The Envelope

by Anonymous

My name is Ted and I’m 52, I am also a chronic masturbator. My eldest sister is 68. It all started about 3 years ago when I was working third shift.

Now years before this when I spoke with my sister on the phone she asked what I was up to. Well one day I told her I’m camming on the laptop she responded with who.

I said with women and were naked. She chuckled and said ok have fun she talk to me another time.

Well this brings us to the time I’m now working third shift. I would call her in the morning usually waking her up.

We be conversating and she ask are you camming right now. I told her no not right now. She said what's that noise I tell her that I am stroking it.

That's pretty loud you must be stroking pretty fast she laugh. So I held the phone closer to my already hard dick so she can hear better, don't hurt yourself she said. I’m about to cum in your ear she was laughing go ahead I guess.

Ok so one day she was looking for money to go on a trip. I mentioned I can help her out if she could help me out.

I been jerking off to her on the phone now for over a month while she listen I got her to describe her breast to me by now. I told her if she could let me see them somehow I give money for that.

She agreed to send me pics of them. So I sent her an envelope with the money. I got the pictures and wow I couldn't believe I’m now jerking my cock off to images of my oldest sister tits.

Every time she needed an envelope I get new pics of them. She comes up with different ways to present them.

Once they had chocolate syrup all over with a cherry on her nipple. I soon realized my sister was just as horny and kinky perverted as I am.

The next time she wanted a envelope I told her I want to video chat with her on the phone she agreed to do it.

But for a bigger envelope. I had no choice I couldn't wait to jerk off watching her playing with her tits knowing that she is watching me.

She sat there rubbing her tits you like my nipples she asked then I told her I’m about to cum all over them go right ahead she replied I stroked my dick and shot my CUM out, her eyes opened wide and watched every drop come out.

I said that was fantastic ty sis for helping me out. Ok she said but I’m going to need another envelope soon. I was so happy to hear that.

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