The Backdoor Mom

by Geri (TN)

It was so nice and pleasant, they two of them just lying there naked on the bed together as mother and son. They had just finished having sex. It was the third time that they had done that.

Jared’s parents had divorced a year before, and he and his mom mostly just for fun had done it together, twice and now for a third time.

Jared was smiling, looking amused.

“What?” his mom questioned.

“It’s just … I don’t know,” Jared confessed a bit self-consciously. “You kind of just don’t think of your own mother liking sex.”

She gave him a playful smirk. “Well, that’s how I became your mother,”

“Yeah. I know,” he said.

Carelessly Brenna added, “And some mothers like doing it with their sons. It’s very special.”

“It is special,” Jared agreed.

His mom slipped her hand down to take a hold of his penis, happily feeling her son’s maleness in her hand. Jared just laid there while she did that. Then, without a word, she leaned over and took his penis into her mouth.

Jared was surprised by her doing this and he watched as she went up and down on his length several times before pulling back and smiling at him in a teasing fashion.

“That was just in your vagina,” he remarked.

“I don’t mind that,” she said . “Just so long as it wasn’t in my butt.”

Jared gave his mom a look over her saying that. “Geez, mom.”

“”Well, I like that too, sometimes,” his mom said, sounding quite nonchalant about it. “Just so long as it’s gentle.” She added, “Sometimes that can be rather nice.”

Jared could hardly believe that his mother was telling him that.

As he laid there, Jared felt himself starting to get another erection as his penis began to stiffen.

His mother gave him a playful smirk, seeing this. “Oh-oh,” she said, “does that mean that you’re going to do it in my other hole?”

Jared blushed.

“There’s a bottle of lubrication in the drawer of the nightstand if you’re going to do that,” she told him, being perfectly matter of fact about it.

Jared turned and opened the drawer and found the bottle. He took it out and squeezed a small amount on to his erection.

“I think that maybe I had better turn over,” his mom remarked. “Face down would be better.”

She turned over and Jared brought himself up and got on his knees between her parted legs. Then, taking a hold of his erection, he guided the swollen mushrooming tip toward his mom’s tight anal pucker. Gently he pressed it forward until it went through her opening.

She murmured. “Mmmm.”

Jared then slid his penis all the way in.

“Ohhhh …” she moaned lightly.

Jared pulled back and went inward again and began to do this with an easy, controlled rhythm.

He looked down and watched his hard penis disappearing again and again into his mom’s butt. He could hardly believe that he was actually doing this with her. That he had his dick in her butt. Being in her vagina was biological and natural. This was far more deliberate and so unbelievably intimate.

“Oh, yesss …” Brenna breathed as she felt her son’s male stiffness filling her private quarters again and again, exciting in a very different way. “Ohhhhh …”

Jared grinned as he fucked her butt hole, liking how that felt.

“Oh, mom …” he said.

“Oh, Jared … it feels so good having you in my butt. Oh. I love that. Ohhhhh …”

Jared fucked her for two full minutes, doing so in an almost leisurely fashion, until he at last felt the rising urgency building within his stiff organ.

“Oh, mom …” he gasped and then he started ejaculating.

His throbbing penis filled his mom’s anal sheath with his wet sperm. It was incredible getting to do this with her. It was just so personal.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” Jared sighed.

Then he pulled his penis from her butt and sat there recovering from the experience.

His mom turned over and quickly started rubbing her clitoris with her hand. “Oh …” she breathed. “No, let me take care of this.. It’s special,” she told him.

Jared watched as his mom quickly and efficiently masturbated herself to a climax.

“Ah!” she gasped as she achieved her orgasm. It came quick and fast. It always did after having anal sex, which excited her in a very different way. And she always found it exciting to masturbate herself like this after she did that. “Ah! Ah! Ah!’ She shook on the bed and then it was over.

When she had recovered sufficiently she opened her eyes and gave him something a modest smile. “Oh, honey … that was so nice.”

“It was great, mom,” Jared said.

She laughed. “You’re learning how to please your mom awfully well. Even in my butt,” she said with some satisfaction.

“It was great doing it in your butt, mom,” Jared told her.

He leaned over and kissed her and she kissed him back.

It was the perfect mother and son day, full of new and wonderful things.

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