The Awkward Question

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I was sitting watching the football on the TV when my daughter came home from a day with her friends, we said hello and she sat by me. I asked her to get us a couple of cold ones from the fridge and we sat a bit longer just sipping our drinks and then she bombed me.

Sascha is a lovely 18 year old college student, tall, nice long shapely legs a terrific body that she keeps in shape, and she looks a bit like her mum, my wife of 25 years. But this day was to change things utterly.

Quietly Sascha asked...



"Dad what’s cubbylingers?"

I nearly choked on my beer, spitting it everywhere, stunned by her question....

"Whats WHAT? who've you been talking to, where did you hear that word, if I find some spotty lad has bee..................."

"Dad dad, no its nothing like that, it’s well...Dad can I talk with you, we've always been able to, its important and I don’t want to appear silly in front of my friends, my girlfriends, Dad, Please???"

She had always had me wrapped around her fingers and I loved her dearly so how could I push her and her question away.

"So, 'cuddylingers' eh, 'cuddylingers' yes well I think the word you are looking for my innocent darling is in fact Cunnylingus, ok got that"

"Yes Dad, but what is it, the girls were giggling about and my best friend Noelle wouldn't tell me, that’s why I’m asking you Daddy"

She was wheedling, whenever she says Daddy in her pleading voice I'm a lost soul and she knows it.

"OK, right, well, errrm, Cunnylingus is the sex act of licking he female vagina, particularly the labia minora, he urethra and the clitoris in order to excite the female into orgasm or else full penetrative sex, is that what you need to know, sweet lumps"

"Licking the...EEEEEwwwwwww! That’s just so gross, it’s disgusting, so horrible, YECHT!!!"

I had to suppress a laugh at her reaction and take along pull from my beer bottle and letting silence between us go on as she was no doubt turning this new information over in her head.

"Have you done it, Dad, with Mum I mean, can anyone do it, is it nice, I mean it’s from where girls pee isn't it so it must get a bit, well I mean a bit nifty and sweaty........."

There was no going back now, I knew it and so did she.

"Yes Sascha, I do it with Mum and Mum sucks my penis, it’s a great sensation and we love it and yes anyone can do it, yes the odours are there but that’s part of the arousal thing and it’s very exciting and we love it."

Then I took a deep breath and again swigged my beer. I had lost track of the game on the TV and so I got up to go into the garden and left my daughter mulling over this new item of sex education.

I was gently swinging in the garden recliner and must have dozed off in the sunshine, but I was awoken by someone touching my groin through my shorts. My eyes snapped open to see Sascha bending over me, smiling and very provocatively massaging my genitals and definitely arousing my sleeping manhood.

"Sasch, what the FUCK are you DOING? I’m your FATHER for God’s sake...STOP that at once, are you crazy, what possessed you my girl, enough now and I'll forget this."

But she didn't, and I wouldn't. My cock hardened and my daughter could feel it.

"You could show me, Daddy, you could do that licking thing with me....and I could........I could suck your Penis, we could do it together Daddy, no one would ever know, can we dad, can we???"

There was a terrible urgency in her voice, her apparent need to know more was desperate, plus my cock was responding just as urgently to her plea.

End of Part 1

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