The Average Mom

by Alicia (NJ)

Scott and his mom were fucking. They were just your average mom and son, but she was divorced from his father so they were free to do this, and it just felt so good to reaffirm their mother and son bond in this way.

“Oh, Scott,” she said to him, “It feels so good to be doing this with you.”

“It feels great doing it with you, mom,” Scott told her with his hard penis fully inserted into her vagina.

They looked at one another, loving it.

Of course, no one knew that they were having sex. That was private in the way that it usually was between a mother and son, and in most places with that being illegal. Although that hardly made it uncommon regardless of the law or what many people believed. Up to forty percent of divorced mothers experienced intercourse with their sons, and with easily half that number on a regular basis.

For Scott and his mom, the decision to enjoy intercourse together had been very much a mutual one, and not done out of lust or immoral behavior, but rather in a loving and even fun way. It was special and significant for a mother and son to fuck and it served to make them close in their relationship.

Right then, letting his mom feel his erect reproductive organ in hers , this was as close as they could be and it was wonderful.

They were enjoying their naked physical rapport that morning in a way that only a mother and son could.

Scott began to slide his penis back and forth in his mom’s accommodating lubricated sexual depths, and she loved how satisfying it was to be that permissive in allowing her son to have his penis in her. For a mother to use her vagina with her son like this as the ultimate means of showing love. And for a son to use his penis like this with his own mom was equally the ultimate means of expressing love.

“Oh, honey … you’re going to make me cum. You always do,” Sandra said, leaning her head back and closing her eyes as she savored being stimulated in the way that she was being.

For the next two minutes Scott diligently fucked her, also savoring how good it felt to have his penis in his mom’s vagina, going in and out of her and exciting her.

Sandra felt her enormously erect clitoris thrusting out and wanting more.

“Ohhhhh …” she breathed, her hands holding her son’s sides as he continued to penetrate her between her legs. “Ohhhhhhh … Ohhhhhhh … Scott ….”

Scott cherished how special it was getting to fuck his mother to the point of orgasm, and to give her that pleasure. His penis was so stiff and purposeful and straining in its sexual insertions.

“Oh, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Sandra gasped as she was made to climax, given no choice by the way that her son was fucking her. It was like electricity dancing on her clitoris and spreading out to the rest of her body in flashing waves. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

When her orgasm was easing off, Scott let his erection ejaculate in her. The semen pulsing from his organ.

“Oh!” Scott grunted as his release hit him hard.

He tensed as he endured the liquid surging from his boner to infuse his sperm in his mom’s vagina.

“Oh … Oh … honey …” Sandra breathed as she laid there with her eyes closed and felt her son cumming in her.

“Ohhh … Ohhhh … mom …” Scott panted. “Mom!”

“Oh, yes, honey! Do it in me!”

Scott finished fucking his sperm into his mom and he could only try to catch his breath.

He sighed and she sighed.

Again, they had just celebrated their mother and son bond in the most intimate way possible, and that felt so satisfying for both of them. It was no small wonder that they liked to fuck as much as they did.

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