The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-11

by Aparnadevi (Kolkata, India)

However the males needed no instruction to disrobe.They became naked quite fast, threw the two famous matured Bengalee film-actresses on the fully decorated bed with various scented flowers and started kissing, sucking tits and fingering cunts.

Satabdi found herself melting and felt dizzy with pleasure as her son sucked her tits after many years. She hugged and moaned…

Rituparna was observing her Beyan Satabdi . She knew she couldn’t delay further. She might lose nerve.

“Ok, Now time to fuck .” Rituparna told and spread her legs.

Sudhirbabu buried his cock in his glamour-queen actress’s cunt in one stroke. Vijay was shivering, Satabdi was also trembling as Vijay was rubbing his cock on her cunt lips.

Suddenly she panicked and pushed her son away.

“No. Beyan. I am not ready yet to get fucked by my own son. Let my husband fuck me first ” Satabdi said blushingly.

Rituparna didn’t protest, asked her Beyai Sudhirbabu to pull out his cock and fuck his wife and asked Vijay to fuck herself.

Satabdi was watching her son as he pushed his cock in Rituparna’s cunt and started fucking hard and fast. With each stab, her breath was coming out gasps and her fabulous tits were shaking violently.

Sudhirbabu also started fucking his celeb wife’s cunt with too much excitement due to the presence of his own son, daughter-in-law and Beyan. But Satabdi’s mind was in turmoil.

“My son’s cock should be pounding my cunt as he came out from this cunt . Ohhh… how I wish” receiving her husband’s heavy thrust Satabdi’s thoughts were churning as she watched her son Vijay, who was frantically fucking his Sasurima beside her and at the same time he was looking at his Goddess Mamoni’s fucking with his father.

Rituparna immediately understood and told her son-in-law “ Vijay , now fuck your mother . She is ready and will not resist you. Fuck her nicely”

Vijay went to his respected mother, embraced her and slowly lied her on the bed. Satabdi felt her son lay on top of her and kiss her.

“Mom, I love you so much…., give me your blessings so that I can get you as a wife in my next life .” saying this Vijay gripped his mother’s legs.

Melting by her son’s love and pure affection to her, Satabdi’s eyes moistened, gripping her son’s shoulders she embraced him. “Hmmm.. I know darling…. I also love you more than my life. Take me now as your wife in this life also … I am also dying to feel your hot cock in my cunt….” she murmured.

Satabdi felt her son’s hot kisses on her tits and his licking on her nipples and…. felt his hot throbbing cock enter her wet cunt, slowly rubbing her cunt walls. Immediately her cunt went into spasms and she cried out loud as she reached peak …. and multiple orgasms racked her body.

These impulses triggered and excited Sudhirbabu tremendously who was watching his son and his wife’s incestuous romance , which creates a nasty perverse effect upon him. His excitement reached it’s peak , he ejaculated in his Beyan’s tight pussy after few minutes of vigorous fucking and filled hot lava in her cunt-hole.

At last Payel clapped and congratulated the two couples who was video graphing the memorable fuck-session in her mobile with her one hand on her pussy .

“Ok, fresh lovers, enjoy your fucking in peace. Now I’m going to other bed room with my Sasur and Mamoni ” Payel told them and they left room .

Now Satabdi was no longer feeling shy. She was feeling lusty. She closed the door and kissed her teenage son as a loving wife.

“What a terrific cock you have. I am so proud of you and sad that I missed your fucking all these years. Come darling…. now tear your Mom’s cunt make me pregnant with your semen” Satabdi kept kissing her son and repeating.

Hearing his mother’s wish to be impregnated by him, Vijay became excited heavily and jumped on his voluptuous mother, pushed his head between her cunt and started lapping the sweet nectar from his birthplace.

“Hmm …. Ahhh … what a magic tongue you have, Vijay … push tongue deeper, ahhh ….” she purred happily as she pressed his head closer.

And he did fuck her whole night. After second fuck he asked shyly if he can fuck her ass. In answer she bent, parted her buttocks and offered her ass hole…

End of the saga "The Great Bengalee Celeb-family"

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