The Black Friend

by Ken (NY)

“Geez, Darrel!” Ron said, seeing his friend naked for the first time.

The two of them had been feeling horny and decided to take their clothes off and mess around. Ron had heard about how black guys were well hung, and Darrel certainly was! His cock was ten inches soft and its ebony length dangling impressively down between his legs.

Darrel just grinned.

“I feel inferior,” Ron confessed over his just average six inch cock, which was sticking boldly upright.

“You have a nice dick,” Darrel assured.

He reached out to feel Ron’s boner and then he leaned forward to take it in his mouth and wetly suck on it for a moment.

“Mm – it sure taste good,” Darrel said with a pleased smile.

Ron really was not used to doing stuff like this with another guy, but he found it exciting. Bravely he bend down to take Darrel’s cock into mouth. It was quite amazing sucking on another guy’s dick. As he did, he felt Darrel’s penis becoming stiff in his mouth. When he pulled away, Darrel was presenting him with this huge boner.

They at one another and kissed.

Ron felt Darrel’s male lips pressing against his own and it felt good.

“You ever make it with a black guy before?’ Darrel asked as they pulled apart.

“I’ve never made it with any guy before,” Ron confessed somewhat modestly.

Darrel obviously had and was not shy in revealing that he liked making it with other guys just in a friendly way, as he was the one to suggest that they mess around together.

“Let me get my dick up your butt, and I’ll show you how good it can be,” Darrel said.

Ron watched as Darrel produced a small tube of lube and proceeded to slick his enormous organ with it. Obviously Darrel wanted to do him as nature intended and not wear a condom. Ron supposed that is fist time should be done bareback, as he wanted to experience all of it.

Ron turned and Darrel pushed the swollen end of his huge dick up against his tight anal pucker. The lubrication allowed Darrel to push smooth and effortlessly in. Ron gasped. It was like have a cucumber penetrating him. There was no way, of course, that Darrel could get all of his cock in, but he went in as far as he could.

Darrel started to fuck him with sure, deft strokes, his ebony organ plunging in and out of Ron’s tight white butt with a pleasurable confidence.

“It feels good having it in you!” Darrel exclaimed.

“Oh, man!” Ron moaned as he felt Darrel’s enormous thick organ fucking his private quarters. It was so unbelievably stimulating, making his boner rigid. He could hardly stand it. In the next moment he found himself helplessly ejaculating as Ron fucked the sperm out of him. His semen pulsed out wildly in long streams that shot through the air. “AHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Darrel loved having Ron cumming as he fucked him. He started ejaculating too, his semen sluicing out to fill Ron’s anal depths. A flood of white excess spilled from Ron’s butt.

After Darrel had been successfully male with his white friend, he withdrew his spent organ.

They grinned at one another.

“That was great,” Darrel said. “You know – I’m just going to have to fuck you again.”

“Oh, yes! Please do!” Ron said eagerly.

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