The Female Roommate Factor

by Venda (NJ)

It was early, and Jessica was smoking a cigarette in the living room. She smiled when she saw Sandra appear just as nude as herself. They had been roommates for six months and felt comfortable with being that freely open with one another.

Sandra smiled back, enjoying the unclothed luxury, and for their just being themselves like that together.

It did, however, revealed a teasing sort of openness that was, even unspoken so, enticing. Their eyes met and they smiled with a mutual agreeableness as to this being inviting.

“Sometimes it’s nice being naked with another woman,” Sandra said. “Just as friends.”

“Yes,” Jessica agreed without hesitation. Knowing that it was and having discovered that she looked forward to her naked moments with her roommate. It was free and appealing.

Right then, that morning, their nakedness seems particularly inviting in a personal way.

Sandra stepped over as Jessica stubbed her cigarette out in a convenient ashtray.

They looked at one another and, without a word, because it seemed mutually permissible, they kissed.

Their lips came together softly and gently, but fully and without hesitation.

As their lips remained together, Sandra slipped her hand down to let her fingers find Jessica’s hairy womanly sex, slipping between the soft padded folds to find the wet opening.

“Ohhh …” Jessica moaned just a little as her sex organ was discovered and her preparedness was revealed.

She let her own fingers work their way through Sandra’s wiry pubic hair, and felt the protrusion of her clitoris, smooth and large, and Sandra moaned under her breath as Jessica’s fingers gently pinched and rubbed it, doing so with another woman’s knowing.

“Oh … Oh,” Jessica breathed. “We’re going to make each other cum right here in the living room.”

“Good …” Sandra breathed back, knowing that to stop and go anywhere else would have interrupted their wildly growing arousal. “I want you to come.”

“I want to make you come,” Sandra said.

“I’m just about to …”

“Me, too …”

They held one another, their bare breasts flattening together, as their hands, now thoroughly wet with each other’s freely flowing lubrication, continued to feverish excite each other.

In the next moment they were both having an orgasm, with their sexual culmination happening simultaneously and each of them gasping and struggling with their near over whelming physical release. It was incredible making each other climax and to be doing that together. There was just something so basically and so passionately female that was wonderful to experience.

“Uh … Uh … Uh …” Sandra panted, leaning heavily on Jessica, just as Jessica was leaning on her, no less drained of strength as her orgasm faded with a gratefulness that anymore and she would not have been able to withstand it. At that moment Sandra’s clitoris became too sensitive to touch in the way that it always did, and she moved Jessica’s hand away.

“Oh, no more … no more …” Sandra breathed heavily.

Jessica understood and relented in any further stimulation, feeling her own clitoris thoroughly satisfied.

With a weak smiled they looked at one another gratefully and with heartfelt appreciation.

Being roommates and feeling free in their nakedness had certainly welcomed an unbefore explored opportunity to be conveniently sexually friendly in a way that two women could unashamedly appreciate, and they both did.

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