad (the sacred mixture of different fruits after worshipped the great God). Both of them touched their respected mother’s feet and took the sacred prasad, touching it with their forehead, they ate it. Then Rohit hugged her tight, kissed her passionately and mauled her tit and ass with each hand.

Rituparna pushed him out and asked him to behave like a good boy. She pulled his cock few times catching it above his shorts and told him” You have to wait till night for your gift. Now behave normally and get ready for your school.”

He protested and nagged her like he did for a toy when he was small, for a quick fuck. Rituparna pushed him into bathroom and told her daughter whose eyes were popping out of sockets at the sight of new transformed Mom.

She shook up her daughter” Payel , listen, can you bunk your shooting today and accompany me to beauty clinic for bridal make up and mehendi? I want to present myself like a bride to my son.” She asked. (She didn’t add, like I did with my Dad).

Payel was overjoyed, she hugged and kissed her Mom. After some time, Mom and daughter went to beauty clinic then to florist. They spent entire afternoon decorating Rituparna’s bedroom with flowers, incense sticks, fragrance sticks like for a nuptial night.

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