The Boy Factor

by Keen (WA)

I had gone over to Josh’s house that afternoon. We were sitting in his room. It was summer and there really wasn’t all that much to do.

Josh started getting boy-friendly. He slipped an arm around behind my shoulders and kissed my neck.

I gave him a playful smirk, and then he kissed me on the lips. I wasn’t all that inclined to be boy-friendly, although he apparently was.

I kissed him back, hoping that would appease him, but it only encouraged him.

“Come on,” he urged, staring to tug his t-shirt ff. “Let’s get naked.”

I really wasn’t in the mood, but I stated to get undressed, too.

By the time we were both naked, I could see that Josh had a very stiff erection, confirming that he was in the mood. His penis wasn’t all that large, but it curved up handsomely from between his legs.

We kissed again, this time more passionately and the we laid on the bed and started to make out. Again I wasn’t in the mood to be doing this with another boy.

I mean I knew that boys did stuff like this together without being gay and I had some, but it just never seemed all that appealing to me. To me it felt a little awkward being that way with another boy.

As we held each other and kissed, though, and with our both being naked, I felt my penis starting to become stiff with an erection in response. That did feel good and it encouraged me to start enjoying what we were doing a little more.

I felt Josh’s tongue pushed wetly into my mouth, and I pushed my tongue back into his.

This went on for well over a full minute, I was becoming quite aware of just how stiff my penis was becoming.

“Mmm … this is good doing this with you,” he told me.

I just sort of smiled.

We kissed and held each other some more, our bare feet playing together, and our hands taking a hold of each other’s erection. It was interesting to hold and feel another boy’s dick and it was exciting, too. It was personal and there was a sense of shared privileged in being able to do that together as boys.

I was starting to enjoy the male chemistry.

After several more minutes Josh finally disengaged himself and sat up on the bed while I laid there having an erection. I watched as he reached over to the small nightstand that was next to the bed.

He brought out a small bottle of lubrication and proceeded to slick a few drops onto his hard penis. Then he grinned at me and gently pushed at me to turn over face down on the bed.

Josh sat astride my legs and then I felt the firmness of his penis pushing at my butt hole. The lubrication allowed it to push through me tightness and I felt his male length slide into my anal sheath. I tensed just a little with his male penetration. The last thing I expected when I had gone over to his house was to be fucked.

I didn’t have a problem with that, it was just that I hadn’t been expecting it.

I laid there as Josh began to fuck me. I felt his hard penis sliding back and forth repeatedly through my sensitive butt hole, stimulating me unbelievably, making my boner rigid beneath me.

I heard him breathing and moaning just a little. “Oh … oh… oh … oh …”

As I was laying there I started thinking that it was kind of neat being fucked by another boy. To be that male with another boy.

Oh, geez my boner was stiff and aching as it pressed and rubbed against the bed.

“On, man, Josh …” I gasped just a little with his penetrations.

“Geez … it feels so good doing this with you, Dave …”

I had no idea that Josh had wanted to do this sort of thing with me. I mean, the two of us were just sort of friends was all.

Then, suddenly, Josh was ejaculating.

“Uh! Uhhhhh …” he groaned. “Uhhhhh …”

I was surprised that he was doing this in me. It was exciting to think that he was giving me his sperm.

Suddenly I felt my erection ejaculating, too.

I gasped.

My boner throbbed, pulsing out my liquid.

“OHHHH … OHHHHH …” I panted with the spasms of my discharging organ.

Then we both just drew in a much needed breath.

It was amazing to think that we had just been so successfully sexual together.

After we disengaged Josh gave me something of a sheepish grin. “That so good doing it with you.”

“I didn’t know that you had wanted to,” I confessed.

“Well, Rich said that he had done it with you and how good it had been.”

“Rich?” I echoed. “I’ve never done it with Rich.”

“Oh. Well, he said that he had done it with you.”

“No. I did it with Ron … but that was a few months ago.”

“Oh. Well … I’m glad that I got to do it with you.”

I smiled. “I’m glad that you did, too,” I told him. And I was glad.

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