The Beautiful Smile Of My Wife: Part 4

by dedalus

I felt my heart pounding, I started to wave in my chair, I wanted to fall, get hurt and pass out. All as long as that torment ends.

"Here is someone who gets excited. I think he is the hubby of the bitch who is there with you."

The voice had been that of a bandit, who evidently stayed in the room to check on us.

"Do you want to enjoy the show closer?"

I moved my head from side to side, desperate. Then someone grabbed my chair and dragged me across the hall, stopping, I believe, right in the bedroom doorway.

I was always blindfolded, but now I seemed to see the whole scene, the sounds that came from the bedroom were so clear. I could hear panting, moaning and the cadenced creaking of the bed. I didn't hear words from any of the three, no protests. Could Paula not have heard how the bandit had called her?

"It seems the bitch is enjoing it!"

In fact I heard Paula's moans clearly.

"Yes, I'm a bitch! Fuck me Julian, fuck me hard!"

I could not believe I had really heard those words, when I heard the heavy breathing of a man, then everything stopped.

"Very good, you filled her with your cum. Now get out of bed, take a few steps forward and then go up again. You will do the same. You will have to repeat the game switching your positions, but this time the one behind will have to put the cock in the other hole."

At those last words, I began to scream with such despair, that even with the gag my voice was heard even inside the room.

"Listen to how he moans out there, he's worried about his wife. But I think this slut likes to take cocks in the ass."

"Come on, start licking her pussy again and then her asshole. Prepare it well with your fingers, then stick your cock in it. This bitch dies from the desire to be screwed."

There was a silence that seemed endless to me, then I heard a small cry from Paula and the bed creaked again.

"Well done, now grab the cock in front of you, make it hard again."

All my efforts not to hear had been in vain, now I felt my eyes getting wet under the bandage and two tears falling on my face.

I lowered my head in shame, while I heard again moans of pleasure coming from the bedroom.

"Do you feel it all? Am I hurting you?"

"No, Derek, you are fantastic ... yes, still come on ... oh, you have a very long cock, fuck me deeper!"

I kept my head down at the thought that the bandits were watching me.

"Stop now, I want you to change your position. You, get behind her again and put your dick in her ass, while you lie under her. You, stay on all fours, grab the cock of those under you and put it inside your pussy. Come on, push inside her."

To that image of Paula that was about to be penetrated simultaneously by the two men, my strength this time went down and I think I passed out for a few minutes. But soon a new suffocated scream from Paula awakened me from my numbness.

"Fill me with your cocks. Fuck me, fuck me!

Then I heard moans and panting breaths again.

"Very good. Now turn around and clean the cum from their cocks."

Now the bed didn't creak anymore. Someone dragged me back into the hall, then I heard footsteps and noises from the chair that was on my right.

"Shall we go away, boss? After these words, I heard rapid footsteps coming and going all over the house, finally a door slamming.

It really seemed that they were gone. I was still alive, this was the important thing, I kept saying to myself.

For a while there was absolute silence in the room, then I heard the noise in front of me of a moving chair. There was a bum, someone had fallen on the ground and was rubbing something on the floor. A little more passed, then I heard a sound like breaking rope.

"I untied myself ! Now I'll free you."

It was Julian's voice. After a while, I too had my hands free and finally I could take off my bandage and gag. We looked at each other, stunned, trying to refocus our sight. I saw that Anna and Michaela were also on their feet.

Then I saw Julian running around the house, I heard a door open in the hallway and in the end there was a cry of happiness.

"He's alive! Come here Anna, Robert is still alive!"

I saw Anna who started crying with joy, then we all started towards the closet where Robert had been locked up all that time. He was stunned and took a blow on the jaw, but he was alive. He told us that he had heard the blow hissing very far from him and in fact shortly after we saw the bullet mark on the ceiling.

I thought they just wanted to scare him and make us believe they really killed him. Then everyone hugged, in particular their respective companions and then Anna and Michaela with their daughters.

I turned to Paula, who looked at me with happiness and relief.

"We're safe! It was horrible, my love." Then he threw himself around my neck. I hugged her, but I couldn't kiss her, so much was the smell of cum coming from her face.

"Let's rinse it off, dear."

Then someone called the police and while we waited we started talking about what we would say. In the end, the decision was made to report only the theft, forced stripping and attempted rape of Melissa. In this regard, Anna asked me, not without embarrassment, if I had seen everything and if therefore I could testify about what had happened.

"Sure," I replied, blushing with shame and avoiding looking her in the eyes.

Of all the rest that had happened, we didn't say anything to the police. During the search in the house, traces of semen were found in the bedroom and the investigators asked us if someone had been raped. For a moment Anna thought of telling the truth, but then we all were in absolute silence with respect to that aspect and the police reluctantly had to accept it.

Today exactly one month has passed since that evening. Since then I have never seen anyone present at that dinner again, except my wife, . On the other hand, I know that Paula, as well as at work , she also met Michaela and Anna at her home, but I didn't have the courage to ask her why I wasn't invited.

Life with my wife has returned to normal in everyday matters, while the sex between us is no longer the same as before. The first few days it was she who didn't want to do it again, then when she asked me again, I had problems making it hard, even though she tried to help me in every way.

My wife has become very good about that and in general I am glad to see her more cheerful than a while ago. He spends more and more time outside, not just for work. When she comes home, I am happy to see her wonderful smile again.

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