The Good Friends

by Brian (AZ)

Jerry moaned a little. He loved how it felt to have Brad’s stiff penis sliding smoothly through his tight butt hole. That was his secret pleasure.

A little over a year ago when he had discovered that boys did not always just have to fuck girls, but that boys could fuck other boys, he had been amazed. He had also been surprised by just how many boys enjoyed this and were perfectly willing and happy to do so.

He had sort of known about gays, how there were guys who felt no attraction to girls but only to other guys and that had been simply how it was.

Jerry had no idea that a guy did not have to be gay to both experience and enjoy that as an expression of friendship and just for fun, and how it could just be rewardingly male.

Although cautious at first, he had quickly found that he liked fucking another guy as well as being fucked himself by another guy. He had no qualms about getting naked and allowing himself to accommodate another guy’s erection in his butt, with that being so unbelievably stimulating and satisfying.

That morning he had stopped by Brad’s place and, like him, Brad had also discovered this secret pleasure. They had gotten naked and made out a little bit, and they had both achieved an outstanding erection.

They had played and fondled each other’s hard dick, and then had taken turns sucking and mouthing one another. Then Jerry had felt in the mood to take Brad’s stiff male organ in his butt.

Brad was smiling as he slid his lubricated stiff masculine length back and forth through Jerry’s anal orifice, watching as it gripped the thickness of his organ.

“Man, it feels so good to be in your butt, Jerry,” he said.

“It feels good having your dick in my butt,’ Jerry said back.

They spent the next several minutes fucking in a very relaxed and leisurely way, both wanting to prolong the pleasure of their male intimacy and not wanting to rush it.

It was so great to be able to physically communicate their feelings of friendship like this, nakedly and personally, and it was fantastic that this did not have be limited to just having your penis in a girl’s vagina, and exciting that the pleasures of reproduction did not have to be gender based.

It was impossible to say how many guys were fucking other guys at that very moment somewhere n the world, yet it was thrilling to think that they were only adding to that number.

Last week Jerry had been fucked by another friend, Ken. Only Ken’s boner was quite big and it had been something of a more almost torturous experience to accommodate his large organ.

Also, the fact that Ken liked to fuck him hard and fast did make Jerry hesitant to be sexual with him. Admittedly seeing Ken’s impressive boner, thick and with a network of veins wrapping it length, and with its enormous red mushroom head, was always exciting, but feeling it stretch his butt hole almost to its limits was not the most pleasurable thing. Yet it was exciting and Jerry endured Ken’s exaggerated measure of manhood and felt exhilarated by it.

By comparison, though, Brad’s endowment was just right, and Jerry preferred to be fucked by him. It was just so easy and not on the least painful.

Again and again Brad’s erection moved smooth and efficiently , gliding back and forth through Jerry’s butt hole, going deep into his anal sheath. He closed his eyes over the pleasure and laughed, “Man! I love fucking you!’

‘Oh, yeah!’Jerry breathed as he laid there beneath his friend on the bed finding it wonderful.

Another two minutes went by and at last Brad reached the point where he could no longer hold back.

“Uhhh …’ He grunted as he began to ejaculate, feeling the gratifying release of his sperm deep inside of his friend.

Jerry drew in a breath, savoring Bard’s sexual release.

This excited him and he ejaculated, his erection pulsing in a measured and pleasing way to bring his own urge to a satisfying wet conclusion.

With their playful lustful passion exhausted they both lay there. Then Brad finally withdrew his now softening penis from Jerry’s butt. They smiled at one another and did a small kiss on the lips. Oh, yes, this was the best way to be friends, definitely.

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Mar 11, 2020
Glory hole NEW
by: Anonymous

One night I was horny and went to a porno booth, was buzzed from some good weed so was horny as hell. Saw a guy who looked like he was looking. I decided to give it a try, he asked me if I knew what the movies where. I said I think in here, we went in and he closed the door. We put some tokens in and found a gay movie. The guy dropped to his knees, opened my fly and fished out my cock. OMG this guy was a great cock sucker. I fucked his mouth like it was a pussy, told him "are you ready for a big load bitch". With a mouth full of my cock he could only nod his head yes. Still the best blowjob I have ever had.

Feb 16, 2020
by: Dkink onXhamster

I enjoy remembering everything about having sex with my neighbor Steve as a young lad. We'd wrestle Round a while then grab our asses and bury our faces into the other's crotch. Steve would slide his hand down my pants and feel my cock. I'd unzip his pants and stick his cock. This all went on for two years or so. Then a few years after that we started hooking up again. But now there was no pretense. We just sucked and fucked all summer long.
It was then I discovered the pleasure of analingus..both receiving and licking Steve's sexy asshole.

Feb 16, 2020
by: Anonymous

I remember when I made the discover of boy sex. I liked girls, but I was amazed how easy and pleasurable it could be having sex with another boy, too. Dreamy!!!

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