The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-2

by Aparnadevi (Kolkata, India)

Rituparna’s fingers were moving with lightning speed between her thighs, in her love hole and her eyes were glued to the Laptop screen. She was not watching a steamy porn movie but was reading an incest story, Mom seducing and getting fucked by her son.

The story was so near to her feelings towards her son, Rohit and the description of fucking scene so graphic that she almost felt as if she was being fucked by her darling teenage son.

Her breath was coming in shallow gasps and suddenly she clenched her thighs, buttocks and stomach muscles and gave a loud moan and series of spasms shook her body as her cunt sprouted jets of juice like a fountain. Then she collapsed like a rag doll and she removed her fingers from cunt, juice was dripping. As she licked the juice, her breathing became normal.

She looked at clock. It was 11:30 AM.

She called her co-actor Prasenjit.

He picked up “Hello, Ritu darling, how are you?” he asked.

Rituparna replied” Not so fine”

Prasenjit was worried” What happened?” he asked anxiously.

Rituparna said “My cunt is on fire. I need your juice to quench the fire”

Prasenjit laughed” Hahaha. Darling, can you wait for few hours? I am in the middle of a film-shooting. I will come after two hours and we can have 2 rounds before my son come back from school” he said in a low voice.

Rituparna was firm” No, I can’t wait. You come over for lunch, anyway it is going to be lunch break for you now. Go a little late”

Prasenjit hesitated “Hmmm, ok I am giving you a recent hot 3x stash made by Labonidi, surely you you will enjoy it. But make my special dish. I am very hungry” he said and disconnected.

Rituparna was aware that some bgrade actresses of Tollygunge film-industry were acting in blue-film but couldn't believe it because Labonidi is too much conservative & religious minded in nature. However she put aside the matter & didn’t bother to dress up. Her Muslim driver cum Cook Imran had already prepared the desired lunch.

Rituparna is a gorgeous, sexy and horny Bengalee film-actress of 39 yrs, married to a very handsome and successful businessman, Sandeep. She is blessed with a ripe cunt and is proud of her most prized possession, of her clean shaved, reddish plumb hole, nested between heavy voluptuous thighs, smooth as silk her vagina sat proudly, slight protruding outwards with big outer lips. If her pussy lips are opened wide, one would find a fiery red watery inner orifice. Her beauty is enhanced by 38c big boobs with brownish pink nipples and massive shapely buttocks and a cute ass hole.

Regular yoga and aerobics had served her well, her boobs were tight and firm and so was her vagina, she was quietly proud of her body be it with clothes or without, it has magical effect on her fans of all ages, her male co-actors would be extra nice to her trying to win her smile and exclusive company, even after 2 children, Rohit a teenage son of class-ix and Payel 20.

She was happy with everything, husband, family, financial status, but too much satisfied in fucking department. Her hubby was forever travelling, his business was booming and he has to be on the move. But this isn't bothered her due to easy availability of film producers, directors or co-actors. Their hot throbbing cocks on cold nights not only satisfied her but at the same time it helped her to acquire the leading role in the films.

The famous Bengalee film-queen Rituparna smiled to herself as her thoughts travelled to 2 decades back as to how she got married to Sandeep.

One day when Rituparna returned from her fucking session with a producer & director of her latest film, she was taken aback to be hugged and kissed by Moonmoon Aunty and Mom Rupa.

Moonmoon Aunty told Mom “Your daughter is looking fabulous, I am sure Sandeep’s Mom will approve”

Rupadevi smiled nervously” I am not so sure, she didn’t inherit my Genes, look at her boobs, so small”

Rituparna said defiantly” Not at all small, 34 D, once I have couple of children, mine also will be as big as yours, Mom.

Moonmoon aunty laughed shaking her enormous jugs “True, don’t worry Rupa, Sandeep’s Mom will like her”

Rupadevi looked at her own 40C boobs and her daughter’s boobs. Rituparna could make out the glaring difference herself.

She said feebly” May be I should pad up my tits”

Rupadevi shook her head firmly” No, Moms are always shrewd and smart, they can easily make out. If they don’t also, later they will make life hell for you for telling a lie. Leave it. However you are very sexy with right curves in right places” she said.

Rupadevi pulled Rituparna by hand and made her sit next to her.

“Tell me, are you a virgin?” she asked directly.

Rituparna shyly lowered her head and said “No” in a small voice.

Moonmoondevi was horrified” My God, Rupa, you didn’t train her at all. Tomorrow she will make us all commit suicide by her stupidity” Moonmoondevi screamed.

Rituparna was shocked, what was wrong in what she said. Then she told " In film industry, how is it possible to maintain chastity, you are fully aware of that. You are also not exceptional".

Hearing this both the famous Bengalee matured actresses kept quiet and then for next few hours, Moonmoondevi and Rupadevi drilled into her the correct responses, art of blushing and smiling shyly and acting innocently.

It seemed the correct response when asked about virginity would be to put a baffled expression and whisper to Mom “Mom, Aunty is asking something I can’t follow” and Rupadevi should respond “She is very innocent and well protected. I will educate her just before marriage”

Next day, Sandeep and his parents came to see her. They were all very impressed with Rituparna’s filmy glamour and Marriage Muhurat was fixed after a month.

That night Rupadevi called her to her room and bolted the door. Rupadevi, a famous film-actress cum politician , was stern disciplinarian and a doting mother. She could go to either extremes a gentle, kind and loving angel or a harsh and firing squad ordering Hitler. Rituparna went nervously, wondering what her mood was.

“Young lady, lift up your skirt and lie on the bed and spread your thighs” she ordered.

Rituparna gulped and obeyed. Rupadevi spread her cunt lips and exclaimed “My God, what have you done to your cunt? I thought you were getting fucked occasionally, it looks like a well fucked randi’s, Your husband need not even put his cock in your cunt, one look and he will know and divorce you” she shouted.

Rituparna began to cry. She started fucking few years only for her film career. She never suspected her cunt would become visibly loose. Rituparna sobbed uncontrollably “Mom, what should we do? I am ruined. I never thought it would be visible. Labonidi told me we can always fool our husbands by crying it was paining and spilling few drops of blood” she said haltingly between sobs.

Rituparna was terrified that her Mom would beat daylights out of her. She was shocked when Rupadevi laughed loudly, kissed her on both cheeks affectionately and said” My dear, your Mom will solve everything, trust me. I should have known you will take after me".

Rituparna listened her respected mother's advice & nodded dumbly and left, she did not understand how her Mom could make a well fucked cunt transform into a virgin cunt. However her religious minded mother arranged a room in backyard and discreetly allowed full freedom to Rituparna to get fucked by all the film-producers & directors for her upcoming film career.

At last, before the marriage Rituparna was wondering what Mom had in mind. Rupadevi took her to bathroom, shaved her cunt and underarms. She gave Rituparna a most stimulating, rejuvenating oil bath. She put various fragrances and rose petals in water and gave her a hot, steamy bath. She scrubbed her daughter’s every square inch of body and finally when she finished.

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