The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-1

by Aparnadevi (Kolkata, India)

1.Smt.Debasree Mitra : Bengalee film-actress cum dancer cum politician, 45 yrs, 38-32-36.
2.Ranjit Mitra : Bengalee film-actor,49 yrs, Husband of Debasree Mitra.
3.Koel Mitra : Bengalee film-actress, 23 yrs, film-actress, Daughter of Ranjitbabu & Debasreedevi, 36-34-37, 3 months pregnant.
4.Noel Mitra : Bengalee film-director, 25 yrs, Husband of Koel Mitra.

Ranjitbabu woke up this morning snuggled up next to his married daughter Koel, with his penis still tucked up inside her. Koel likes to sleep with her father inside her, and have his sperm warming her vagina, while she sleeps. Ranjitbabu ran his hand over her swollen breast, and down to her distended tummy. As he rested his hand on the swell of her belly, he felt a bulge ripple next to his hand, and then a distinct kick.

This must have woke Koel up."He's sure active this morning," she said, referring to their son growing inside her. "Why don't we give him a sister so that the two may play with?" This was a standard joke between the two of them as though Ranjitbabu could get her doubly pregnant by squirting more sperm inside her, to join that which had already knocked her up.

Ranjitbabu was agreeable; so within 10 minutes, he had set another big helping of his sperm into his 23 yrs old daughter's vagina to join that from the previous night, as she climaxed noisily. Afterwards, the famous Bengalee film-actress Koel Mitra took the diaphragm from the bedside, and used it to keep her film-actor father's sperm inside her "where it belonged."

The top Bengalee film-actress Koel Mitra still liked to feel her father's sperm inside her, after she was impregnated by her respected father, and it couldn't get to her waiting eggs any more.

Smiling at each other, they both got dressed and prepared to go to for an outside film-shooting at Goa. Koel's wears a tight blouse with a thin synthetic saree, and with a slightly bulging bare belly proclaimed to the world, that she was NOT fat, only pregnant, and she is proud of it.

After they finished dressing, Ranjitbabu was whistling with satisfaction. The famous Bengalee celeb-actress did wonders to keep her conservative minded father happy.

Ranjitbabu looked in the next bedroom, to make sure the other two got up in time. He needn't have worried. They were both awake, and up, though not dressed yet. Noel,his son-in-law, a famous Bengalee film-director was finger-fucking his mother-in-law Smt. Debasree Mitra's ripe pussy . He was between her legs, stroking his cock, as he pushed the head of his penis up inside his respected mother-in-law, Debasreedevi's still tight pussy.

It was quite stimulating; so Ranjitbabu stopped to watch, to be sure he did it right. Noel put his cock all the way up inside the famous mature Bengalee film-actress's juicy cunt, and he seemed to enjoy having all his penis inside her, and he started to fuck his politician cum film-actress mother-in-law to a climax.

Religious minded Debasreedevi liked her big son-in-law a lot, and was always willing to help him "get off" this way in the mornings, so he wouldn't be frustrated sexually at the outside film-shooting. Ranjitbabu watched until his dear son-in-law stopped for thrusting and pushed his cock as hard as he could up against his famous mother-in-law's tight & sweet pussy and he filled the top Bengalee celeb-actress's cunt with his seed, by squirting his huge warm cum.

The famous dancer cum actress cum politician Debasreedevi milked the last drop of her son-in-law's sperm from his cock, Most of Noel's sperm remained inside her though, held in place in her pussy. Ranjitbabu was proud to see that his son-in-law loved his voluptuous mother-in-law enough to do it right, and not pull out. So obviously was Debasreedevi, as she thanked her younger son-in-law for his sperm, and gave him a big smile.

When he finished, Noel noticed his father-in-law watching, and blushed a little. "Oh ! Baba," he said, as the two started to get dressed. "Mamoni was helping me out."

Debasreedevi didn't put any panties on, as she planned on showing-off to the film-producer that day, by doing the "splits," so that he would be able to see her still sticky cum-filled leaking pussy and have it running down her leg when she got up.

Debasreedevi is quite aware that a few of the male producers and directors, and even some of the female actresses, liked to see it when one of the actress came beside her with cum running down her legs, filling the area with the unmistakable smell of fresh cum, and letting everyone in the area know that this famous mature Bengalee film-actress not only had just recently been fucked, but probably wasn't wearing any panties under her saree.

Ranjitbabu grinned at the two of them, and they grinned back. He continued forward to the shooting-spot, and get ready for the action. On his way back after the film-shooting Ranjitbabu daydreamed about what his co-actress "Satabdi Das" had told him the previous day: That she might be "late" that day, when she came for the film-shooting.

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