The First BJ

by Rich (TX)

“Hey, Danny …” Josh said as he walked into his roommate’s room that morning. He stopped, surprised to see Danny lying naked on the bed masturbating.

Danny looked just as surprised, not expecting the intrusion.

“Sorry … I should have knocked,” Josh apologized.

“That’s okay … just taking care of things,” Danny said as he lay there, holding his erection.

There was hardly any way that he could hide what he had been doing.

“Oh … yeah,” Josh said and grinned modestly.

Danny laughed. “Want to join me? It’s more fun with a friend.”

Josh looked unsure what to say to the invitation. Then he shrugged. “I … I guess that I could.”

Josh was only wearing a t-shirt and jeans and was barefoot.

He tugged his shirt off and then slid out of his jeans. His penis was soft, but quickly showed signs of developing. Danny grinned and wrinkled his nose as he watched Josh getting a boner, and Josh grinned and wrinkled his nose in return.

Josh sat on the bed and reached a hand out to feel his roommate’s erection, which Danny had no objection to him doing. He was a little surprised, not expecting Josh to do that. Josh fondled his boner for a moment, and then Danny was even more surprised when Josh leaned forward on the bed and took his hard dick into his mouth to suck on.

“Oh, man!’ Danny exclaimed as he felt Josh’s warm wet mouth engulfing his hard organ. Josh moved his mouth wetly up and down again and again.

“I’m going to cum!” Danny warned.

Josh just kept going and suddenly Danny was ejaculating fully in his mouth.

“OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!” Danny gasped as he felt the stiffness of his boner pulsing uncontrollably.

When he finished, Josh pulled his mouth away and licked his lips, swallowing twice. Then he grinned modestly. “Don’t tell anyone that I did that.”

Danny grinned. Neither of them was gay and he understood of course that risqué things between friends should be kept private. He saw Josh’s boner sticking stiffly up. Although he had never done anything like that before he said, “Let me suck your dick.”

Josh laughed. “Be my guest.”

Danny took Josh’s large stiff erection into his mouth and was excited to be sucking on it. With same lack of excited control it wasn’t long before Josh was ejaculating and Danny found his efforts reward by a mouthful of milky semen. It was so great having Josh cum in his mouth. They had only been roommates for two weeks, and he knew that this was really going to work out.

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