The Appealing Younger Lover

by Dan (OR)

It was funny, Jarred thought, that it was not until he was divorced at the age of forty-eight, five years before, that he realized he had gay leanings.

But when he did, it was like a whole new world opened up to him. Suddenly he was free to find other males attractive and even desirable. And that felt so good.

At the beginning of that summer, he had definitely found the young guy he had hired to help with yard work, to be quite attractive and appealing. Chris was nineteen, although he looked more like he was about fifteen, with his slender physique and smooth face. Jarred had been quite surprised when Chris had definitely shown some gay tendancies, and from there it had all been so easy.

That morning they were naked and Chris was sitting his lap facing him, as Jarred gently pumped his stiff penis into the younger male’s butt.

“Uh … Uh, yeah …” Chris moaned, squeezing his shut as he was being fucked.

Jarred was holding him and kissed him on the mouth and kissed him back.

Jarred savored how good it felt to have his erection pushed all the way into the younger male’s slender naked body, making his penis so rigid. If he had known how good it was to be gay, he would have started years before he had. Yet, he was making up for missed opportunity now.

In another moment Jarred found himself ejaculating.

“Ummm … Ummm … Ummm …” He murdered as he felt his penis wetting deep inside of Chris, his semen coming out in a series of relaxed pulses.

Chris realized that he was cumming and suddenly excited by this, he started ejaculating. His boner, which was fully and nicely erect repeatedly pulsed out white streams if his male liquid, which sloped uncontrollably out to fall back down on his boner.

“OHHH!!! OHHH!!!! OHHHHHHH!!!!” Chris gasped and struggled., with his butt hole clamping down on Jarred ‘s submerged length.

It was such a wonderful moment, and Jarred sat here enjoying the feeling of having his penis now fully satisfied in the younger male’s anal sheath. It was so deliciously male. And Chris was so eager and willing to please, and so filled with sexual energy. Apparently he had started quite young, when he was only eleven he said, and he had never looked back.

Chris slowly eased himself from Jarred penis, smiling somewhat modestly over the wetness from his uncontained ejaculation.

“You know …” jarred said with a smile, admiring of Chris’s nakedness, “I may just have to fuck you again this morning.”

Chris smiled back, “Any time,” he said. “Anytime.”

Jarred smiled. Did it get any better than this?

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