The Aunt's Seductive Game

by Jason Paul (Mt. Storm, WV, United States)

So I'm lean clean and horny all the time. The only constant women I see is my mom and her sister. Both are beautiful and mom is 41 and her sister Lucy is younger she is 34 and I'm 19 both my constant women are bombshells I mean if I didn't love my mother I would walk up behind her and start to rip her clothes off because I've "accidentally" walked in on Mom while she was masturbating or changing a couple different times.

Anyway back to my aunt she likes to leave me dirty gifts she takes a couple pair of her panties and sticks them on the sink when I exit the shower or my bed. One time I found a note on my bed and panties the note said soil them in the crotch area and set them back down on your bed and knock on my door love aunt Lucy, obviously I'm wanted by one which means I can do both.

I soiled them and knocked and walked away to get a drink and hurried back sure enough it was my mother who left the note and panties I pushed my door open and I said you don't look like a liar mom but you put the panties and the note there as if you were aunt Lucy. Just tell me now that punishment is me and my tool, if you want my jizz you'll get my jizz.

I grabbed her button up shirt popped every button how about we make a deal I mean I've caught you dead to writes in my panty drawer and only spanked you as a young boy that's when I slapped her ass and bent her over my bed and yanked her out of her clothes she was not wearing a bra which was even better now, “mom tell the truth you won't regret it lie and you will.”

“I didn't put the note on the bed owwww,” I yanked her head by her hair, “you want me doing this to you. I hate hurting you Mom but I'm done with the lies so now you will learn,” I pulled my cock out and forced myself into her ass it's so tight Mommy I love you she yelled again this time it sounded hard. “Why son why you're hurting me owww..owww...owwww..”

“Oh aunt Lucy do you like what you see me doing?” “Oh I want to join if I'm allowed,” she relied. “I love you to as the matter of fact grab ever pair of panties you can find I'll handle her while you continue, Mom I'm gonna tie your hands and legs up with your pantyhose then Lucy will sit on your face so you don't scream and I will be deep inside of you.” Are you two Beautiful sluts ready I began pounding my mother's ass and finger banging her panty covered pussy and after fucking her ass I just dove right down inside of her pussy with my dick now inside her, “Lucy gag her with those panties.”

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