The Daddy Desire

by Denra (NY)

It was not always young girls having sex with their fathers in some unseemly way, or fathers lusting after their nubile daughters.

It was really just as often a grown woman enjoying sex with her own father and finding that exciting and so satisfying.

When Jen had been younger and just discovering her awaking sexuality, like so many girls, she had fantasized about what it would be like to be sexual with her own father. She had done this frequently while masturbating herself to one marvelous and carefree orgasm after another.

She had tried to imagine what it would feel like to have his stiff penis in her vagina. She fantasized how when her mother was not home, that her father would come into her room and see her naked, and proceed to have sex with her, taking his penis passionately all the way in her, even risking getting her pregnant with his sperm. She had fantasized about this a lot, although it had never been, of course.

Then she had gotten married and was divorced when she was forty-one, with no children. Her parents had divorced some ten years before that. Her mother had remarried although her father had remained single.

She and her dad had always been close, and that summer when she went out to spend a few days with him, with their both being single, the teasing allure of their being intimate as father and daughter had presented itself. It had simply been a matter of their getting naked and enjoying having intercourse.

Don had found it wonderful to have his penis in his daughter’s willing vagina, and to be able to take it all the way in her. There was something that was just so compelling as well as satisfying for a father do to do that with his daughter.

And for a daughter it was no less. Jen thrilled in being able to spread her legs and to have her vagina engage her father’s large stiff penis. If this had happened when she had been younger, it would not have been the same. Now she was a grown woman and knew how to fully appreciate how glorious it was for her and father to be fucking in such a loving and wonton manner.

“Oh, daddy …” Jen said as she laid there with her father’s boner speared into her cunt, “I love having your dick in me!”

“I love having my dick in you,” Don said back, looking down and seeing his daughter’s hairy wet vaginal lips gripping his male organ as it slid slickly in and out of her. “I’m going to fuck my sperm into you and get you so pregnant.”

“Oh, yes. Fuck a baby into me,” Jen said, knowing of course that this could not happen. But this did not stop the urge that she had for her father to get her pregnant. And she was not alone in the appeal of giving birth to her own half-brother or sister. Many girls felt this desire.

Jen could imagine what her mother would say if she knew that her daughter was talking this way to her own father. Of course she was not that little girl any more yearning to be impregnated by her father’s sperm, coming from the same source which had given life to her. She was a grown woman and yet the desire remained just as much now as then.

“Oh, come on, Daddy … fertilize my egg. Get me pregnant. Get me pregnant with your big boner.”

“I’m going to, honey.”

Don grunted as he started ejaculating filling his daughter’s vagina with his manly semen.

“Uh … yeah … yeah ..” He grunted with each throbbing surge of his rigid organ.

“Oh, yes, daddy! Give me your sperm! Give me all of your sperm!” Jen gasped as she squeezed her eyes shut and threw her head back as she lustfully encouraged her father to fuck her completely.

Don did, letting the semen shoot from his hard penis deep in his daughter’s horny cunt.

“Oh, man … it feels good doing this in my daughter!” he gasped.

Then, quite unashamedly, and with no feelings of guilt or remorse, they looked one another and smiled over their once again having successfully mated as father and daughter. It was like celebrating their relationship in the most intimate way possible and that felt so wonderful.

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