The Beautiful Smile Of My Wife: Part 1

by dedalus

It has been a long time since Anna, a work colleague of my wife Paula, wanted to organize a dinner in her country house and was finally set for a Friday a few days before Christmas.

In addition to my wife, Anna invited two other business colleagues: Michaela, who is also her sister-in-law, and Barbara. All work in a pharmaucetic company. Anna is the greatest of all, having just turned 40, Michaela is 37, Barbara 25, while my wife Paula is 34.

The invitation to dinner had obviously been extended to everyone else's companions and so, that Friday Paula and I headed up the hill by car to that house which was quite far from the surrounding houses.

Of the others present at that dinner, I knew Michaela, Anna and her husband Robert, who is the same age as his wife. Instead, I had never seen Julian, Anna's thirty-four-year-old brother, and Michaela's husband.

It was Julian who opened the door when Paula and I arrived, and so we introduced ourselves.

"Nice to meet you, I am Laurence and this is my wife Paula."

"Nice to meet you, I am Julian. Come on, everyone has already arrived."

We entered the house and said goodbye to Anna, Michaela and Robert, then my wife led me to her colleague Barbara who was with her boyfriend Derek, a dark, tall boy who was 25 years old as his partner.

We started talking about everything, but mainly about work, which made my wife a little nervous, who lately was stressed about the overtime they made her do. She was always very tired, often pouting, without her classic smile anymore. However, she remained a very beautiful woman, 1.70 tall, wavy black hair, green eyes, medium breasts, barely rounded hips and ass.

When we were about to sit at the table, Melissa, the twelve year old daughter of Anna and Robert, and Elisa, the eleven year old daughter of Michaela and Julian, arrived in the room. Melissa had already told her parents that they would have dinner with us, but then they would immediately go to the room to listen to music, because they didn't want to hear the speeches of all those "old forties".

Anna agreed to her daughter's request, but jokingly told her not to offend her guests, because of forty-year-olds besides her and her husband, it was only me.

We sat at the table, while Anna and her husband came and went from the kitchen to bring dishes and many good things to eat.

Anna's seat was at the head of the table, to the right of me. On its two sides were Michaela, on the left, and Robert, on the right. Next to Michaela sat her husband Julian, while Barbara was next to Robert. My wife Paula was sitting next to Julian and facing Barbara's partner Derek. I was next to Paula and I was in front of Melissa, while Elisa sat at the head of the table on my left.

Because of my position, I was a bit left out of the conversation, also because with Anna and Michaela's daughters there was certainly not much to share. The two spoke almost exclusively to each other and, while Elisa seemed polite, Melissa often used expressions and made jokes that soon made me irritated.

But I was happy to see Paula talking to everyone, as long as the topic was not the job.

The evening continued happily, when we were all taken by a start to a rumble that came from the entrance door.

This was followed by the sound of glass breaking, both from behind and from the right side of the house. We all got up, but as soon as we left the room I heard Anna and Michela's screams. We were surrounded by four individuals with their faces covered by ski masks, who were aiming machine guns and pistols at us.

"Hands up and no jokes!"

The voice of the bandit who had spoken had a foreign accent, probably Slavic. I raised my hands and so did everyone else, except Derek who tried to use the cell phone he had on the table. One of the bandits, however, saw him and took it from him, then, together with his accomplices, forcefully cleared the table, dropping food and dishes to the ground. While the rest of us were petrified, Melissa tried to escape to the door, but before getting there, she ran into two other individuals who chased her back.

"Sit down and keep your hands up."

"Take everything, but please don't hurt us," Robert said to the guy who had spoken and who seemed to be the leader of the gang.

"If you do the good things, nothing bad will happen to you. Now sit and hold your hands up!"

With guns pointed at us, we all sat back with our hands in plain view.

After a while, I saw bandits turn with ropes and handkerchiefs. They passed behind us and one by one they gagged us and kept our arms behind us, binding our wrists to the chairs.

Then some bandits started looking around the rooms and threw things into bags to take away, while others took the table out of the way and backed us up with our chairs, leaving us in a circle but creating more space between us.

The leader of the gang got in the middle of that space and started talking.

"We will not harm you, but we must be sure that you have nothing hidden that you can use and then we want your luxury clothes. So now you will be untied and blindfolded one by one. You will have to get up, take two steps forward and start to take off your clothes. Then we will make you sit back, remaining blindfolded and tied."

At those words I heard moans coming from the part of the room where Anna and Michaela were, who evidently wanted to say something to the bandit, but the gag did not allow to understand what.

"If you don't obey, you will be stripped by force by my men and believe me it wouldn't be very pleasant for you," said the leader of the gang.

"Let's start with this lady," said the bandit, pointing to my wife.

"Untie it and blindfold it."

"Get up and come on. First take off your earrings, necklaces and bracelets and throw them there," said the bandit, indicating a sack that had been placed among us.

"Well, now take off your clothes."

"Come on, quick. Take off your shoes, shirt, skirt, socks," added the bandit, seeing that Paula was hesitant.

I kept my eyes down and saw my wife's various clothes fall gradually to the ground and then be thrown into the sack.

Then I looked up and saw that Paula was wearing only her bra and panties. On my left I saw Melissa and Elisa keep her gaze down, while on my right I noticed that Julian was staring straight ahead.

"Also your bra and panties, ma'am. Take it all off."

At those words of the bandit, I gulped up and started to worry, because getting us to remove even the undergarments was not, in my opinion, part of the security reasons mentioned by the head of the gang. Then I looked up, perhaps to give me courage, and while my wife took off her panties, I felt again the high gaze of Julian, who seemed to be right at Paula's ass. It annoyed me, even if at that moment my thought was only that something bad happened to Paula or me.

My wife also took off her bra, remaining completely naked in the middle of the room, and covering her breasts and lower areas with her hands.

I tried to keep my head up high and this time my gaze was fixed on the bandits who, behind their ski masks, had all eyes fixed on my wife's body.

"You are beautiful, ma'am, congratulations. You have a wonderful shaved pussy" he said laughing, while my wife was already backing away looking for her chair with her feet.

"Wait. We don't want you to fall and hurt yourself. We'll guide you, you turn around so you can also admire your ass."

At those words two of the bandits had taken my wife by the hips and carried her forward. One of them could not resist and gave my wife a good grope, which made my wife run forward to escape the delinquent's hands, finding the chair and sitting up.

"Keep calm boys" said the leader, then ordering the same bandit who had touched Paula to tie her back to the chair, leaving her blindfolded.

The boss then pointed to Julian with the gun "Now it's your turn, sir. But you have to go faster."

I kept my eyes down and, when I raised him, Julian had already been brought back naked to his chair by two of the bandits. I noticed then that, while collecting the clothes to throw in the sack, the bandits took keys, wallets, cell phones and everything else that was inside.

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