The Easy Mom

by Dorian (AZ)

Jeff and his mom had been out back on the patio in their swimsuits, sunning themselves until the sun had become just too intolerably hot to stand any longer. They went inside and fixed a glass of cold lemonade.

“Oh, my!’ his mom exclaimed. “It’s so hot today! I don’t even want to be wearing a swimsuit!”

Jeff grinned. “We could take them off,” he teased.

“Oooo,” his mom cooed, wrinkling her nose over the suggestion. She was wearing a one piece which hugged her tanned and ample full bodied figure very nicely. Playful she started o lower one strap on her shoulder and then the other.

“Keep going mom,” Jeff further teased.

Muri laughed and tugged the top part of her suit all the way down to expose her bare full breasts, each punctuated enticingly with a broad dark pink nipple.

“Geez, mom!” Jeff said, hardly believing that his mom had done that.

Then, being even more carelessly playful she pushed her suit all the way down to her fete and stepped out of it all together. “There!” she said triumphantly. “All naked!”

Jeff practically gasped and his mom laughed.

“Are you going to join me?” she asked.

Jeff could hardly believe it. He pulled his swim suit down and off to make himself just as naked.

“Oooo!” His mom cooed again, delighted by his revealing bare physique.

She stepped forward and they did a naked hug. Then his mom pulled away and danced into the living room. Jeff followed and they playfully hugged again, squirming together in a way that made them both laugh. Jeff was getting an erection now and he tried to hold her against him but his mom teasingly resisted and laughingly pulled away.

As he tried to grab her they both went down onto the floor and the soft white carpet. He saw his stiff penis sticking boldly up in its aroused display. She turned away and lay on her stomach. Jeff laughed and climbed in top of her thighs.

“Oh!” Muri said with surprise as she suddenly felt the stiffness of her son’s penis poking at her soft vaginal folds from behind.

Jeff laughed some more and teasingly prodded her with his boner.

“Well, if you’re going to do it,” she said, “you’d better hurry and do it before your father gets home.”

Quite deliberately Jeff pushed his erection into his mom’s moist vagina, having no difficulty in getting it in her.

“Oh!” she gasped with the penetration.

As she lay there Jeff started to fuck her.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! You’d better hurry,” she said as she lay there being pumped by her son.

Jeff increased the speed of his strokes, his stiff penis going completely as it could into his mom’s vagina. He was starting to breathe hard with his exertions and then almost without warning his boner exploded and he was ejaculating deep inside of his mom.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Muri gasped as she felt her son doing that in her.

When Jeff finished climaxing his shoulders slumped.

His mom, mindfully concerned, said, “You’d better get off of me. Your father’s going to be here any minute. And I don’t want him to see us doing this.”

“Oh … yeah,” Jeff agreed, still struggling to catch his breath and feeling weak from his efforts.

He withdrew his pens and climbed off of his mom.

She turned over and smiled at him and gave him a small kiss on the lips. “Maybe next time we can get started earlier,” she told him.

Jeff loved hearing that. He was still surprised to find that his mom had no objections to his fucking her. He supposed that some mom’s were just easy when it came to things like that, and apparently his mom was one of them. What could be better?

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