The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-10

by Aparnadevi (Kolkata, India)

Rituparna dutifully licked her sons’ cock and drank his cum from Satabdi’s cunt as they were kissing and playing with each other. Within minutes he was hard again.

“Let me ride you darling, you must be tired” Satabdi told him smiling and got up.

“Aunty, wait a minute” Rohit said and removed the hair band that was holding her luxurious hair in a pony tail. Her thick and curly hair cascaded like a black water fall reaching middle of her back.

“Wooow” both Mom and son were spell bound as they watched her hair bounce sexily as she straddled Rohit and sat on his cock. As she started riding, her huge boobs were shaking seductively, her luxurious hair was bouncing. As Rohit tried to catch nipples, his mobile phone rang.

He smiled at Satabdi aunty . “It is your husband Sudhir Uncle ” he said and answered before Satabdi could snatch it.

She stopped riding and pleaded with him silently not to tell her husband.

“Hi, Uncle . Congratulate me, I am fucking your wife, my favourite film-actress or rather she is fucking me, she is riding me. She is awesome ” he said and started lifting Satabdi aunty by her buttocks and dropping back on his cock.

‘Wow. Vijay, come here, Rohit is fucking your Mom.” Sudhirbabu screamed so loud to his son Vijay on the other side of mobile, all could hear. Satabdi reached forward and snatched and switched off the mobile .

Suddenly Satabdi was angry.

“What is this nonsense? Why did you tell my husband ?’ she shouted and got up and reached for her cloths. Rituparna hugged and pacified her and made her lie on the bed,

As Rituparna kissed and soothed her, Rohit spread her legs and started licking her cunt and then kissed her ass hole. Satabdi purred like a kitten and her anger was doused in pleasure and lust.

“Hmm … Rohit sona… you are killing your Aunty with pleasure ….. Ahhhh.. this is heaven” she murmured as Rohit licked her crinkle and brown asshole.

Rituparna was tweaking Satabdi’s nipple as she told her “ Beyan , I planned all this. Vijay begged me to convince you let him fuck you when he was fucking me yesterday. I knew you would resist, so I called you. Once you had few drinks and watched Rohit fuck me, I knew you would melt”

As Rituparna was talking, Rohit finished licking and turned Satabdi aunty on her back, pulled her to the edge of the bed, made her bend and started fucking in the ass..madly. After fifteen minutes of tremendous fucking Rohit ejaculated a huge amount of hot lava in Satabdi aunty’s ass and collapsed on her.

Satabdi’s heart was thudding like an express train as she turned key in the lock and entered her home.She tried to act as if everything was normal as she asked her son and husband how their day was. They were watching TV.

Vijay jumped, ran to her like he did when he was a school kid , hugged her and dragged her to the sofa and sat beside her.Satabdi could not face her son and husband. She felt as shy as on her Fulsajjya . Her husband had a tough time making her disrobe. She resisted so much that he was afraid she would scream. After meeting all her demands like switching off lights, closing eyes until she covered herself with bed sheet and then getting inside the bed sheet, her husband managed to kiss her.

Now Satabdi felt similar shyness and embarrassment engulf her.

“This is nonsense. He is my Son. She shouldn’t be embarrassed’ She thought and stole a glance at him. Her face turned deeper pink as she saw him gazing lustily at profile of her tit. Her nipples were so long and big, it was difficult for her to conceal them.

“Satabdi , tell us from beginning. How it went?” her husband asked excitedly, taking her hand.

Satabdi felt blushing.

“I can’t tell you in detail ? Anyway, Rohit must have given you all the details” She said, tight lipped.

“Ohh, Satabdi , you disappointed us. We thought you will tell all the details” Sudhirbabu complained.

There was uneasy silence as they watched TV. Satabdi found her son slipping hand behind her shoulders and trying to push hand inside her blouse. She was about to slap his hand away angrily but remembered Rituparna’s caution” Flirt with him. Don’t show anger, he may become scared.”

So she snuggled closer to him so that his hand had more access and he could cup her tit and pinch her nipples. She also remembered that Rituparna wanted to talk to him. Vijay started squeezing her tit vigorously and tried to kiss her.

She playfully slapped him “Don’t be naughty. Your Sasurima wants to talk to you. Call her” she told him, smiling.

Vijay called his Sasurima through his mobile all the while mauling his mother’s tit with other hand.

“Namaste,Maa ” he wished her.

“Hi, Vijay.I have good news for you. Your Mom said ok.“ Rituparna told him.

“Wow. Maa ( daughter-in-law & son-in-law addressed their mother-in-law as ” Maa ” in Bengalee families ). Thank you. ..” Vijay gushed happily involuntarily pinching his Mom’s nipple harder, causing her to yell and who slapped him naughtily.

“Don’t thank me yet. There are some conditions. First is, you have to wait till tomorrow night. Second is, you are not going to fuck others till you fuck your mom. I want you to save juice to fill her cunt. Third is, she is not going to be naked until tomorrow. You can squeeze tits and finger her cunt above cloths. Is it ok?” his respected film-queen Sasurima dictated him through the mobile.

“Awww.. Maa . I am so horny, I wanted to fuck her immediately ..” he complained.

“Those are her conditions. She was feeling shy. So I told her I will talk to you. Come on Bijusona , she has done so much for you. Can’t you wait for one day” Rituparna admonished him.

Ok, Maa . I will wait. I will be a good boy… until tomorrow” he told her and disconnected.

It was a real torture for both Mom and son. Satabdi’s motherly love and pure affection almost made her lose resolve and hug and offer herself to her loving son. But her shyness prevented her. Vijay was so horny, he kept poking her thighs with his hard on and fingering her cunt above saree and squeezing tits above blouse.

Satabdi’s husband Sudhirbabu however was enjoying a new atmosphere and their discomfiture and advised his shy & conservative minded wife to be modern like their Beyan Rituparna.

Next day when Rituparna came to Satabdi’s house, Vijay ran to her, first touched her Sasurima’s sacred feet and then embracing her, he kissed on her juicy lips. Sudhirbabu also hugged his Beyan for a longer time, feeling her sexy body by roaming his hands on her soft buttocks and mauling them.

Later, Satabdi went to a beauty clinic suggested by Rituparna and got waxed, shampooed, manicured and general beauty enhancement treatment. She turned down Rituparna’s advice about getting her cunt shaved. She came home, shaved her cunt and underarms herself and was ready for evening.

In the evening Payel also came after finishing a film-shooting at Satabdi’s house as a wife and touched her Sasurima’s and Sasur’s ( husband’s father ) feet. Both of them welcomed heartily to their super sexy actress bouma ( son’s wife).

Vijay and his wife Payel tried to manage their excitement and stay cool as they noticed a new look of their mom/mother-in-law and also realised that everything was ready at Satabdi’s home.

However Satabdi was very nervous and shy. The very thought that her son’s cock was about to ram his birth channel today was sending waves of excitement as well as panic. Vijay was also sweating and trembling slightly.

Rituparna changed her dress,she was wearing a very transparent saree without any blouse and petticoat which was not concealing any of her immense assets. Her nipples were poking out and cunt mound outline was also visible. Her Beyai ( daughter’s father-in-law ) Sudhirbabu was dressed in Dhooti (white saree with a thin brown border) and Punjabi unabashedly flaunting tent in his thin Dhooti .

“Would you like to have few drinks?” Rituparna asked her Beyan Satabdi .

“No. Let us get this over with” Satabdi said tensely. She was feeling as if the ordeal was best if it was over quickly.

Rituparna smiled and led the way into bed room. They could not take eyes away from the famous Bengalee matured actress’s seductive swaying hips.

Rituparna asked his teenage son-in-law naughtily “Vijay, do you want to fuck your mother ?”

Vijay answered “ Yes, Maa, ever since my cock became hard”

Rituparna asked” Beyan , are you ready to get fucked by your son?” as if she was conducting marriage rituals.

Satabdi again blushed and couldn’t speak. She nodded.

“Ok, now everyone disrobe your my sexy Beyan” Sujata ordered.

The Great 48 yrs old politician’s heart was hammering in her chest as her teenage son’s trembling fingers undid her blouse hooks and removed. His breathing became faster as his eyes feasted on her glorious boobs and thick, long nipples. She didn’t wear bra and panty according to her Beyan Rituparna’s advice.

From other side Satabdi’s husband Sudhirbabu removed his shy wife’s saree folds and whereas her daughters-in-law Payel undid knot of her sex-bomb Sasurima’s petticoat. Satabdi resisted impulse to cover her cunt as it fell in a heap at her feet.

However the males needed no instruction to disrobe.They became naked quite fast, threw the two famous matured Bengalee film-actresses on the fully decorated bed with various scented flowers and started kissing, sucking tits and fingering cunts.

Satabdi found herself melting and felt dizzy with pleasure as her son sucked her tits after many years. She hugged and moaned.

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