The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-4

by Aparnadevi (Kolkata, India)

After couple of hours, Rupadevi gently shook her up. Rituparna had excellent sleep, she smiled at her Mom who kissed her and asked her to sit up.

Rituparna was married to Sandeep when she was already impregnated by her own father of one month, everything went on smoothly, without a hitch.

Rupadevi daily drilled into Rituparna to act like a coy bride and not give any hint that she was pregnant and let Sandeep teach her everything about fucking.

Sandeep did get surprised that his cock was going almost effortlessly after few days. Rituparna shyly told him, hiding her face in his chest that may his expert fucking had made her cunt welcome him.

Rituparna came out of her reverie when the doorbell chimed. She asked who it was, it was her father cum first husband who is also the father of her first child Payel.

She opened the door, bending forward she did the "Pranam" by touching his feet, Rajatbabu hugged her naked daughter.

“Wow, Rituma you seem to be extra hot, today” he remarked as he took off cloths. As he was about to kiss and lick her cunt, she pulled him roughly by hair.

“No need for foreplay. Your daughter's cunt is as flooded as our village roads in Mansoon, fuck me hard and fast” she said as she spread her legs and pushed his hot cock inside her mushy cunt.

What followed for next 30 minutes took old Rajatbabu's breath away. His daughter fucked like a lady possessed. She kept shouting, screaming and urging him to tear her whorish cunt, asking him why he was not pounding harder and changing positions at will. It was like a roller-coaster ride. Finally she asked him to fuck in her ass, she knew he always preferred to fuck her in the ass.

Rituparna was helpless, as in her mind, she saw herself getting fucked by her son Rohit and all scenes from story were playing in her mind’s screen with she and Rohit fucking.

Finally Rajatbabu shot his warm cum in Rituparna’s ass and they collapsed panting heavily from exertion. As he lay sucking her tit, Rajatbabu affectionately patted his daughter's head, running fingers through her hair.

Rajatbabu visited his daughter when his son-in-law was away, she hugged him and cried out, sobbing how lonely she was and how she missed everyone. He consoled her and kissed her and she felt his cock give a kick ……….and they ended up fucking. He was crazy about anal fucking and she also was hooked to it slowly.

Rajatbabu looked at his watch and exclaimed “ Rituma, let us have lunch fast, I have to rush”

They sat naked at dining table and as they were having lunch, Rituparna asked her father” Did you fuck other than Mamoni & me ?”

Rajatbabu nodded his head and said ” Yes , I fucked my didi, I mean your Moonmoon aunty, not only that I impregnated her also like you. Actually Moonmoon's first daughter, I mean Raima is my daughter which means she is your sister ”.

Rituparna shrugged her shoulders and said” I suspected all along, "Did you seduce your didi?”

Rajatbabu burst out laughing “Are you crazy? Seducing that Hitler lady? No, once she caught me masturbating and asked me not to spill that and sucked me. Later she opened her dress and asked me to fuck her. That was how it started” Rajatbabu said.

“Hmm, are you still fucking her?” Rituparna asked.

“No, stopped 3 years ago. She told me enough is enough” he said sadly.

Rituparna was curious” Does she fuck well?” she asked.

Rajatbabu again burst out laughing “Fuck well? Understatement of the year. Mind blowing, super duper. She can make a man faint with pleasure. Please don’t be angry Rituma, You are also super fucker, you also have excellent cunt muscle control. You can grab the cock in your cunt like with a fist. But Moonmoon is like a flutist or Sitar player. She can massage a cock in different ways with her cunt muscles. She will talk and do such erotic things that you can’t imagine from that Hitler lady, she was at her horniest best. She neither relaxed for a minute not allowed me. We fucked nonstop whole night. I think it is her massive boobs that she uses to good advantage ".

As Rajatbabu described, both became very horny and fucked on the dining table and kitchen slab. He called his colleagues and told that he had an urgent work and would come late. Finally he left after an hour when Rituparna’s teenage son Rohit came back from the school.

Rituparna told him” Honey, I am going for a film-shooting at Tollygunge studio with Debasreedi and will be late. You and your didi have early dinner, study and go to sleep early. Don’t wait for me”.

He said ok. She dressed up quickly and went out with their Muslim driver cum cook Imran . After the shooting, She went to Debasree's home, spent 4 hours with her family had dinner and returned.

It was 11pm when she returned……………

“Mom, you forgot about a story book in my room” Rohit shouted and then recollected she had gone for the film-shooting and glanced at it. His heart hammered fast as he read the story book left by his Mamoni mistakenly. The story was very erotic and electric, the effect on him was several times more profound than it had on Rituparna . She lusted for her son after she started enjoying Mom son stories. But Rohit’s infatuation started recently.

In fact, he vividly remembered his desire to grab her boobs when she showered and scrubbed him when he was a small boy. He distinctly remembered her wet big bouncing boobs with large nipples as he splashed water on her. His Mom never wore bra or panty at home and she seemed to have no idea what havoc her boobs and ass were playing with her son. Since last few days her nighties were becoming more transparent, more revealing and his torture and torment were increasing with the amount of cleavage she was exposing which was tantalizingly becoming bolder.

There was only one factor which helped him in resisting the urge to grab Mom’s boobs and express a desire to fuck her and his success in exercising self-control. That factor was Payel his elder sister, another rising film-actress in Bengalee film industry.

As if on cue, that Factor walked in gave him a hug and kiss and said “Hi, Bro, what’s up? You are hard like a rock? Where is Mom?”

He quietly slipped the story book into his school bag and told her “Mom went for a film-shooting at Tollygunge studio and won’t be back for few hours”

Payel smiled naughtily” So you have been waiting for me with hard on? You could have called me” she said taking off her T shirt and bra. She was endowed with beautiful, well rounded, firm boobs with pink nipples. Rohit also got out of his shorts and T shirt and roughly pulled away her leggings and panty, almost tearing them

Payel slapped him playfully and asked “Hey, what is the hurry? In the night also we can fuck after Mamoni sleeps?”

“Didi, can’t wait, this is an emergency, I have to fuck you without foreplay, apply oil in cunt if you are dry” Rohit said and pushed her on bed, parted her thighs and felt her cunt.

“My God, you are also wet and ready, why? What is your reason for being horny?” he asked pushing his hot cock in.

“Hmmmmm, this is heaven, I went to Koeldi's house to discuss about my first film-shooting with her. As we were discussing it, her father Ranjit uncle came in, said Hi to me, lay in her lap, lifted her T shirt and started sucking her tit. Koeldi was explaining to me as if everything was normal, cradling her dad’s head in the crook of her elbow. Ohh, it was so erotic, I wet my cunt as if I peed” Payel told, lifting her crotch and meeting her brother’s thrusts. Her voice was breaking due to the powerful thrusts.

“Hmmm. Where was her Mother?” Rohit asked, increasing pounding.

“She was there only, seated in the sofa next to her, watching her own film. But why are you so excited? Don’t tell me same old story, you saw Mom’s nipples jutting out and saw her wet patch near cunt in nighty?” Payel said, squeezing her own tits and pinching nipples.

Rohit hesitated, though there were no secrets between them, he was reluctant to tell her about the story-book, Mom left on his table.

Rohit nodded and pulverized her cunt. Like Rituparna, he also was fantasising of fucking his film-actress Mamoni. In the story, by strange coincidence,the heroine's name is also Rituparna who was also a film-actress , she also had a son and a daughter. She was also as sexy as his respected Mamoni . So he was visualizing scenes in the story and was fucking hard and fast. Payel was also surprised, he was fucking her with more than normal vigour and force.

Finally the teenage boy spilled his cum in his film-actress didi's cunt and collapsed on her.

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