The Daughter Passion

by Liana (CA)

Charles was enjoying his daughter's nude, lean and tanned body as she sat on top of him going up and down, using her vagina to milk hid erection.

Tracy was eighteen and had just graduated at the beginning of that summer. He had his daughter had always been close, and the truth was that he had grown distant from her mother over the years. Something which Tracy realized of course, and which had made the closeness between her and her father even more noticeable and in a way that was enjoyable personal.

Like many girls, the thought of beings sexual with her own dad was quite irresistible, and with her being on the pill, and her mother having just left to spend a week visiting her sister out of state, she had decided to act upon her impulse.

Appearing happily naked in front of her father had met both with a pleased smile and his approval. And talking him into getting naked with her and had not been at all difficult.

She had been delighted to see her dad’s large thick boner and to then take it into her mouth to wetly suck on. And of course, he had liked that, watching his boner slipping in and out his daughters willing mouth.

Then she had taken charge and climbed on top of him inserting his male organ into her vagina with a delicious abandon. Thrilled to find what it was like for a daughter to copulate with her own father, Tracy had started riding up and down on his hard length.

“Oh, daddy … daddy …” she breathed as her arousal intensified.

She felt like such a naked whore and she loved it, just as he loved his daughter’s whorish behavior in a way that fathers could and did.

Her vagina made wet sounds as it slid repeatedly and smoothly up and down his hard thick dick, and they breathed in unison with the efforts.

“Oh, honey …” he said as he laid there with his daughter busy on top of him, enjoying her tight female hole that was so lovingly and sexually caressing his boner.

That she was fucking the same boner which had provided the sperm to bring her into the world excited Tracy to no end. Her clitoris was hugely erect and begging for release. She always got so turned on when she fucked, and now with her father more than ever. Her lubrication was gushing out.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she panted over and over as she fucked her dad.

Tracy almost wished that her mother could see her doing this, just to show how much she cared for and loved her dad. Her mother, of course, would no doubt be shocked to see her daughter using her vagina so lustfully and passionately to fuck her own father like this.

In a moment more she heard her father gasp as he started ejaculating deep inside of her.

The thought that she had her own father’s sperm surging up into her vagina made Tracy climax.

“OHHHH!” She cried out and, shoved herself all the way down on his father’s sexual anatomy.

Her orgasm was intense and made her tremble and shake nakedly on top of him in an unashamed release, her small pointed tits bouncing up and down like rubber.

He groaned and enjoyed the pleasure of letting his throbbing hard dick deliver his biological liquid, giving his own daughter his sperm. All he could say was that he was glad that she was on the pill. Although admittedly the horny thought of impregnating his own daughter was not a displeasing one. In all truth, he wouldn’t mind fucking a baby into her.

Without revealing as much, Tracy felt the same reproductive urge to have her father impregnate her. To have her belly swell with his seed. She could always tell her mom that it was some boy who had gotten her pregnant and keep the secret that it was her own father. She would not by the first girl to do so.

Yet, she was on the pill, so what would really be a complication avoided.

Tracy always did well in school, was considered very attractive and quite proper. Yet, she did have her secret sexual and lustful side. She had been fucked at parties and by more than one boy, and she enticingly enjoyed having a bisexual side and fucked with other girls on occasion. She always found it amusing to think that people would be absolutely shocked by her wanton behavior. And yet, even the most proper and decent of girls did have their sexual side.

As her father finished in her and her orgasm eased, Tracy dismounted her father and gave him a loving and adoring look and he did the same to her. In truth he was not the first father to get to enjoy his own daughter in this way. Many fathers did. It was just one of those secret between fathers and daughter's things never talked about.

“That felt so good,” he breathed, pleased to have experienced his daughter’s sexuality.

“Oh, daddy … it was wonderful having you in me,” Tracy said. She smiled. “And just think … mom will be gone for a whole week!”

Her father was looking forward to that. A week of having his delectable daughter naked around the house and the two of them fucking each other with a father and daughter’s love.

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