The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-3

by Aparnadevi (Kolkata, India)

Rituparna was glowing like a fresh pearl,she put a gorgeous saree and jewellery and was surprised “Mom, Isn’t it your wedding saree? The jewellery also?”

Rupadevi smiled and said “Yes, I wanted to see my beautiful daughter in my marriage dress”

After wearing the dress and glittering jewellery, Rupadevi led her daughter to her bed room. As they were passing, their adibasi servant Ramu noticed them and his jaw fell open.

“Memsaheb, What is this?” he asked after he recovered.

“Shhhh. Go and close the door. I will explain later” Rupadevi hissed angrily. Through the corner of her eye, Rituparna was shocked to see Ramu’s hand groping Mom’s tit and Mom slapping it away.

Rituparna opened the bed room door and entered with head bowed .When she looked up, she almost dropped the milk glass from her hand in shock.

Her Dad was standing there dressed up like a bridegroom. Bed room was decorated with flowers and incense sticks and it was like a Fulsajjya ( suhaag raat/honeymoon ). Many sweets and savouries were arranged on a table. The room was filled with a heady, tantalizing fragrance.

“Mom…Mom… but… dad…” Rituparna was stammering.

Rupadevi laughed “My darling, this is the best gift I can give you before you leave our house. Enjoy dad’s love and affection”. She kissed her daughter like an affectionate mother on forehead, Rituparna also touched her mother's feet and said " Mamoni, give me your blessings, so that I can satisfy my new Husband ".

Touching her daughter’s head, Rupadevi blessed her " I'm sure you would be able to make me Grandma in the first night".

Rituparna stood paralyzed as her respected father bolted the bedroom door and led her to the bed. She always fantasized about Dad but was now feeling shy like a new bride.

Rajatbabu slowly kissed his actress daughter and told her how much he loved his small baby and removed her cloths one by one and her jewellery. Rituparna resisted the impulse to pull down her father's pyjama. Already the huge tent was promising a thick, long cock. He made her lie down and then he removed his cloths.

Rituparna’s eyes widened in shock and she gasped as her eyes took in the hard and thick 7 inch cock. Rajatbabu lay on top of her and started kissing, sucking he tits.

The younger Bengalee film-actress slowly drifted and drowned into the sea of joy and pleasure as her Dad’s expert hands and tongue danced on her body and played on the strings of nerves in her cunt and clit. She poured and poured juices finally she begged him to fuck her.

Rajatbabu pulled his glamour-queen daughter roughly to the edge of the bed, spread her legs and with fingers opened her moist cunt lips and slowly pushed his thick dick head. Rituparna’s cunt walls smilingly expanded and made way and welcomed the cock that created her. Rituparna was surprised that there was no resistance from her cunt. Her dad lovingly and affectionately fucked her. He knew how much he should push and when to stop. Slowly she un-winded and started enjoying, forgetting he was her dad. She kept lifting her buttocks to meet him midway.

Rajatbabu slowly increased force and speed and pounded his daughter's juicy cunt mercilessly. He kept changing positions, doggy, spoon, riding and many more.

He was one of few persons who fucked her while carrying her. He fucked her while he was standing and lifting her up and down on his cock, as when he did when she was a baby and he was rocking her on his knees. Hanging from her father's neck Rituparna clamped her ankles behind his back and jumped on his rigid cock in glee.

Finally Rajatbabu filled her cunt when she was riding him. She had more orgasms than she could remember that night. She could not let go of him, she kept kissing him, making him suck her boobs, lick her cunt and ass and sucking his cock to make it ready.They didn’t sleep whole night and by the morning, she was barely able to stand.

In the morning, Rupadevi came and woke her daughter up around noon. Rituparna’s eyes refused to open up and her legs wobbled when she stood up. Rupadevi laughed like owner of a prize bull “See? That is the hall mark of a champion fucker. Remember, if you cannot stand after a man fucks, be grateful. You have been fucked by a super star” she told her.

In the evening, she called Rituparna into her room and asked her to take out all cloths. As she lay naked on the bed, there was a knock on the door. Rupadevi opened the door and allowed Ramu, who looked after infants and babies in the household and was there for ages. Sujata screamed and covered herself in a blanket.

“Did you bring what I asked?” Rupadevi asked Ramu .

“Yes, Malkin” Ramu told and gave her a small bottle of liquid and left the room silently.

Rupadevi ordered Rituparna to remove blanket. She reluctantly removed and spread her thighs. poured the contents of the bottle in the cunt and closed her thighs. Rituparna held her breath , expecting some burning sensation, there was only warm tingling feeling as the liquid spread on all areas of cunt walls.

Rupadevi told her daughter sternly “Now for two hours don’t move even a tiny muscle. You can only move eye lids. Ok?” Rituparna mumbled, yes.

Then she lay beside Rituparna and patted her hair and kissed her affectionately” Now just relax and sleep for 2 hours in the same position.” She told Rituparna and sang a beautiful song from one of her superhit film which she used tossing when Rituparna was a child, patting her head gently. Rituparna drifted into sleep.

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