The Beautiful Smile Of My Wife: Part 2

by dedalus

Michaela's turn came to have to get up and take off her clothes.

Julian's wife is a not very tall woman, short brown hair, with a small body. As I watched her undress, I thought of the feeling of annoyance I had had towards Julian as he stared at my wife.

At that moment I told myself that it had been a stupid thought of mine, given the dangerous situation in which we were all, and in any case now it was I who was staring at his wife, even if he could not have noticed, being blindfolded.

Michaela was taking her clothes off as quickly as possible, taking them off angrily. In a few seconds she had already turned and found her chair more easily than Paula had done, perhaps thanks to the greater familiarity with the environment. But before she could sit up again, two bandits, on the instructions of their leader, had taken her by the arms and blocked her.

"Beautiful lady, you have not listened well to the rules, it seems to me. First we will collect your clothes, only after you can sit down again. Bring her to the center."

Michaela was led back to the center, held by the arms and totally exposed.

"It seems she has two beautiful boobs, don't you think?"

Michaela, feeling that the two bandits with her free hand were heavily palpating her breasts, tried to free herself, then she began to tremble.

Then Michaela was led back to her chair, and Anna's turn came.

As soon as she felt her wrists free, Anna took them to the gag and lowered it.

"Don't touch our daughters! Leave them alone!" he said between sobs, but in a loud voice.

The two bandits next to her took Anna by the arms and then put the gag back on her.

"Try again to take your gag off and you will see that we'll really touch your daughters. Now step forward and get undressed. Quick!"

Anna, still sobbing, took off all her clothes with resignation, then stood still, waiting for them to collect her clothes, covering herself with her hands as much as possible. In fact Anna was a fairly tall woman, with a strong constitution and abundant breasts. From behind I saw that her ass was also big. For a moment my gaze went beyond Anna and I saw that her husband Robert, who was among those still not blindfolded, was looking down.

Anna was then brought back to sit without being touched.

It was her husband Robert's turn to be blindfolded and then led to the middle of the room. Being positioned in front of me, I saw him face to face as he undressed.

Robert was brought back to his place.

"Now the young lady, untie her!"

The bandits obeyed their leader, and Barbara was led in the middle. She was almost positioned in my direction while her boyfriend Derek was behind her.

Barbara also undressed hastily and irritably. Before she was completely naked, I looked down, but then I looked up when I heard the leader of the gang, who meanwhile had approached Derek, talking to Barbara.

"Fabulous ass, congratulations. Is she your wife? Answer!"

Derek said nothing and avoided crossing his gaze with that of the bandit.

"Well, let's see if she's your wife. Hold her arms, you two."

I hadn't resisted and was watching the scene. I had Barbara right in front of me all naked, with her long black hair and green eyes. Not very tall, but proportionate and with two pointed boobs.

The leader of the gang had followed her and with both hands began to palpate her tits and ass, then told her henchmen to make her turn and in front of Derek began to touch her pussy, which I had seen that was almost completely shaved.

I saw Derek take his angry gaze down.

Then Barbara was pushed to her chair. "Go, go back to your hubby."

It was Barbara's fiancé's turn, which I saw undressing in front of me. He was the classic handsome guy, very athletic.

At that point everyone was blindfolded, except me, Melissa and Elisa.

"Untie the girl," said the leader, pointing to Melissa.

At those words, I heard again a moan coming from the area where Anna was sitting, who had previously asked that her humiliation be spared her daughter and Elisa.

But the gang leader didn't even seem to notice and motioned to two bandits to bring Melissa to the center of the room. At that point, however, Melissa managed to free herself, took off the bandage and the gag and started running towards the front door, which she found, however, blocked by a table .

As he tried to move the table, the bandits joined her and dragged her back into the hall. Melissa fought furiously against those bandits, who, however, had the best and blocked her on the ground, right in front of me. While two bandits held her arms still, two others tried to take her shirt off, but Melissa reacted, struggled and bit.

"Put the bandage back on her and especially the gag, before she gets an arm in it," said the leader, who meanwhile had moved to a corner of the room to rummage through our wallets.

Meanwhile Melissa had now been stuck on her stomach, her wrists tied behind her back.

The bandits managed to pull off her shirt and jeans, then, now left in her underwear, made her turn her back. A bandit approached and with a knife he cut her bra first and then her panties, leaving her completely naked. Soon all the bandits began to palpate the girl's body, first her small tits, then one of them inserted her middle finger into her pussy.

"She's a virgin!"

Then one of the bandits knelt in front of Melissa, unbuttoning his pants and pulling out his straight cock.

"Miss, the time has come for someone to teach you education. You will remember this moment for a lifetime."

The girl was about to be deflowered, when suddenly the bandit was moved by someone who pushed him hard. He had been the leader of the gang.

"Asshole! What the fuck are you doing? If you fuck this bitch, it ends up going to jail for life!"

At that moment, I felt that my cock was getting hard. Even today I think it wasn't that scene, but the one with Barbara that excited me.

Melissa was brought back to her chair and her friend Elisa was placed in the center of the room. The girl was trembling as she quickly began to undress. When she came to take off her last clothes, she hesitated for a moment and I saw two tears running down her face.

Then she continued, dropping her shirt and thus showing her budding breasts that didn't need a bra, and finally her panties, thus leaving her little pussy uncovered, around which the first hairs had grown. I was the only one not blindfolded between us and so I could enjoy the spectacle of that young naked body in peace. I felt my cock hardened again.

"The gentleman likes girls, I see."

The head of the gang, who must have seen me staring at the girl, startled me. I immediately looked down and was ashamed, because the others had certainly understood that the phrase was addressed to me.

Elisa was also put back in her chair and so it was my turn to undress. I did it as quickly as possible, but again I started with the words of one of the bandits.

"Look boss, it came hard!"

"Have you heard, ladies? He would like to fuck one of your daughters!"

I was dying of shame and my head was spinning. Now naked, I tried to head for the chair that I couldn't find. Finally a bandit gave me a push and, almost falling, I reached my place.

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