The Boyfriend Summer

by Aaron (WA)

The two of us were just walking along.

It was the beginning of summer. There’s a lot of undeveloped land around where we live, and my best friend, Josh, and I often just go walking around on some of the old back roads and across the fields.

Josh and I started being about four months before that. We had lockers that were next to each other, and that was pretty much how we met and started talking.

We kind of hit it off and there was a good sort of boy-chemistry between us. We were both surprised by this, of just how good it felt. It was sort of an attraction, a kind of allure, that you would expect more with a girl.

I know that we were both kind of self-conscious about this, and yet, at the same time, we were both sort of encouraging of it.

Of course neither of us wanted to look like we were Gay, so we were careful to be discrete about this around anybody else.

But when it was just the two of us, we tended to be more chummy with one another, and it was fun being daring and pushing at the boundaries of what might thought of as more accepted guy behavior.

So there Josh and I were, just walking along.

There was no one around and this made it easier for us to be more relaxed and careless.

Josh smiled at me and I smiled at him. It was in this knowing sort of way, saying that we were both aware of the sense of mutual attraction that was there.

We were both a little self-conscious and modest, but we bumped shoulders as we walked along. It was a way of acknowledging our feelings.

Then we stopped and looked at each other. And right then, because it felt like the thing to do, we kissed on the lips.

It seemed incredibly daring at first, then, as our lips touched, and that felt nice, it didn’t seem daring at all, but something that two friends could do.

We both drew back and we grinned at one another over our doing that.

Then we kissed again, and this time we allowed it to be more generous.

It was wonderful.

Then we went back to walking along, neither of saying anything. Although we both knew that we were going to be boyfriends that summer.

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