The Business Trip

by Dan (UT)

Oh, Geez! Sam thought as he felt John’s thick, hard maleness in his butt.

He couldn’t believe that he was doing this with another guy. That he was being fucked by another guy, and by his boss!

Sam and gone with his boss on an overnight business trip, pleased that he had been asked. He had only started with the company six months before, and this was hopeful and that he climbing the ladder at work. Only when they had arrived, there was a convention in town and all of the hotel rooms had been taken. Their only choice was to share a room, which had been okay.

Their meeting was not until the next morning, and with everything so packed with convention goers, just staying in their room seemed like a good alternative to fighting the crowds. John had gone to take a shower and when he came back he was naked and toweling his hair. He just smiled, saying how it was only the two of them. Sam had smiled back, agreeing. Then John had said how he might as well take off his clothes and be naked and comfortable, too. Sam didn’t see why not.

By the time he finished undressed, John was standing there having a boner. His thick manhood curving stiffly up in a proud display. Sam had quickly found himself getting an erection, too.

“Maybe a little playing around would be fun,” John had suggested.

So they had sat on the bed holding and feeling each other’s bare cock. Sam had messed around a little bit with a friend before, so he was not opposed to doing that, although was not gay. And the thought of his doing that with his boss made him think that it might be good for his job aspects.

After a little while John retrieved a small bottle of lube and slicked his rigid manhood with some.

“Let me just slip this into you,” he said, holding his boner.

The next thing that Sam knew his butt was being violated by the older male’s hard dick.

“Ahhh!” Sam gasped as his untested capacity accommodated John’s hard dick.

“Oh, yeah! I like being in a younger’s guy’s ass. It’s so much tighter,” John grunted, revealing the degree of his gayness.

Sam endured the forceful insertions as John began to fuck him, his boner going into the younger male’s anal depths again and again.

“Oh, yeah! Yeah!” John breathed as he watched his hard red penis repeatedly disappearing into Sam’s butt.

For the next two minutes Sam found himself practically overwhelmed by John’s physical expression of male love. It was almost agonizing, but at the same time so exciting to find himself being fucked like this for the first time, and to use his butt in such a homosexually indulgent way.

“Uh … Uh … Uh …” Sam moaned as his tight, sensitive butt hole and anal sheath continued to be breached by John’s hard, thick penis with sexual pleasure.

“It feels so good being in your butt,” John said, savoring the younger male’s tight anal grip on his organ.

When he had invited Sam on this business trip he had been hopeful, but unsure about the younger male’s interest in participating in a little between-guys sex. But no that question had been answered and in the best way possible.

Although doing his best to prolong the experience, John could not hold off. He enjoyed letting his boner ejaculate fully deep inside of Sam, delivering his semen and sperm in abundance.

“Oh, yeah … yeah … yeah … yeah …” he said with each throbbing pulse of his cock, as the enormously swollen head issued its liquid discharge.

Sam was surprised to feel John coming in him, and was excited to be the recipient of his male completion. Without warning he was ejaculating too, is own liquid uncontrollably shooting over the bed in long streams.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!” he gasped and struggled as his boner took charge and erupted in an excited release.

In another moment their sexual male needs had been taken care of with a pleasing masculine intimacy.

“Ah,” John sighed as he pulled his no longer stiff dick from Sam’s butt. “That was good.”

Sam felt just a little self-conscious. “I … I thought that you were married,” he said.

“I am. But sometimes it’s just nice to have a little guy sex on the side.” John smiled. “Apparently you enjoyed it.”

Same smiled back. “Yeah,” he confessed, thinking that he had. Already he was thinking that he was probably going to be fucked a few more times on this trip, and that was ok with him.

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