The Cindy Mom Affair

by Vera (CA)

It was easy for Cindy to have a love affair with her son. It was just so natural and easy. Her son was nineteen. They knew one another extremely well, of course, and they were close. So after the divorced, the idea of the two of them having this more intimate and loving relationship had presented itself as something very nice to do. It was as simple as that.

The first time that they had done it together they had both been a little unsure. But then, having done it, it had been wonderful.

Cindy and Eric had moved out to the coast. She had found an older house, a sort of rustic cabin style that was pleasantly secluded and private. There she had started to become an artist. That had long been a dream of hers to do that. She had talent, only her husband, Eric’s father, had never thought much her perusing it. He did not really understand or appreciate things like that. Her son had thought that it was wonderful, and he was supportive.

There was a lot of things like that. His father had expected her to always shave and be smooth down there. That was a lot of work keeping up after her hair to keep it from being bristly and it itched when it started growing back after just a day or two. Her son loved her having an ample of amount of pubic hair between her legs. She liked it. It felt womanly. But that was what made the difference.

So she and her son had moved and with all of their new privacy, they had started to become around the house nudists. That was fun enjoying the freedom of being able to do that. She had even taken up painting outdoors nude. And it was amazing what fun things that you could get up to be being naked like that all the time. It was just so convenient.

That morning they were in the bedroom and Eric’s penis was lovingly stiff in his mom’s vagina.

“Oh, Cindy …” He said. He had started calling her by her name. Somehow that just seemed natural that he does that too, and she enjoyed having that sort of familiarity with her son, as he did with her.

“Oh, Eric …” she breathed back as she lay there feeling his maleness in her.

They held each other as his hips worked gently up and down to keep his erect organ sliding smoothly in and out of her wet vaginal depths.

They laid there listening to the wet sounds of the interaction of his sex organ in hers.

“Ohhhh … Ohhhh …” she murmured in contentment. “I’ve never been fucked so well in my life.”

“I’m glad that I can fuck you like this, mom,” Eric said. It was sort of funny. He had grown up of course calling her mom, and now he mostly used her name. Although calling her mom while they were having sex made it more intimate.

Although there would be no impregnation, and his sperm would not fertilize her egg, performing the reproductive act together as mother and son was so incredible.

“Oooooo …” she moaned as his stiffness increased her arousal.

Eric loved how good it felt to have his penis large and stiff like it was in his mom’s wet lubricated vagina. Cindy closed her eyes. “Oh, yes …”

Eric loved having his penis exciting his mom like this.

“Oh, Eric … yes … yes …” she breathed and her hands held him as her clitoris continued to become more and more aroused. In a moment more she was climaxing. It happened easily and built in its intensity, doing so ever so pleasantly and satisfyingly. “Ooo … Oh … Oh … Oh … Oh …”

Eric like making his mom have an orgasm.

She panted. Then her orgasm suddenly became more intense and took her breath away. “Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!”

Cindy let out an exhausted sigh.

Having satisfied his mom, Eric took care of his needs. He increased the rhythm of his penetrations of her wet vagina and was suddenly ejaculating. His milky semen flooding into her with a satisfying lack of control.

“Uh! Uhhhhhh …” He grunted as his penis pulsed repeatedly. “Uhhhhh … Uh …”

“Oh, yes!” Cindy breathed. “Fuck it into me! Fuck it into me!”

Eris felt his male liquid filling his mom, and then gasped and drew in a much needed breath of air.

They laid their savoring the once more having successfully being sexual with one another.

As Eric’s penis soften he climbed off of her and they just laid there nakedly together on the bed.

“Oh, I love it when we fuck,” Cindy said contentedly.

“Oh, mom … it feels so good fucking you,” Eric said and he smiled.

They kissed.

“If your father ever knew …” she said and rolled her eyes over the thought.

“Well, he had his chance,” Eric replied carelessly. “I want you.”

Cindy frowned just a tiny bit. "I know. But you should really be dating other girls.”

“Why? I don’t want to date other girls. I’m perfectly happy with you. I like this arrangement. It’s so nice. It’s wonderful.”

“It is wonderful,” Cindy agreed, unable to deny that.

“I mean … what more could I want?”

She gave him an appreciative smile and touched her fingers to his face.

“Besides,” Eric pointed out. “We’re living together. Nobody here really knows that I’m your son.”

Cindy drew in a breath. “It is like we’re married.”

“I kind of think so,” Eric admitted. “So why can’t we just enjoy that?”

“I think that we are enjoying that,” Cindy said, and they both knew that they were.

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