The Awkward Question: Part 2

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I swung off the recliner and took my daughter by the hand, looked at her intently and asked her once only......

"Right hon, now, are you sure you want to do this because once we go inside there's no turning back, yes or no? your decision?"

There was a momentary hesitation, she was looking into my eyes, hers were glistering, she was excited and trembling like a new born Foal.....

"Ohhh Daddy, daddy....yes..yes..yes please...ohhhGod! I cant believe it....ohh Dad come on we can go up to my room and....and...Ohhhhhh"

We raced inside the house and bounced upstairs to her bedroom and even as I kicked he door shut. Sascha was clinging to me as if she was drowning. Her svelte nubile body was quivering against me and she was trying to press her pelvis against me making my cock surge with lust for her.

Leading her into the middle of the room, I made hr stand still and proceeded to undress her. She war wearing a short skirted White sleeveless sun dress zipped at the waste which I unfastened, then I unbuttoned six buttons at the back making hr able to shrug the dress off her shoulders. She stopped before the top fell away and then she stepped back a few paces from me and pointed at my shorts and plainly indicating I was to disrobe too.

So we stood and watched each other undress, I gasped as my daughter as she revealed her body becoming naked and it was all I could Do not to jump her and stuff my cock up into her body and shag her brainless. But that would have been pointless.

When I dropped my shorts, Sascha put her had to her mouth when my swollen cock bounced into view, fully erect, curved upward, long, thick, foreskin rolled back ad drooling pre cum, while she simply pushed her skimpy thong down and revealed her lightly fuzzed pussy and as my eyes traveled upward I swallowed hard at the sight of her tits, full yet perky with long brown nipples in big round pinky brown aureoles.

Slowly I moved to her and she stood legs together with an arm protectively across her breast while her other hand covered her mound and her eyes looked demurely down at the floor. Gently I reached out and took her trembling body in my arms and held her against me and as she looked up at me I kissed her softly on the lips.

"Shall we get on the bed darling, lets just lay together for few minutes and cuddle."

"Yes Dad.....I,m very nervous...nothing is going to hurt is it would never hurt me would you Dad?"

No, my precious girl, I'll only do what you wanted, nothing more, you just need to lay back and let me do the work and I promise you that in no time you'll be relaxed and enjoying the sensations, just like Mum does"

She did as I asked and lay there naked, desirable yet vulnerable. I knelt beside her, kissing her softly, her eyes her, her cheeks, lips then neck which made her moaned quietly and move her young body catlike. When I gently kissed her nipples she gasped and they hardened slightly and Sascha grabbed them and squeezed them tenderly and telling me her tits felt very heavy and tingly, which was exactly what her Mum would say and I smiled down at her.

When I parted my daughters long shapely legs and exposed her pussy, her hands flew to cover herself quite automatically, but I soothed her by kissing her hands ad carefully removing them, and there it was, my darling daughters jewel, I stare for a long moment before dipping my head and putting my face into her splayed crotch. That odour of pussy is Universal, it's sheer Ambrosia, an Aphrodisiac, and my darlings fragrance was all of them.

Her smell had my head spinning but when I tasted her hot wet groovy gash and delicately licked her little clit, the world dissolved into untold orgasmic delight.....

"Daddy!!....Ohhhhhh Daddy.......Nnnnnnnnn!! ......beautiful......Aaaaaaaaghhhh!!!!!"

Within seconds of my tongues first tentative lick Sascha was lost to a body wracking series of orgasms that ore through her and changed her life. But the rest of the day was still not spent, neither was I and my daughter was about to go on a journey from which here was of no return.

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