The Boy-Friends

by Devon (NV)

“Um … this is nice with another guy,” Rick said as he was gently sliding his hard dick in and out of Cody’s butt.

Rick liked girls well enough, it was just that like many guys he also enjoyed male-closeness between friends. It was the same for Cody.

“Oh, yeah …” Cody breathed, savoring the pleasure of feeling Rick’s male anatomy doing this to his.

They had become friends just six months before, and cautiously they had both allowed their interest to show. Unless you were gay, this was not always easy for two otherwise straight friends to accomplish.

The two of them were enjoyably naked, with Cody on his knees, his elbows leaning on the padded cushions of the sofa in front of him, and Rick on his knees behind him, leisurely having intercourse with him.

Again and again, with his hands on his hips, Rick slid his lubricated boner smoothly back and forth through Cody’s tight, sensitive butt hole. Each time with his male length going deep in Cody’s warm, soft anal sheath.

“Oh, man … I love doing this with you,’ Rick said.

“Oh, yeah … I love doing this with you, too,” Cody said. It was so great having this opportunity to fuck together as guys and as friends. To do that quite unashamedly and without any unnecessary negative stigma attached to it. This was just so rewardingly and satisfyingly male. It was wonderful letting their friendship include this kind of friendly male-love.

The stimulation of Rick fucking his butt was making his own boner outstandingly stiff and Cody was completely taken by that. Sure it got hard when he was with a girl, but it felt so special having his dick that hard with another guy, and appreciated seeing Rick’s penis being just as hard with him.

There was just such an enticing freedom to be naked together as friends and to let their sexual feelings show with one another. This was something that so many non-gay guys were surprised to discover and so delightful to enjoy.

“Oh, geez …” Cody breathed as Rick fucked deep into his butt, his dick going all the way into him up to his balls. The repeated penetrations were incredible, as was the thought that he was being fucked by another guy. He loved being able to be that uninhibited with Rick.

It was the same for Rick, having his erect penis in Cody’s butt.

Cody’s penis was so rigid now as it curved out from between his legs that it ached.

Rick’s insertions started to come a little faster. “I love fucking you,” he told his friend. “I love having my dick in your butt.”

“Oh, yeah … fuck me,” Cody said. “Fuck your dick into me.”

“Uh … Uh … Uh … Uh …” Rick grunted as he thrust his boner into Cody, sharing its male-purpose with him as another guy.

Suddenly Cody could not hold back. His erection started throbbing and ejaculating. His semen shot out from his boner in powerful, uncontrolled streams, hitting the smooth covering of the sofa and dribbling down. “OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!” he gasped helplessly.

Fucking his friend to the point of climaxing excited Rick and in the next moment he was ejaculating, too.

“Ohhhhhhh …” he groaned as he let his penis discharge inside of Cody.

“Oh, yes … yes …” Cody panted over the derived satisfaction of once more receiving Rick’s sperm as his semen filled his anal sheath. It was so significant and meaningful to have another guy’s life-giving sperm cells swimming inside of him. Even without impregnating consequence, the biological completion of the reproductive act between guys was just as fulfilling. It was the intimate physical sharing that felt so good.

“Yeah … Yeah …” Rick gasped as he felt his penis throbbing out its thick liquid into his friend’s accommodating butt. It was so wild and so satisfying having his dick fucking Cody as another guy.

When it was over for both of them, they could only sigh as their shoulders and naked bodies slumped.

After a moment Rick pulled his penis from Cody’s butt.

Cody tuned and they kissed.

“Oh … this is great doing this with a friend,” Rick said.

“It is,” Cody agreed wholeheartedly. “I love it.”

“So do I,” Rick said. “And I love you.” He kissed his friend on the mouth again.

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