The Girl Across The Street

by Steve (In The Alps)

I was born in this house and as far as I knew so was Anna. She was the girls across the street. Over the years we played a lot and were very close friends. Anna blossomed into a beautiful woman and turned me on. I was over there one day as Anna took in the sun. My cock got very hard and I had to turn away so she couldn't see it.

One day Anna called me over to her house for a drink. It was hot so I went over. Anna told me to sit down on the couch as she went to get our drinks. When she came back she sat at the other end of the couch with her feet resting on my thighs. Then she started to talk about erections, I was surprised by that.

"come on Steve we have known each other for ever, tell me do you get an erection often?"

"yes Anna I do"

"what sort of things excite you"


"anything else"

Anna started to rub my thigh with her foot. I started to get a hard on, Anna smiled as she saw my bulge grow under my pants.

"how about now "

I was getting harder and horny. Anna slid down the couch so that her feet could find and play with my cock. I could not resist as she found and rubbed my cock with her feet.

"Steve we are alone you know"

I just sat there enjoying her feet on my cock. Anna laid there smiling with pleasure. Anna took off her top and her beautiful tits were right there in front of me. She started to rubbed them as I watched. Then Anna put her foot up my shorts until her foot was touching my cock.

"Steve aren't you hot with all those clothes on"

I took off everything, so did she. I went over and kissed her passionately, I pulled away as she held my cock.

"God Steve you have a very nice cock"

We locked up and kissed madly, my fingers found her cunt and I started to masturbate her as she got super wet. I couldn't believe what was happening between us. I sucked on her tits, what a glory. We were sweaty and wet, then I put my cock into her cunt, as I did she moaned as it went in. We fucked until we both cum. We laid there for a bit.

"Steve that was awesome"

"Anna you drove me nuts, for the longest time when I saw you I needed to masturbate"

"well you drove me crazy as well, a while back you were over here and I saw you get an erection, it really excited me alot"

"lets go upstairs and shower up together"

"I am getting hard again, we can shower later"

"horny again"

"aren't you"

This time Anna took my hard cock into her hand and started to masturbate me, I melted and she laughed. She kept stroking me and I was in heaven. I found her cunt and masturbated her at the same time. Anna melted by my touch, I pulled away and started to lick her cunt. I could taste my cum in her. She grabbed my head and pressed it hard against her cunt. I pulled away again and put my cock on her lips, she slowly opened her mouth and licked my cock, then I shoved it in slowly. She grabbed it as she sucked my head. I rolled over and she went on top sucking me slowly. We pulled away and masturbated each other.

"Steve you dog you"

"Anna I have masturbated many times fantasizing about you"

"What a day we had"

"Steve there will be many more for sure"

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