The Beautiful Smile Of My Wife: Part 3

by dedalus

Then for an indefinite time no one said anything. You could only hear the footsteps of the bandits who evidently went to the various rooms to find other things to steal. Suddenly the movements stopped and I heard footsteps coming towards us, now all tied up, blindfolded and gagged.

"We have your ATMs. Now I will say your names one by one and you will tell me your pin and the amount that can be collected. Don't tell lies, because you would pay the consequences."

When the leader of the gang mentioned my name, my gag was removed for a moment and I said the pin aloud. The others did the same.

Then the bandit gave orders to some of his men to go with the cards to withdraw our money, while he said that he would stay with others to check on us.

"It will take a while before they come back here and I don't want you to be bored in the meantime. I thought I could make you play a game ..."

The bandit took a break, then added:

"Two of you, a man and a woman, will be called in turn and then taken to the bedroom next door.

You will be untied and the gag will be removed, but you will remain blindfolded. Then you will get on the bed together and play some games between you. "

I shivered at the last words the bandit said, beginning to imagine which "games" he was referring to.

Again I heard moaning on my right, I think it was still Anna trying to say something.

"I know what you want to tell me. Don't worry, the girls won't be involved in this game. But if you don't do what we ask, then they will be taken to their room too. Now let's start."

"He and she, untie them!"

The bandit had obviously indicated two of us to be taken to the room. I heard two chairs move to my right, then footsteps behind me, the noise of which slowly moved away to my left. The bedroom must therefore have been on my left, a few meters away from me.

After a while, I recognized Robert's voice.

"We can't! Leave us alone, you've taken everything, don't hurt us, please!"

"You don't have to talk! I've already told you what we'll do, if you don't do what we ask."

"Get the woman on the bed." This had been the last order that the leader had given to some of his own, then he began to address directly to Robert and to the woman whose identity I had not yet understood.

"The woman has to stretch and spread her legs. You go ahead and get on the bed. Come on, quick!"

"Touch her body and then put your head between her legs. Very good. Now lick her pussy."
There was a few seconds of silence, then the bandit's voice was heard again.

"You're pretending, it's not good! Now I'm getting nervous. Do you feel what this is? I'm pointing it at your friend's head. You will soon feel a blow if you don't start putting your fingers and tongue inside her pussy. "

This time the silence lasted longer.

"Well done. Now change your position. You, lie down. You, touch his body and grab his cock. Start to jerk him slowly."

"Come on, don't you know how to make a handjob? Very good ma'm. Now put it in your mouth and suck it."

There was still a pause.

"Suck it, ma'am, it has to get hard. Damn, why it doesn't get hard? Touch her tits!"

Another pause, then I heard the Julian's voice, pleading.

"I can't! She's my brother-in-law's wife! I can't!"

The woman with him was therefore Michaela.

"I told you to shut up! Get on top of her and fuck her!" Now the bandit was screaming.

Then I heard a noise as if someone had received a blow and had fallen to the ground. I heard Michaela's scream, the sound of someone being dragged on the ground and then there was a bang.

I hugged myself, terrified. It had been a gunshot, probably aimed at Robert.

Immediately afterwards I heard the footsteps of someone close to us, then again the voice of the leader of the gang.

"Now you have understood what can happen to you if you do not obey our requests. Let's see if it is better with another one. This one, for example, untie it and guide it to the bedroom."

When I heard that someone was fumbling behind my chair, I understood that I was the chosen one. I began to tremble, but I tried not to panic. By now I knew what they would ask me to do with Michaela and I tried to focus on her, without thinking about anything else. I removed any moral considerations from me, the important thing was to save my life.

They had just made me get up from my chair, which heard a rumble from the bedroom like a person who had fallen to the ground.

"Boss. The woman is passed out."

"Bring her to the room and try to revive her."

I thought that Michaela had not withstood the stress of the situation and especially the thought that the bandits had killed Robert.

"Untie this then, bring her to the bedroom."

The bandit had said no more and so I did not understand if the woman who was to accompany me was my wife, Anna or Barbara.

I was led into the bedroom and then they took my gag off. I didn't say a word, remembering what had happened to Robert.

Then the leader of the gang gave the same orders that I had already heard a few minutes earlier. The woman was made to lie down and I was led beside her, asking me to touch her body. From the features of the face, I knew immediately that it was not my wife and when I came to touch her tits, not very big, I knew it could not even be Anna.

In short, I was with Barbara and immediately the image of her naked returned to me with the head of the gang who palpated her in front of her boyfriend. As my hand ran all over the girl's body, I started getting excited.

I searched for her nipples and began to lick and suck them, while with my hand I started to caress her pussy. Then, still following the orders of the bandits, I put my head between her thighs and began to lick her pussy. Barbara began to moan, evidently she was not indifferent to my tongue which was penetrating her.

Blindfolded as I was and with the bandits who for a while said nothing, I managed to isolate myself from the surrounding world, concentrating only on the body of that fabulous girl. I felt the cock stand up and I moved forward with the body, keeping her thighs wide apart so to penetrate her.

"Have you seen boss that he doesn't like only girls? He also likes the older ones!"

Those words, said by one of the bandits, brought me back to the feeling of shame I had felt a little earlier in the room. I tried not to think about it, I started sucking on Barbara's nipples and with my right hand I aimed my cock at the opening of her pussy.

But I couldn't get rid of that sense of shame. I began to tremble and felt my cock go limp. I panicked. Now Barbara was no longer a beautiful girl I wanted to fuck, but rather the only way I had to avoid being killed by the bandits.

I then stood up with my body towards Barbara and tried to insert my now soft cock into her pussy. I had entered only with the tip, when I started to cum. It was horrible. I collapsed on the girl's body full of shame and fear. I waited with terror for the reaction of the bandits and feared that they might hit me at any moment.

Instead, what I heard was a loud laugh from all those offenders. Before the bandits told me to get up, it was Barbara who had pulled me away from her body with one arm, almost as a sign of contempt.

We were brought back to our place in the room. I was full of shame, but also happy to be still alive.

I had just sat down again when I heard the sound of a horn and then the front door opened.
I realized that the bandits who had gone to withdraw our money at the ATMs had returned.

"Shall we go away, boss?"

At those words, I thought with relief that the nightmare was about to end, but the boss's words made me lose this illusion.

"Start to loading the stuff in the car. We will leave soon, there is still time for another show"
I began to tremble again, thinking that something might happen to my wife, who had not yet been involved in the games.

"There are four of you who have not yet played. It means that since we have limited time, all four of you will be taken to your room to play a group game."

As I heard the sound of the chair beside me moving, my head began to spin. Then there was a thud, something or someone had fallen to the ground.

"The woman is passed out, boss. Maybe she's just pretending, am I going to slap her?"

"Leave it alone, she is the lady of the house and the evening was tiring for her. Put her on the floor and guide the other three to the room."

Before hearing these words, I had come to hope that the passed out woman was Paola, instead of Anna, so as to avoid being taken to the bedroom, together with Giulio and Diego.

I was looking forward to hearing the voices coming from the room, but it didn't take long for me to want to be very far from there.

"Have the woman lie on the bed and put the older man on top of her. Then put the younger standing on the left of the woman."

"You have to lick her whole body, first her tits and then her pussy. In the meantime, she sucks the cock of the other".

My head was spinning more and more. I was hoping to hear someone's words of protest, but I felt nothing. It occurred to me that I too had not protested, but this did not lessen my irritation.

I thought that Barbara and Michela were experiencing my same situation, but this also did not alleviate my uneasiness as I was hearing the sounds of the bed and the voices of the bandits coming from the bedroom.

"You, went up on the bed in front of her. You, turn around and go doggy style, continuing to suck him. You, get behind her, lick her pussy and put your fingers inside her."

I was going crazy. I didn't want to hear anything anymore, I just wanted it to end all soon. I tried to grimace with my face, hoping to muffle the sounds from the outside, but the voices from the room continued to ring loudly in my head.

"Now put your cock in her pussy and fuck her until you cums inside. In the meantime, keep on sucking the other cock."

Then began the creaking of the bed which left no doubt about what was going on.

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