The Diego Summer

by Rick (AZ)

I started having a secret gay affair at the beginning of that summer. The thing was, I really wasn’t gay. Not as in I liked other guys better than girls. I had a few same-sex experiences and I had found them fun and even exciting.

When I met Diego at a used bookshop where we both went, the two of had started talking and becoming friendly.

He told me that he wasn’t gay, but occasionally bisexual, and he asked me if I might be interested. I said that I wasn’t sure.

But he told me to stop by his place for coffee. So I did. He lived in a new adobe-style condo complex which I thought was pretty neat.

Well, we had coffee and he grinned and asked if maybe I felt like fooling around. I relented and we got naked and we fooled around and played with each other’s erection, which I found exciting to do. I was surprised because we kissed. I had never done that before with another guy.

Mostly I was surprised because I liked it. It was different and adventurous doing that with him. We ended up engaging in mutual masturbation which I enjoyed.

Diego and I did that together a few times and I started to feel relaxed about it and actually looked forward to our having this sexual side to our friendship.

We even sucked on each other’s dick a little bit. Then one afternoon he said how he wouldn’t mind doing it with me. I had never had anal sex with a guy before so I was reluctant, but I told him that he could.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and thought that it might hurt. Actually it didn’t hurt and when I had his erection in my butt it mostly just felt a little uncomfortable and gave this I-need-to-go-to-the-bathroom-feeling until I relaxed.

It was quite exciting and very stimulating, making my own erect rock hard. Diego proceeded to gently spend the next few minutes fucking me, telling me how good that felt and how much he liked doing that with me.

He wore a condom so when he came his ejaculation was all neatly contained. I actually got so excited that I ejaculated while he was fucking me. The experience turned out to be far more thrilling than I was expecting.

So after that Diego and I would get together and I would let him fuck me. I really started to enjoy that. I never thought that I would, but with him I did. During that time I even worked up the courage and gave him several blow jobs and he did the same to me.

I really started looking forward to walking over to his place for our secret trysts. It was summer and warm and I would dress casual, just in a t-shirt and shorts and flip-flops, and which I could take off very quickly and easily.

Diego and I were always naked around his place, and I liked that too. It just felt good being naked together as guys, and with him I didn’t have t worry about looking Gay.

That summer we had a lot of quite loving and satisfying sex, and I even started letting him fuck me without using a rubber, but just doing it as nature intended. I found it quite special having his sperm in me. I actually butt fucked him a number of times, too.

Then summer passed into fall, and he gave me the bad news. That the company he worked for was transferring him to California. The next couple of weeks were a sad time. Then Diego left.

We’ve kept in touch, but as more and more time passes and I doubt if we will ever get back together. I really miss those special times we had at his place.

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